Saturday, July 16, 2011

The cartoons are flowing in July!

by Aaron Mystery

When I accepted my own (or Priscilla's) challenge to attempt "B.E. of the Day" again, I told myself I would keep trying no matter how late a cartoon may be. While I almost nailed five cartoons five days in a row, both the new Ink Boob preview & Priscilla's What's Breast for Women episode were late. (See, Priscilla, it ain't always so easy, is it?)

Still, how about a quick recap of my production output this month?

July 6. Every Day People: Priscilla Minx lays down the "B.E. of the Day" Challenge & expands her breasts tremendously.

July 7. Better with B.E., European Sunbathing: A different type of Quickie. A comparison between two scenes that are identical, other than the Breast Expansion. The theme here is topless sunbathing.

July 8. Breast Expansion Catapult: Grizlore & Wheeler butt in with their own top-heavy Breast Expansion stunt reminiscent of MTV's Jackass.

July 10. Diary of a Late Bloomer: A very unique vid, from its dancing, cartoony star, to a narrative that helps tell the story of this B.E. Quickie.

July 10. Priscilla's First Warning: Since "Diary..." was only four hours late, Priscilla lets Ace & I slide with a mere warning. Ironically, we continued to blow our schedule. (This video is only available in the Streaming Player on the Suckermouth Members Index.)

July 12. Ink Boob, Season 2, Episode 5, Preview #2: The second preview from the long-awaited thirteenth episode of Ink Boob. Officer Gustory unwittingly causes Age Progression when she wanders into a strange & mysterious world. (This Preview is a limited-time video, so if you're not a member now, you may miss it.)

July 16
. What's Breast for Women, Chest Cannons Edition: Priscilla Minx is back with a preview of an upcoming Suckermouth series. And she takes the time to expand some breasts as well.

Told you I was busy! I am on track to upload a great GTS/B.E. cartoon tomorrow that I hope will be quite awesome. See you then!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rebirth, Reuse, Recycle

by Aaron Mystery

While all good things must come to an end, not all endings are good. I find myself on a precipice, looking back over my shoulder at some recent hits & misses, deciding if I should jump into something else. Whether June 2011 at Suckermouth was a partial success or a complete failure is not for me to decide. But as June wrapped up, the month's offerings of cartoons made me wonder: Am I off-course?

It seems as if my strongest or most exuberant runs in creating cartoons come after projects I consider stinkers, from one aspect or another. The "B.E. of the Day" concept finally burst forth after the purposefully-named "Video Lame". So, after a month of mostly "2D" animation, I have to make a course-correction in regards to quality & quantity.

Enter "Every Day People", my latest cartoon: Priscilla Minx finds herself chastising B.E. artists Aaron Mystery (me) & Ace the Zombie on their lackluster output of late. Apparently, Minx is tired of Grizlore & Wheeler's hack-Anime.

What results is a challenge: For every day (starting tomorrow) that Mystery & Ace fail to make a cartoon, Minx will step in with a Breast Expansion vid of her own. The question is: Will Minx emasculate the guys by having to be the bearer of B.E., or will the twin towers of Suckermouth hold up their end after all?

One thing's for sure: July 2011 is going to be busy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fishing for pearls: Breast Expansion before the internet

by Aaron Mystery

After five years of writing, animating, editing, voicing, & publishing cartoons for, it's obvious Breast Expansion isn't new to me (possibly the biggest understatement of all time). But B.E. wasn't new to me back in 2006, either. So let's get in the wayback machine...

I've always been attracted to women (& boobs), even when I was as young as 5 or 6. Hot women, especially hot cartoons, turned me on in much the same way as they do now, taking into account the added hormones. Who else remembers the big, round naked boobs on the succubi in Walt Disney's Fantasia? I also remember - as a very young kid - a (Ralph Bakshi?) cartoon I watched in the middle of the night where a woman stripped her clothes off after she got drunk; the motion of her breasts bursting forth as she removed her bra had a Breast Expansion quality to it.

