Monday, May 31, 2010

Follow-up on FunnyOrDie vs. Suckermouth

by Aaron Mystery

The last blog post was pretty bleak, so I better not leave things there. As I made painfully clear, the comedy video web site FunnyOrDie (owned by Will Ferrell) removed all my videos about a month ago. I'm sure there were two questionable videos (cartoon nipples) that got everything removed, though some of the stuff was very tame. However, FoD did not delete my account, & subsequently left me the ability to upload more videos.

I spent two weeks bitching and accusing FunnyOrDie while I made a couple of "Ink Boob" cartoons, well aware that I would make an animated parody/critique that confronted FoD directly. I about killed myself (no pun intended) making the damn cartoon, but I finished it about a week ago (at the time of this writing). Initially, I only uploaded it to YouTube, but decided to post the parody to FunnyOrDie as well. Last time I checked, both parts - along with a sexy V8 commercial parody - are still there.

If you want to watch my FunnyOrDie stuff, you can go to

By the way, I saw an HBO promo last night, discussing the shows that had been renewed: FunnyOrDie Presents was not mentioned. Funny how that works.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you understand what SUICIDAL THOUGHTS are?

Dear Mr. Ferrell,

Since you removed my original videos a month ago, I have had little other than suicidal thoughts. I was depressed when I first contacted you before any of this happened.

I thought if I made an animated parody/critique, I would feel better, empowered, and I almost did, until a different video site kicked off my channel right before I published it.

Now all I can do is think about suicide, because everywhere I turn, I'm not allowed to communicate and entertain, which destroys my fledgling indie animation site. It's just me, making the best cartoons I can, trying to buy food, clothes, healthcare, pay bills, & live solely from the money I make from animations.

Don't you have enough, money, fame & power that you don't have to push depressed comedians/animators into suicide land? When I close my eyes, I'm more likely to see a noose tied with a bed sheet than anything else.

It's inevitable that I will kill myself, Mr. Ferrell. Your kind - the human race - clearly doesn't want me. Before I go, I can assure you my animated manifesto will point out how your site's censorship - your outright rejection of me - led to my suicide. I will let the whole world know.

Available only for a limited time,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suckermouth vs. FunnyOrDie - The Cartoon

by Aaron Mystery & Ace the Zombie

When FunnyOrDie took all our vids down from its website, its staff probably thought that was the end of it. Looking at the lack of ingenuity on the HBO "show" FunnyOrDie Presents, it's no surprise that the FoD web crew didn't have the foresight to see they weren't just dealing with a suicidal animator, but a demon as well. Luckily, we have more of a sense of humor than Will Ferrell and his intellectually fascist company FunnyOrDie seems to these days. Ha.

The video below is cropped (no boobs or kitten on the ol' blog) and merely a Sneak Preview that reveals the first half of the joke/critique. I've been working on this cartoon around the clock for three days, and am currently rendering the next scene now. Have heart, the People will succeed. The Censors will fail. We believe in you. You don't need to believe in us, because we're not real. At least, he's not.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Looking at new, upcoming Suckermouth cartoons

by Aaron Mystery

As Ink Boob Episode 6 nears completion, I'm going to focus on the two series that will end up getting a lot of love in May: Ink Boob & Breast Expansion Tournament.

Last week's Ink Boob episode "Breast Friends Forever 3" was a bit of an anomaly, one of those rare Suckermouth cartoons where - despite plenty of big, naked cartoon boobs - there is no Breast Expansion, per se. This is simply because the story was so much to take on that it had to be broken into two episodes. Hence the reason Ink Boob Episode 6 - Title TBD, went into production immediately. Episode 6 sick is nasty, raunchy, short on dialog, and heavy on the kind of transformation that you love.

By the time most read this post, the new episode will be published, and I will have moved on (or back) to the semifinals of the B.E. Tourney. With two matches down (no spoilers here), and two to go, expect these cartoons back to back. Will Harriett LeBeaux, the original wand wielder, defeat the parody-laden Harriett Potter? Will the tournament favorite Ace the Zombie dispatch Kink's pixie with ease?

Although the last two Ink Boob episodes were a labor of love, they each provided their separate challenges, so the B.E. Tournament should offer a lighter, simpler Breast Expansion experience for us all.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April Round-Up: Suckermouth Month-In-Review

by Ace the Zombie

This is the first round-up we've done in a few months, as things have been - well - rough lately. I got beheaded and sent back to Hell, while Aaron Mystery went cuckoo more times than a novelty clock. And although we're all back on track (I'm still down under), the conflict with "public" video sites remains. However, this blog entry isn't about politics or red tape: This is about cartoons from April! Let's take a look:

Ink Boob - Episode 4: "Breast Friends Forever" Part 2

Breast Expansion Tournament 1 & 2

Note: B.E. Quickie: "Star Sucker" was also released in April, but there is no free version available (i.e., Suckermouth members only).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FunnyOrDie & YouTube SUCK! A letter to Will Ferrell

by Aaron Mystery

After FunnyOrDie removed all my videos today, I sent a letter to Will Ferrell. It read as follows:

Hi, Will,

I wrote you a couple months ago because I was - quite frankly - feeling rather suicidal. The feelings stemmed from many things, partly a persecution complex, complicated by YouTube removing one of my videos at the wrong time.

Mostly, I'm just a failed musician trying to make a go of it with animation chiefly based in ribaldry but often misunderstood for something worse.

I was feeling a little better of late, when lo and behold, YouTube took off another video. No big deal: I decided to post some new stuff on FunnyOrDie & Veoh as an alternative.

I select videos that I think are appropriate for the site I'm using - apparently, despite the fact that a prosthetic penis could be severed on FunnyOrDie Presents, your web site doesn't allow cartoon boobs. I honestly didn't realize.

All this doesn't explain why ALL my videos have now been removed from FunnyOrDie. I could simply have been notified that the two videos that contained cartoon boobs violated your TOS & had been removed, but to delete all my videos seems below even YouTube, let alone FunnyOrDie.

Will, I need your help now more than I did when I was fantasizing about hanging myself with a bed sheet from my balcony. It's becoming impossible to express myself on the internet, with doors constantly being slammed in my face when I rely on such outlets to eat and pay rent.

Please, sir, could you pull some strings and have my videos restored? At least the one without the naked cartoon boobs?

I'm not afraid to betray how upset I am; I can never catch a break - and by break, I mean just being left alone to publish my silly little cartoons.

Thank you very much,