Saturday, December 26, 2009

Since The Great Darkness...

by Ace the Zombie

I tip my hand as being overly dramatic when I call October and November this last year "The Great Darkness," as that period represented one of the darkest in my 400-year existence, let alone the three-year history of Suckermouth. Since then, it has been my attempt to make up for lost time. The results have been promising, but I can - and will - do better.

Starting the last day of November, I uploaded a series of four Quickies in short order, each of progressively higher quality. While I'm truthfully not that enamored with any of them, they served their purpose and were well-received. The next project, "What's Breast for Women" Part 6, was much better and finished a storyline arc that was hanging for two months.

Still trying to make up for November at this point, I planned four more Quickies to follow WBFW6, and completed one Breast Expansion and one Giantess before I needed to change plans and start a new project.

That new project is "I Am Tiger," which I unrealistically hoped to complete in three days. Unfortunately, I could only get a portion (now Part 1) of my ideas incorporated in that time frame, so I decided to get Part 2 wrapped up ASAP and be done with it.

However, I don't want to spend the better part of two weeks working on this one idea. Therefore, I've decided it best to make "I Am Tiger" Part 2 shorter than planned (since the B.E. scene has been rendered), and work on something else before finishing the "I Am Tiger" project.

So if you love "I Am Tiger," that's great news because Part 2 will likely be uploaded very soon, with at least one more episode to follow in January; and if you're not a fan of "I Am Tiger", then take heart because I'll be on the the next project before the weekend's over.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Suckermouth Featurette to parody Tiger Woods

by Ace the Zombie

After I finished the B.E. Quickie "Changing Room" last week, I planned on doing a M2F animation, but none of my ideas gained any traction. I tried a couple of other ideas, but nothing was gelling.

So I got away from the computer for a bit to watch "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith (who annoys the crap out of me). I gave the movie a chance, since I remember George Romero based his zombies on the book of the same name. Soon my next project became obvious to me...

"I Am Tiger" is both a Tiger Woods and an I Am Legend parody, featuring breast expansion and packs of rapid bimbos. I just uploaded Part 1 - which is about two minutes - to Suckermouth. I was going to make a promo today, but I think I'll wait until after Part 2 is done.

The only way to see "I Am Tiger" Part 1 is to be a Suckermouth member.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good times at Suckermouth!

by Ace the Zombie

Well, it's been a busy couple weeks back here at the helm of Suckermouth. I'll spare you the vid-by-vid recap (until the end-of-month Roundup), but am proud to say I'm working on what could be the seventh Suckermouth animation in 14 days. Now that's a spicy meatball, even if most are Quickies.

Besides being busy as a bee, I have started the process of making certain other site enhancements as well. Giantess and Featurettes now have their very own channels, complete with streaming player. What's just as cool is the fact that these two new streaming players have full screen as an option for the first time at Suckermouth. (The Members Index player has also been updated with the latest vids and the full screen option.)

I still need to do some catching up: I'd like to update the player for Transformation Fantasy Force and all the B.E. Quickies channels (particularly 2009). In addition, that Ace the Zombie channel is still nagging me; you think since it's my channel, I'd have this done.

The animation I'm working on now is B.E. (assuming it comes to fruition, as it's being a bastard), and then I'd like to knock out a new MTF Quickie. A couple more brief Quickies after that, and I'll take a shot at something more substantial.

Boy, I've got to find a way to liven these postings up. It's a good thing I get paid to make animations and not to write blogs.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What to expect from Suckermouth in the next week

by Ace the Zombie

Great progress is being made on the latest episode of "What's Breast for Women"; expect it to debut tomorrow. This will be the second half of the "Stripper Edition" theme, and has a lot more naked bouncing boobs that Part 1 did. I truly hope that you enjoy it, and expect that you will.

