Saturday, December 26, 2009

Since The Great Darkness...

by Ace the Zombie

I tip my hand as being overly dramatic when I call October and November this last year "The Great Darkness," as that period represented one of the darkest in my 400-year existence, let alone the three-year history of Suckermouth. Since then, it has been my attempt to make up for lost time. The results have been promising, but I can - and will - do better.

Starting the last day of November, I uploaded a series of four Quickies in short order, each of progressively higher quality. While I'm truthfully not that enamored with any of them, they served their purpose and were well-received. The next project, "What's Breast for Women" Part 6, was much better and finished a storyline arc that was hanging for two months.

Still trying to make up for November at this point, I planned four more Quickies to follow WBFW6, and completed one Breast Expansion and one Giantess before I needed to change plans and start a new project.

That new project is "I Am Tiger," which I unrealistically hoped to complete in three days. Unfortunately, I could only get a portion (now Part 1) of my ideas incorporated in that time frame, so I decided to get Part 2 wrapped up ASAP and be done with it.

However, I don't want to spend the better part of two weeks working on this one idea. Therefore, I've decided it best to make "I Am Tiger" Part 2 shorter than planned (since the B.E. scene has been rendered), and work on something else before finishing the "I Am Tiger" project.

So if you love "I Am Tiger," that's great news because Part 2 will likely be uploaded very soon, with at least one more episode to follow in January; and if you're not a fan of "I Am Tiger", then take heart because I'll be on the the next project before the weekend's over.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Suckermouth Featurette to parody Tiger Woods

by Ace the Zombie

After I finished the B.E. Quickie "Changing Room" last week, I planned on doing a M2F animation, but none of my ideas gained any traction. I tried a couple of other ideas, but nothing was gelling.

So I got away from the computer for a bit to watch "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith (who annoys the crap out of me). I gave the movie a chance, since I remember George Romero based his zombies on the book of the same name. Soon my next project became obvious to me...

"I Am Tiger" is both a Tiger Woods and an I Am Legend parody, featuring breast expansion and packs of rapid bimbos. I just uploaded Part 1 - which is about two minutes - to Suckermouth. I was going to make a promo today, but I think I'll wait until after Part 2 is done.

The only way to see "I Am Tiger" Part 1 is to be a Suckermouth member.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good times at Suckermouth!

by Ace the Zombie

Well, it's been a busy couple weeks back here at the helm of Suckermouth. I'll spare you the vid-by-vid recap (until the end-of-month Roundup), but am proud to say I'm working on what could be the seventh Suckermouth animation in 14 days. Now that's a spicy meatball, even if most are Quickies.

Besides being busy as a bee, I have started the process of making certain other site enhancements as well. Giantess and Featurettes now have their very own channels, complete with streaming player. What's just as cool is the fact that these two new streaming players have full screen as an option for the first time at Suckermouth. (The Members Index player has also been updated with the latest vids and the full screen option.)

I still need to do some catching up: I'd like to update the player for Transformation Fantasy Force and all the B.E. Quickies channels (particularly 2009). In addition, that Ace the Zombie channel is still nagging me; you think since it's my channel, I'd have this done.

The animation I'm working on now is B.E. (assuming it comes to fruition, as it's being a bastard), and then I'd like to knock out a new MTF Quickie. A couple more brief Quickies after that, and I'll take a shot at something more substantial.

Boy, I've got to find a way to liven these postings up. It's a good thing I get paid to make animations and not to write blogs.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What to expect from Suckermouth in the next week

by Ace the Zombie

Great progress is being made on the latest episode of "What's Breast for Women"; expect it to debut tomorrow. This will be the second half of the "Stripper Edition" theme, and has a lot more naked bouncing boobs that Part 1 did. I truly hope that you enjoy it, and expect that you will.

To try to make up lost ground, I'll pinch out four more Quickies after WBFW Part 6. The first will likely be another Giantess Quickie, followed by a B.E. Quickie. I would like to make one of the remaining two a Male-to-Female transformation. These four animations will be a little more involved than the previous four Quickies, with some more animation on the front and back end (versus just the transformation itself).

I've learned not to paint myself into a corner, but hopefully, in about ten days or so, these will all be complete, and I'll be virtually caught up. Once the pressure's off, I can try a couple fancier animations.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back to rocking Breast Expansion!

by Ace the Zombie

Oh, my friends, how you and I have suffered in the past two months, deprived of new Breast Expansion and Giantess animations from my favorite website, Suckermouth. However, with a nice new little computer running smoothly, I've had a chance to enjoy three new B.E. Quickies from the big "S" in the past week.

I'm looking forward to the fourth new Quickie from Suckermouth, which will be a Giantess-B.E. vid that you will just love. Just as good, the always lovely Priscilla Minx will return next week with "What's Breast for Women Part 6." [Update 12/6: The GTS Quickie "Big Around Town" is finished. WBFW Part 6 is now in production.]

The power to create and change things is in you; no single tool or piece of equipment can negate that. Always believe that the future is bigger and better (and bouncier). Now let's get to the next animation...!