Sunday, January 3, 2010

Suckermouth Year-In-Review Part 2: Giantess

by Aaron Mystery

As I indicated in the previous article, I'm going to break Suckermouth 2009 down into different series for the sake of clarity. Today we'll take a look at one of the biggest changes to occur at Suckermouth this year - the added focus on Giantess, including a dedicated channel.

There have been a few examples of Giantess at Suckermouth over the years (most notably the Wand Day After Another episode from January), but it wasn't until April that GTS received some real focus. Between the GTS-branded material and Transformation Fantasy Force, fans of this genre had a lot to celebrate in 2009. Let's run it down, shall we?

The first string of GTS Quickies have retroactively been labeled the Atomic Series, due to the fact that a nuclear explosion is the cause of the growth. "GTS Quickie #1" was a huge hit, combining Giantess with Age Progression and stock live action footage to create something completely new. What followed, "GTS Quickie #2," had nude and clothed versions, and was one of the most popular videos I've ever done (giant, bouncing boobies will do that).

Although the first two GTS Quickies were pitch-perfect, "GTS Quickie #3" (both the nude and clothed versions) seemed to slip a little. Honestly, I think it's a combination of the wrong soundtrack and animation that comes up a tad short (luckily, it has insanely large breast expansion). This vid was not well-received, but the "B&W Giantess Featurette" culled together from these Atomic GTS Quickies was an enormous success, and will stand the test of time as one of the great Suckermouth cartoons.

After these projects, Transformation Fantasy Force basically filled the void for a couple months. "The Shrink Must Die" and "The Gladiator" are both episodes I'd highly recommend to Giantess fans. They are true GTS cartoons after all, and visually stunning to boot.

The second series of GTS Quickies was to be a Featurette eventually (though that idea is likely now scrapped), but these two animations - "The Giantess Chair" and "Street Walker" - are the next evolution in Giantess animations. Loaded with action, clothes ripping, and an incredible soundtrack, these both proved to be incredibly successful. For the record, a third Quickie in this series was attempted, but never came to fruition; however, I've learned to never say never and hope to return to it one day.

If not for The Great Darkness - a two-month period of inactivity due to a computer repair shop trying to kill my business - who knows what would have become of 2009? In that time period, I would likely have done three to four GTS projects (although we'll never know for sure).

To make up for lost time, I was able to produce a couple GTS Quickies in December, both using a new technique where the model's clothes don't grow with her, resulting in a giantess who's bursting from her fabric one thread at a time. "Big Around Town" and "Giant Mall" are definitely in the vein of the simpler (B.E.) Quickies, however, and despite the new technique and decent scenery, both fall short of what was achieved earlier in the year with the Atomic and Street Walker series. These flimsier GTS Quickies are referred to as Shorts, indicating their minimalist nature. I have to be honest and say that I hope these are the weakest Giantess vids I ever make - as the momentum of Spring was lost, the result was rushed videos made under stressful and compromised circumstances.

But not to fret. The next Giantess animation shouldn't be more than a week or so away (I try to get two Giantess animations done a month if I can), and I can guarantee I'll give it the focus and love it needs to grow into greatness. Let it be said though that without question, the Giantess genre produced some of my best work this year, hands down; I look forward to a year of even greater animations.

Please join me next article when I focus on the various series and Featurettes produced this year, from Transformation Fantasy Force to I Am Tiger. Thank you as always watching, reading, and subbing.

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