To try to make up lost ground, I'll pinch out four more Quickies after WBFW Part 6. The first will likely be another Giantess Quickie, followed by a B.E. Quickie. I would like to make one of the remaining two a Male-to-Female transformation. These four animations will be a little more involved than the previous four Quickies, with some more animation on the front and back end (versus just the transformation itself).

I've learned not to paint myself into a corner, but hopefully, in about ten days or so, these will all be complete, and I'll be virtually caught up. Once the pressure's off, I can try a couple fancier animations.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back to rocking Breast Expansion!

by Ace the Zombie

Oh, my friends, how you and I have suffered in the past two months, deprived of new Breast Expansion and Giantess animations from my favorite website, Suckermouth. However, with a nice new little computer running smoothly, I've had a chance to enjoy three new B.E. Quickies from the big "S" in the past week.

I'm looking forward to the fourth new Quickie from Suckermouth, which will be a Giantess-B.E. vid that you will just love. Just as good, the always lovely Priscilla Minx will return next week with "What's Breast for Women Part 6." [Update 12/6: The GTS Quickie "Big Around Town" is finished. WBFW Part 6 is now in production.]

The power to create and change things is in you; no single tool or piece of equipment can negate that. Always believe that the future is bigger and better (and bouncier). Now let's get to the next animation...!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tonight's the night for a new Suckermouth animation

by Aaron Mystery

It's been a long, painful haul until this point, so please pardon me if I start with something a little simple. I'm wrapping up a new B.E. Quickie as I type this; after I install my video editing software and cut this animation, I'll be posting it on Suckermouth as a text link so you can't miss it. The cartoon - in classic B.E. Quickie fashion - will only be a few seconds long, but you can be sure I'll be right back to work trying to make up for the two months off.

There will be plenty of new stuff coming - I'm as hungry for it as you are.

EDIT: The new B.E. Quickie "Glad to be Back" is now uploaded to the Suckermouth Members Index page.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Return of Suckermouth: Starting Anew...

by Aaron Mystery

It's going to take me a couple (few?) days to install the software on this new computer and get something new thrown together. I'm copying several gigs of data now, then I'll be installing my animation, editing, and web programs starting tomorrow.

This new computer will basically act as a backup PC on the front end, meaning I'll be saving for a monster machine while nursing Suckemouth back to health with new content. I don't know exactly what to expect, but you can expect a new animation very soon, which is the best news I've had in two months.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Our long supernatural nightmare may finally be over...

by Aaron Mystery

It looks like Suckermouth will soon return to life. I spoke with the repair shop earlier, and as this part has been MIA for over a month, it looks like my old computer is dead after all. The GOOD NEWS is that the shop will transfer the data from the old PC to a new one, and sell that new laptop to me for what the cost of the repair has been. I hope to seal the deal tomorrow.

This week has been a little dismal in terms of sales, but I'm confident this situation is about to resolve itself, and new Suckermouth content will appear within the next week. If I've learned anything from this experience, however, it's to never assume everything will turn out right. Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one...

Update to follow tomorrow...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Argh! Still Waiting on the Computer Repair...

by Aaron Mystery

11-25 UPDATE: I spoke with the shop on Saturday, and they had nothing to tell me, other than agreeing that this replacement part has taken too long to ship. The guy I spoke with on the phone told me they would check with the vendor and get back to me. I called them again today, but the shipping manager was out for lunch, so I'll call back in about an hour. This couldn't get any worse.

Well, the nightmare continues for both Suckermouth members and myself, as the replacement part for my production computer has yet to come in. I shall call again tomorrow, and - as this has frankly been a ridiculous amount of time for a repair - get to the bottom of how much longer this can possibly take.

This six weeks or so of inactivity has obviously been terrible for my business, and even worse for my creative soul. Every minute of my day was taken up working on and planning the next Suckermouth cartoon, and now I wait day after day for a call from the repair shop with nothing else to think about except how messed up all this is. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I just hate what this is doing to Suckermouth members. As I said in my previous blog on this matter, I will make it up to you.