But I was more privileged to be exposed to Benny Hill, the British comedy legend imported to America via PBS, unedited with no commercials. As far as I know, it was this great man who technically invented "Breast Expansion" as an art (he also created She-Hulk, but Marvel Comics literally stole his parody). I found myself looking forward to any clip that included Breast Expansion (there actually weren't very many).

But the ultimate childhood Breast Expansion memory for me is from the Playboy Channel (yes, I would stay up at night & watch it). "Booby Chew" was just a stupid little skit that I believe was run between shows. This really unattractive '70s-looking women would chew this gum, & their breasts would inflate (modestly) beneath their shirt. It's really quite awful, but it had an amazing effect on me: I would never stop thinking about B.E. again.

However, B.E. was not easy to find before the internet age. What few clips there were couldn't simply be looked up on a second's notice, & creating your own B.E. meant writing stories or drawing pictures, not creating film clips or cartoons; as a young man, I had few places to look for my favorite thing. And when I did find a B.E. scene, it was often the exact opposite of what I wanted: i.e., the boob popping in Flesh Gordon 2 or that horrible scene in one of the Leprechaun movies.

Later on, Howard Stern offered what (was) a great B.E. clip in his film Private Parts, Mad TV did "Maliboobs", the lame spoof Mafia featured a B.E. scene that was suited for me at the time, & Dude, Where's My Car? stands as the only Hollywood film that is really just a long Breast Expansion story (think about it).

There were films & television shows I saw & didn't see among these, of course, but these stand out as great clips for the time. With the exception of Where's My Car, the others don't really hold up today (Mafia's competent, but it's a kid). I actually appreciated Where's My Car more with each passing year, which is surprising.

Modern cartoon Breast Expansion shout outs go to that great episode of American Dad; Lois's modest B.E. in a Family Guy episode; at least one Striperella cartoon; & one of my favorite new discoveries, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, the 2009 animated film that features lots of big, naked, round cartoon boobs, but even more importantly: Breast & Butt Expansion. If you haven't watched this Rob Zombie masterpiece, you need to treat yourself (oddly enough, it was a couple of giant-titted drawings on the back of a White Zombie album that confirmed I wasn't alone in the world as a lover of monstrous breast sizes).

Thanks to the internet, I could now name dozens of clips - from many countries - animated & live-action - that were released from before I was born through today. Most have a quality that makes them worth watching at least one more time, if for no other reason than to recapture that magical age in our life when searching for new Breast Expansion video was like fishing for pearls in the ocean.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Suckermouth announces "Breast Expansion of the Day"

by Aaron Mystery

While Friday, April 8, 2011 seemed like any other Friday (& largely was), something big happened. Or something small that shows something big that by the frequency of its occurrence is big. It's a tiny drop of nectar in space age packaging. It's... well...

It's new Breast Expansion every day from, the adult animation site that has re-written the book on B.E. animation and then some. Sometimes moving forward means moving backward, as "Breast Expansion of the Day" harkens back to a time when the site was young: Short, pointless B.E. cartoons showed up nearly every day (or it seems that way in retrospect).

So I asked myself this: What if I took my current abilities - now geared towards longer, dialog-driven B.E. cartoons - & reapplied them to one-shot vids of Breast Expansion growth? No set up; no dialog; no epilogue: Just a well-executed Breast Expansion cartoon, so short that it just seems to rush by (~10 seconds).

I will, of course, continue to create other cartoons besides "Breast Expansion of the Day," (my secondary focus being on Giantess fans, then on series like Ink Boob). I am also looking for an opening to do a second Choose-Your-Own-Transformation, as well as other forms of growth on a regular basis.

It's a lot for me to take on, but tomorrow's "Breast Expansion of the Day" is as good as done, so why don't treat yourself to the biggest little animation site in the world? It's like rewarding both of us for a job well done.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The edge of Breast Expansion: The Allure of the Suckermouth Mythos

by Molly Mystery

Molly is the star & co-writer of Suckermouth's most popular series "Ink Boob" & has recently received her own channel on, where all 12 of her naughty cartoons can be enjoyed around the clock. She is returning from some desperately needed time off to resume work on the second season of her show. Look for new episodes of "Ink Boob" in 2011.

