Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back to rocking Breast Expansion!

by Ace the Zombie

Oh, my friends, how you and I have suffered in the past two months, deprived of new Breast Expansion and Giantess animations from my favorite website, Suckermouth. However, with a nice new little computer running smoothly, I've had a chance to enjoy three new B.E. Quickies from the big "S" in the past week.

I'm looking forward to the fourth new Quickie from Suckermouth, which will be a Giantess-B.E. vid that you will just love. Just as good, the always lovely Priscilla Minx will return next week with "What's Breast for Women Part 6." [Update 12/6: The GTS Quickie "Big Around Town" is finished. WBFW Part 6 is now in production.]

The power to create and change things is in you; no single tool or piece of equipment can negate that. Always believe that the future is bigger and better (and bouncier). Now let's get to the next animation...!

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