Thank you again for your patience. Suckermouth will be bigger than ever once this computer is back in my hands!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


by Aaron Mystery

The goal of Suckermouth is to produce one to two animations a week, and "A new cartoon every week!" is the site's claim. So why in the world has there not been a new animation all month?

On the morning of September 27, after wrapping up the renders for Part 5 of "What's Breast for Women", I restarted my computer in preparation for editing. It never came back on.

I have one production computer (the others in the house - including this one - can't render crap), so I had no time to waste; I rushed the computer into a recommended repair shop on the Sunday it went down. Although I suspected my laptop had a blown motherboard, I let the shop diagnose it, and that took a solid week.

I gave the go-ahead on the $400 repair, and was advised the part would have to be ordered. I asked that a rush be put on the order, and was willing to pay extra. Apparently the part never got rushed, because a week later, it was MIA.

I finally received a call last Sunday. The repair shop had installed the "new" motherboard, but it had no power. Apparently, it wasn't new but refurbished, and the shop would need to send the bad part back and wait for the new one.

Again, that was last Sunday, and the shop told me it could be 2-3 more weeks. I had every hope in the world this repair could have been accomplished in two weeks' time, barely creating a dent in Suckermouth's production schedule. I could not have foreseen the headache this has become.

Because I plan on hitting the ground running the second my PC is repaired, I saw no reason to alarm my members with conjecture about when production would resume. I wanted a definitive answer, but considering how this has dragged on, it's important to update everyone.

It looks like the best case scenario is that I could have the computer back in a week and a half, and the worst case is two and half weeks. Please understand that this website and these animations are my life, and not being able to create has been as miserable experience as you can imagine.

Beyond the immediate repair, I will need to focus on getting a newer and better computer, which will in turn improve both the quality and quantity of my animations. Your membership dollars help this happen, but I understand that I'm not running a charity here: You deserve your animations.

And you shall get them. I will never forget the courtesy you extended me by staying a member in this trying time.

Thank you,

Aaron Mystery

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September to be a month of Featurettes

by Ace the Zombie

A few Quickies lately have teased larger projects: both "Chair" episodes, plus the two "G.I. Grow" clips. The related Featurettes (plus a new episode of Transformation Fantasy Force) are certainties for September. Relevant elements of the Quickies will be incorporated into the new Giantess and G.I. Grow projects, while TFF: "Thar Be Monsters Part 2" will be all new.

I am currently working on TFF as a matter of fact, and admittedly scaled down some of the detail in the sewer scene so that I could focus on the important stuff: The Transformation. Who or what will transform? Find out of the next episode of Transformation Fantasy Force!

For the G.I. Grow Featurette, I have tentative plans for a lot of cat fighting and the introduction of a third character. And of course, the B.E. will go a lot farther than in the Quickies.

The Giantess Featurette has been discussed here in the past. I don't know that it will be the only Giantess project in September, but if it is, it will probably be my best animation of the whole month. Only time will tell...

Just letting you know what to expect for September. Should be a great month with a lot more animations than just those mentioned. See you soon with Transformation Fantasy Force: "Thar Be Monsters Part 2".

Monday, August 31, 2009

August Round-up and the end of an era

by Ace the Zombie

As the sun sets on the last day of August 2009, an era comes to a close. When Aaron Mystery started the members section at Suckermouth in 2006, sign ups were $3 (for a week) and $4.95 a month. When the prices went up this last January, the $3 sign up became $9 for the first month, but rebills were merely rounded up to $5 a month.

Let's face it, though: The quality and - at times - the frequency of Suckermouth animations have improved greatly since November 2006, and even since January 2009. To continue this trend, a price increase is not only required but - after three years - to be expected.

Don't fret. You have until midnight Pacific time tonight to sign up for Suckermouth at the current prices. Current price and September prices compared below:
  • August: Monthly membership: $9 for first month ($5 every month after that)
  • September: Monthly membership: $12 for first month ($7.50 every month after that)
  • August: Annual membership: $45 for one year
  • September: Annual membership: $55 for one year
Suckermouth is so proud to have so many wonderful members, but we can always use one more. Don't miss out on your chance to join at the low price!