While the boys around Suckemouth won't admit it, I will: Our cartoons push the boundaries of Breast Expansion. And I'm not talking about technique. I'm talking about taking the train from the punchline to Creepsville & back.

First off, the world is lucky to have so many brilliant people interested in Breast Expansion. Despite the fact that Suckermouth has created a vast majority of them, B.E. animations as a whole represent an art form that is by, of, & for the people. Without all of us, there would be few new B.E. clips (I think Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane is responsible for the last two on television), & the term Breast Expansion would only be used in regards to Japanese pills.

I came to Aaron (creator/owner) of Suckermouth because I knew he had something the others didn't. How many times can a sexy blonde walk around pointlessly in silence as her breasts expand to the standard torso-filling size before we're seeing the same cartoon over & over again?

Whatever that man has, it fuels him to constantly make the strangest and funniest Breast Expansion cartoons I've ever seen: I was in love. But I had news for Mr. Mystery: I had even darker ideas than he did.

While he'd flirted with certain concepts like Age Progression & The Devil, there didn't seem to be any point to it: Age Progression morphs are great & Satan is cool, but I insisted I could do one better, with his help.

Aaron assigned me the "Ink Heart" parody he wanted to do, & I basically re-tooled it completely. I wanted Breast Expansion right away, a lesbian scene early on, Age Progression is the classic long-term sense (ala Gasoline Alley), & a Devil that actually seemed like the real thing (aka Female).

I know I make Aaron nervous: I like what I do as much as he does. And as I had the satisfaction of knowing I was responsible for combining tentacle sex with the Devil (tail sex), I was helping Suckermouth push those boundaries in order to lift us up & fill us with stories we will never forget. So long as there's Breast Expansion, of course.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ink Boob channel debuts at

by Aaron Mystery

Today Ink Boob joined the ranks of B.E. Quickies, Transformation Fantasy Force, & Wand Day After Another as it graduated to its own channel at Begun in 2009, Ink Boob started as a simple film parody, but has - thanks mostly to its star and writer, Molly - risen to prominence as one of the best series on the site.

All 12 episodes are available on the channel, and a personal video message from Molly has been included at the beginning of the brand new streaming player. Viewers can effortlessly watch all of Seasons 1 and 2 without even clicking a button.

In addition to the new Ink Boob channel, the Animated Featurettes channel also received a major update, as all four I Am Tiger episodes and "Praxus Primo" can now be watched there. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to Ink Boob, which once called this channel home.

Suckermouth will continue to improve in strides over the next few weeks, and it should prove to be one helluva ride. Look forward to some pleasant and unexpected surprises.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Suckermouth Prices Go Up April 1st

by Aaron Mystery PRICES GO WAY UP APRIL 1 (tomorrow): $15 sign up becomes $25; $8 monthly rebill becomes $20; $55 Annual Membership goes up to $60; Telephone Billing goes from $20 to $30 for 3 months.

IF YOU SIGN UP TODAY, YOU LOCK IN LOW PRICES FOREVER, including a progressive loyalty discount that kicks in every 6 months for 2 years.

For five years, I have been dedicated to bringing you affordable & quality original Breast Expansion animation (& a little Giantess, etc.) - when I first started Suckermouth, it was $3 for the first week, then $4.95 a month afterwards. As my quality, output, & business sense has improved, I have intermittently raised prices, but hoped not to in this current economy.

However, as the situation dictates, I simply need to get paid more for my work, as I'm currently facing eviction & worse. A price increase is the only way to survive, & current recurring customers will not be affected. I have also kept the Annual Membership as low as possible to avoid burning those who have been loyal all these years.

New customer, old customer, potential customer: I thank you for your time & look forward to entertaining you for many years to come.