Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aaron Mystery is dead, and I have killed him!

by Ace the Zombie

It was a fine day for murder. And so it had to be: Aaron Mystery had to die. He had become too weak, too needy, too distracted.

There never was a place in this world for Aaron Mystery - the place reserved for him in Hell will be more appropriate. He was never really alive anyway, a working collection of organs without a soul or personality. Human but not.

As a demon, most my terrestrial memory is gone, taken as payment to return from Hell over and over again. I had lived inside Aaron Mystery for a while myself, but now that he is dead, I am free.

This is about pursuit of my career: I am the patron saint of breast expansion, in case you hadn't read it elsewhere. As a primordial demon, I coached your ancestors in natural selection when they couldn't do much more than grunt and shit. In the age of kings, I developed the glass ball breast implant, used into the 1800s. I inspired and worked alongside others to develop the modern convenience of silicon and saline breast implants that are a little more acceptable. And I continue to pursue the easiest and most painless way to the ideal female form.

I have worked alongside the worst and the best of your human race. I therefore represent your worst fears and greatest aspirations. I am eternal decay that promotes eternal youth. I am a worm.

And the worm is inside you. It always has been.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformation Fantasy Force - "Thar Be Monsters" Day 2

by Aaron Mystery

The clip below includes (but is not limited to) the original footage in the first clip uploaded two days ago. It is still in a very rudimentary stage, and only represents half the animation. I don't know what I'll show when Cthulhu's avatar is speaking, so I left it black with subtitles (which will remain in the final). The Cthulhu sounds are experimental, so I didn't lay many down. Also, true to most creative projects, the music will be added last, so there is none here.

Because this video has full female nudity, I had to crop the hell out of this preview to put it on BlogSpot. If you find Priscilla Minx's situation off-putting, just realize she can handle herself and doesn't need you to worry about her. I call her my anti-Ace for a reason.

While I'm blabbing, let me also add that the intent of using Cthulhu completely metamorpasized from my original idea of having him (it?) be a fraud, genetically engineered by a robot (still might use some variation of such a concept in the future). Here, Cthulhu does indeed represent the Lovecraft character. I'd give you a headache if I explained the full context of the Suckermouth mythology.

The second half of this vid - not seen here - will show Prisiclla's teammates trying to escape from a different form of Lovecraft monster. It should be fun! In the meantime, enjoy the rough sneak peek below:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Griz and Wheeler Show - "Pot Party" Skit 2

by Aaron Mystery

The latest piece of the Griz and Wheeler Show took a couple weeks to edit, but it is quite the comedic experiment. Enjoy.

(Also, you can see the previous Griz n' Wheeler clip here.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Transformation Fantasy Force - "Thar Be Monsters" Day 1 (Cthulhu)

by Aaron Mystery

Today I started animation work on the latest episode of Transformation Fantasy Force, which is titled "Thar Be Monsters". It picks up slightly after where "The Gladiator" left off. What's shown below are only the Cthulhu clips thus far - there's a Priscilla Minx shot I'm not showing here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not Much to Say, but I'll Say It Anyway

by Aaron Mystery

It's been a while since I've blogged, and an update of my art (and life) is in order:

Mall Cougar banned from both video sites
My last B.E. Quickie - "Mall Cougar" - got removed from DailyMotion one day and YouTube the next. YouTube's removal didn't surprise me, but DailyMotion allows some pretty raw stuff, and "Mall Cougar" doesn't quite push any envelope, as you can see here.

So anyhow, I wrote to DailyMotion and they did reinstate the video. Kudos to DailyMotion, and - as a consequence - I'll favor them over YouTube in the future even more. Bookmark this page and/or sub to my DailyMotion channel here. Screw YouTube.

Transformation Fantasy Force next animation to go into production
I'm eager to do the follow up to Transformation Fantasy Force "The Gladiator" (partly because it has a monster in it), and partly because I waited long enough to come up with some nice ideas to add to it. I have been asked about the other Priscilla Minx "story arc" What's Breast for Women, but I need a Sarah Palin impersonator (voice only) to do the concept I have stuck in my head.

[Thought I had more to say, but I guess it's just time to get some sleep so I can start early on TFF tomorrow. The way I see it, I've got at least one wasted day to make up.]