Moving on, I am very satisfied with the animations produced in August. Grouped by category, they are:

Transformation Fantasy Force
What's Breast for Women Part 4
Origins: Jen-Der Ben-Der (M2F)

B.E. Quickies
The Chair (adapted from a WIP Giantess featurette)
G.I. Grow #1 (adapted from a WIP parody B.E. featurette)

GTS Quickies
The Giantess Chair (adapted from a WIP Giantess featurette)

Ace the Zombie
BErater (B.E.)

What to expect in September? Featurettes galore, from G.I. Grow to Transformation Fantasy Force to Giantess, plus a couple more Quickies. Who knows what else? All that is certain that it will cost you more if you wait until September to join.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

As August draws to a close, new animations emerge...

by Ace the Zombie

While it's technically still too early for a recap of August's videos, I can say it was a fairly productive and promising month. So, instead of focusing on what's been completed (I'll leave that for the next blog), I shall focus on three very different animated featurettes in progress.

Even though it's already produced a couple Quickies, the new Giantess featurette has some great unseen material ready to go (including a render that took over 24 hours!), but I still have to pull this one together for September. I want to basically make the best quick Giantess animation in history. No kidding.

I created half the episode for Transformation Fantasy Force "Thar Be Monsters Part 2", but only recently had the courage to take on the more complicated second half, which involves the most exotic sewer system you'll ever see. I may upload some of the "creature" animations, but haven't decided yet. Of course, being the next chapter of TFF - which has become my main project these days - this episode will premier in September as well.

And lastly, I'm working on an animated parody I've been obsessed with making since I saw the wonderful "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra". Whether you liked it or not (I LOVED IT!), surely you noticed that Baroness and Scarlett were not lacking in the chest area. So why not "amp" (pump?) it up a bit, and animate a good ol' parody cat fight? While the Quickie isn't a cat fight per se, the featurette will be a little more ambitious in its action. Quickie will debut tonight; featurette next month.

Well, thanks for reading this far - you must be really bored or really like my animations. Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Trifecta of Promos (and some YouTube news)

by Ace the Zombie

[UPDATE: All three promo animations are now available at: and/or]

Let's get the bad news out of the way: I have received my second strike at the Official Suckermouth YouTube channel, so I can't upload there for a while (the video that was removed was "GTS Quickie 2 Teaser"). I've created a new companion YouTube channel: sub here in anticipation of new videos.

In related - but better - news, I will be debuting three promos on the community sites (both the one above and my DailyMotion channel) very soon.

The first promo is for a B.E. Quickie called "The Chair" (which has been available to Suckermouth members since August 21); it is an adaptation from the big new Giantess featurette I'm working on. It's also a chance for B.E. purists to enjoy the scene without any GTS.

I'll also cut a promo for the GTS Quickie based on the same featurette. The full Quickie should debut on Suckermouth tonight, with a little luck.

Lastly, I'm debating whether to cut a pure What's Breast for Women 4 promo, or a Priscilla Minx highlight reel featuring some shots from that vid, among others. I'm leaning towards a very brief highlight reel.

Look for all three new promos on Monday at both my new YouTube channel and my DailyMotion channel. Don't forget to subscribe! And thanks for watching!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

For lack of a better title: "BErater" Promo Animation

by Ace the Zombie

Not going to ramble on too much, since this blog's main purpose is to debut the promo for my latest breast expansion animation starring me. I truly hope you enjoy it. Suckermouth version offers more, as always.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sneak Peek: "Hater" Day 2

by Ace the Zombie

Even though "Mira Maria of the Mouth" was only a silly working title, I feel compelled - with the most recent edit - to change the working title to "Hater." (The model's mention of her own name has been edited out, so there's no point in keeping the old title.)

The edit below is all new, except for the very first render. It is a much stronger production without the terrible introduction that dragged on and on. You're seeing this vid right up until the first breast expansion, which I'm about to render now. The initial B.E. - since it's clothed - will be part of this vid when it debuts on YouTube and DailyMotion, maybe as soon as tomorrow.

The ETA for this entire vid's debut on Suckermouth is also tomorrow (but that can always slip). Please enjoy the sneak peek below:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sneak Peek: Mira Maria of the Mouth

by Ace the Zombie

[Note: Any resemblance to any person - living or dead - is purely coincidental.]

Haters come in many forms and from all sides. While most people are understanding and tolerant, a select few, including old girlfriends and certain Tweeple, seem to like to judge and then make a point at the expense of others.

For a long time, I have plotted my revenge as parody: A cartoon that confronted the artistic bigots for what they are. Untalented. Judgmental. Bigots.

I serve a purpose, and that purpose is catharsis. I offer a select few something they can't get of this quality and quantity anywhere else. I am unapologetic about being The Patron Saint of Breast Expansion - or "The Breast Expansion Guy" as Mira Maria Serena might call me.

One tiny render below is all I have to show for now, but add me to the mix, and you can follow the curve.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Suckermouth July Roundup

by Ace the Zombie

July was a bit of a tumultuous month, since it started with the clothed version of the B.E. Quickie "Mall Cougar" being kicked off BOTH DailyMotion and YouTube, in that order. Aaron Mystery wrote DailyMotion a nice email, and they put the video back on. YouTube - as always - is a lost cause.

From there, Aaron Mystery got too distracted, so I killed him; I then took complete control of Suckermouth to ensure a steady stream of breast expansion, giantess, and other hot transformation vids. A zombie hunter tried to bring me in for the murder, but I transformed her good in the B.E. Quickie "AceScapes".

Two Quickies (three, counting the clothed variation of "Mall Cougar") does not represent the highest output of new videos for a whole month, so thankfully, Priscilla Minx stepped in and hosted the third episode of What's Breast for Women, a companion series to Transformation Fantasy Force.

[Revision: I almost overlooked the Transformation Fantasy Force episode "Thar Be Monsters" Part 1, featuring a naked, busty Priscilla Minx and the monstrous Cthulhu from classic horror author H.P. Lovecraft.]

August - already leading with What's Breast for Women Part 4 - will be a much more prolific and focused month, or my name isn't Ace the Zombie.

Suckermouth animations released in July (5):

B.E. Quickies (3)
Mall Cougar (clothed and nude versions)

Transformation Fantasy Force (2)
Thar Be Monsters Part 1
What's Breast for Women Part 3

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Into the Future, Priscilla!

by Ace the Zombie

As I stand by watching sexy Priscilla Minx host the fourth installment of What's Breast for Women, I realize how much I admire her. Although she doesn't have the all-around transformation powers I have (she can only expand breasts, but isn't that the most important part?), she seems to be the Yin to my Yang.

She and Amy - the latest What's Breast model - have just disrobed down to their panties, and Priscilla's going to grow Amy a lot bigger than her current DDD cup. When I watch Priscilla work, I see myself, someone dedicated to beauty at all costs. Someone that has transcended reality to make beautiful happen.

Priscilla Minx is the future of Suckermouth. But she is not alone. There are many more breast expansion, giantess, lesbian, sexy vampire, and striptease cartoons in the cards.

It is essential that the future be beautiful, no matter the cost. Or the reward.

(See Priscilla Minx in action here.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aaron Mystery is dead, and I have killed him!

by Ace the Zombie

It was a fine day for murder. And so it had to be: Aaron Mystery had to die. He had become too weak, too needy, too distracted.

There never was a place in this world for Aaron Mystery - the place reserved for him in Hell will be more appropriate. He was never really alive anyway, a working collection of organs without a soul or personality. Human but not.

As a demon, most my terrestrial memory is gone, taken as payment to return from Hell over and over again. I had lived inside Aaron Mystery for a while myself, but now that he is dead, I am free.

This is about pursuit of my career: I am the patron saint of breast expansion, in case you hadn't read it elsewhere. As a primordial demon, I coached your ancestors in natural selection when they couldn't do much more than grunt and shit. In the age of kings, I developed the glass ball breast implant, used into the 1800s. I inspired and worked alongside others to develop the modern convenience of silicon and saline breast implants that are a little more acceptable. And I continue to pursue the easiest and most painless way to the ideal female form.

I have worked alongside the worst and the best of your human race. I therefore represent your worst fears and greatest aspirations. I am eternal decay that promotes eternal youth. I am a worm.

And the worm is inside you. It always has been.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformation Fantasy Force - "Thar Be Monsters" Day 2

by Aaron Mystery

The clip below includes (but is not limited to) the original footage in the first clip uploaded two days ago. It is still in a very rudimentary stage, and only represents half the animation. I don't know what I'll show when Cthulhu's avatar is speaking, so I left it black with subtitles (which will remain in the final). The Cthulhu sounds are experimental, so I didn't lay many down. Also, true to most creative projects, the music will be added last, so there is none here.

Because this video has full female nudity, I had to crop the hell out of this preview to put it on BlogSpot. If you find Priscilla Minx's situation off-putting, just realize she can handle herself and doesn't need you to worry about her. I call her my anti-Ace for a reason.

While I'm blabbing, let me also add that the intent of using Cthulhu completely metamorpasized from my original idea of having him (it?) be a fraud, genetically engineered by a robot (still might use some variation of such a concept in the future). Here, Cthulhu does indeed represent the Lovecraft character. I'd give you a headache if I explained the full context of the Suckermouth mythology.

The second half of this vid - not seen here - will show Prisiclla's teammates trying to escape from a different form of Lovecraft monster. It should be fun! In the meantime, enjoy the rough sneak peek below:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Griz and Wheeler Show - "Pot Party" Skit 2

by Aaron Mystery

The latest piece of the Griz and Wheeler Show took a couple weeks to edit, but it is quite the comedic experiment. Enjoy.

(Also, you can see the previous Griz n' Wheeler clip here.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Transformation Fantasy Force - "Thar Be Monsters" Day 1 (Cthulhu)

by Aaron Mystery

Today I started animation work on the latest episode of Transformation Fantasy Force, which is titled "Thar Be Monsters". It picks up slightly after where "The Gladiator" left off. What's shown below are only the Cthulhu clips thus far - there's a Priscilla Minx shot I'm not showing here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not Much to Say, but I'll Say It Anyway

by Aaron Mystery

It's been a while since I've blogged, and an update of my art (and life) is in order:

Mall Cougar banned from both video sites
My last B.E. Quickie - "Mall Cougar" - got removed from DailyMotion one day and YouTube the next. YouTube's removal didn't surprise me, but DailyMotion allows some pretty raw stuff, and "Mall Cougar" doesn't quite push any envelope, as you can see here.

So anyhow, I wrote to DailyMotion and they did reinstate the video. Kudos to DailyMotion, and - as a consequence - I'll favor them over YouTube in the future even more. Bookmark this page and/or sub to my DailyMotion channel here. Screw YouTube.

Transformation Fantasy Force next animation to go into production
I'm eager to do the follow up to Transformation Fantasy Force "The Gladiator" (partly because it has a monster in it), and partly because I waited long enough to come up with some nice ideas to add to it. I have been asked about the other Priscilla Minx "story arc" What's Breast for Women, but I need a Sarah Palin impersonator (voice only) to do the concept I have stuck in my head.

[Thought I had more to say, but I guess it's just time to get some sleep so I can start early on TFF tomorrow. The way I see it, I've got at least one wasted day to make up.]

Friday, June 26, 2009

Neda: When Dirty Freedom becomes Bloody Freedom

by Aaron Mystery

[Update 6-27: Apparently, there is some confusion in the world at large whether the original pic - bottom - is indeed Neda Agah-Sultan, a young Iranian woman who was martyred; in deference to her memory, I have created an alternate image using a pic of Neda that has been better verified.]

Dear Neda, there is little I can say that hasn't been said. As the world has had to sit on its hands and watch your people suffer and die, I have felt great guilt and agony not being able to do anything about the situation.

The image of you, smiling and alive - as opposed to bleeding and dying - has floated in my mind's eye like a ghost. As I thought about you, about your people and their cause, the image of the Statue of Liberty started to creep into my periphery.

It was yesterday that it dawned on me how to give you the most fitting tribute I could - a strong, vibrant, defiant portrayal of Neda, Iran's Lady Liberty.

I teared up when I finished this image, but my tears are for your blood and your sacrifice.

People of Iran, I hope such images as the one I have created above continue to inspire you to fight for the freedom you deserve.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformation Fantasy Force - Bang! Bang! Bang!

by Aaron Mystery

Lots of big news (says me) to report from the live Grizlore and Wheeler show to Ace the Zombie's interview show with real honest-to-goodness entertainers, but I'm going to focus on Transformation Fantasy Force for another blog.

Well, focus may not be the right word. I'm just showing a new clip only found here:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Transformation Fantasy Force - Minx is Captured!

by Aaron Mystery

I went back to working on the new Transformation Fantasy Force episode yesterday, surely to the delight of many. Priscilla Minx will indeed be the focus, but the giantess from "The Shrink Must Die" will also make an appearance in this story.

For the design of the villains, I shamelessly let myself be inspired by the grungy sci-fi (but not quite steampunk) look of Heavy Metal and Star Wars. They will likely die amazingly cool deaths.

Today I'm doing a sort of teaser with the set up from the new TFF episode, and a cool new take on the popular Attack of the 50 Foot Bimbo series.

See the work-in-progress pics of villains and Priscilla here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Hard Blog to Write: In Memory of Katie

by Aaron Mystery

Living in my head isn't as difficult as it used to be. I'm content with some things I've done, eager to do and learn more, and willing to admit my shortcomings. I want to enrich your life by entertaining you; I'm only at the beginning of that journey. Right now, it's a very focused and localized few that truly get something out of my work, but one day I will change that without leaving them behind. Never again will I leave a friend - or a fan - behind.

When I first started doing animation, just as the B.E. thing started to take off, I knew a 19-year-old named "Katie" via MySpace and a mutual friend. Back when I still thought Brethren and the Evil Empire was going to make me famous, I made all kinds of retarded cartoons that made little sense (they often featured Mr. Romance-Oh, for example).

But Katie LOVED my cartoons, even continuing to praise them when I was doing little more than catering to a specific male audience. Before I became a bit of an Ace the Zombie myself, she was giving me silly poems to adapt into cartoons - we both had so much fun! If only we lived in the same city...

Katie came to Vegas one day and spent the night, but I was very sick so it wasn't much of a visit - she was only here because she had other business in town anyway. Still, as she left, I knew I'd lost an opportunity, and when I wasn't able to take advantage of our time together in any meaningful way, I drifted away from her. I don't think I answered her messages as much, or as lovingly, or whatever it was. Part of it is that - as Suckermouth took off - my paying subscribers had a right to what they pay for (B.E.), and I honestly find it quite uncomfortable showing most my work to women, and for good reason.

Then I got into a big fight with my then-roommate over the fact that he wasn't doing the Brethren and the Evil Empire MySpace page the way the band wanted (who fucking cares?), and I canceled all my MySpace accounts. Goodbye, Katie, it's good to see you are the first subscriber I have on YouTube, so we're not completely out of touch.

This long, monotonous explanation leads us to a very tragic end. I found out through my roommate, months after my last contact with Katie, that she killed herself. My dear, pretty little Katie who believed in me and shared her creativity with me was gone. I had to stare at her icon on my YouTube channel for months, like a ghost reminding me that I had abandoned her to... what? I feel trapped to this day by the inexplicable reality of this.

I held back confronting certain things out of respect for Katie for a long time. She had big problems that were completely removed from me, and it was nothing short of egotistical to think that any cartoon I could have created could have saved her. But that wasn't the point either, as I would come to realize. I could have done something. Been a friend. Some bizarre version of shame kept me from being that.

I miss Katie. She made an incredible impression on me in a short time. A friend and a fan, in equal parts. I didn't abandon her to serve a different community, I abandoned her because I became a prisoner of my own guilt.

I've come to terms with the need to serve up a regular helping of sexy, crass, or just plain offensive cartoons on a regular basis. I get rewarded with money, views, and deliver a product my audience is looking for. Oh, and I kind of like it, or why would I have been doing it in the first place?

There's no point in pretension: I like creating shit a lot. Videos, music, novels, stories. I just happen to be slightly successful at one little tiny aspect of it. This tiny aspect takes up most my time because animation of any kind is a time-consuming process, and maintaining Suckermouth is a full-time task.

The point is, I don't want to see another friend or fan to go through what Katie did. I hope you see me as a friend when you need one, because an artist is nothing without his fans, and if he doesn't see his fans as friends, he doesn't deserve them in the first place.

[The best place to reach me is]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chamber of the Zombies Recap (Clip 3 of 3)

by Aaron Mystery

I'm pleased to say I wrapped up and uploaded the aforementioned short CG vid "Chamber of the Zombies" today. It was a labor of love, in that I have wanted to do a pure zombie vid for years (Ace the Zombie aside, since he's actually a demon and doesn't eat brains). Yes, it's done with the ubiquitous transformation fantasy element in mind, but I pushed that out of the equation and pretended I was just making a decent CG zombie flick.

While I won't apologize for being successful and therefore supporting my other projects with B.E., I am intent on making the first half of Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies (minus the possible prologue), a module of sorts that can be consumed and enjoyed by the pure zombie enthusiast. The second half - where the Bimbo Vampires come in - won't be a mindless series of B.E. morphs, but will tend to appeal to my usual audience more than the first half.

It's important that I stay true to those who have built this house that is Suckermouth with their love of everything B.E. and generously paid subscriptions, but to grow as an artist, I must become more clever in the way I deliver the usual and more adventurous in how often I pursue the unusual.

I can't thank Jennifer Hudock enough, who understood and believed in this project enough to donate her talents to the voice of Dr. Holder. I also want to thank my father and brother, who - as they did here - occasionally lend their voices to my vids when I grow sick of my own lispy mumbling.

By believing in a guy like me that basically built his brand with morphs, you help him grow into a filmmaker that's worthy of a larger audience (I hope). My ultimate goal - and an unabashedly unoriginal one - is to make beautiful emotional films.

You can watch the finished short here. Below the vid are some things I knew from the outset I wanted to do or add but just didn't have time for. That stuff will get added in for the feature length film.

First, what I did focus on: I wanted a couple of all-star zombies, though out of the six I made (not counting Steve the Infected Worker), the ones I planned as the stars didn't come out as cool as the ones planned as background zombies. Consequently, the far-too-scary fat lady zombie was moved to a central location (I wasn't initially thrilled with the buff male zombie Mr. Sterling's checking out, but he's grown on me).

I also modelled the facility and containment units myself, and put a lot of thought and discussion (with others) into the form and function of the location. This allowed me to create exactly what I wanted, as well as change things I didn't like on the spot.

The last thing I took care of an a filmmaker was trying to pull together a composition that held a false and strange beauty for the location of a zombie movie, while remaining sterile and dead.

Here's what I left out:

1) Other scientists, technicians, extras. I wanted the place to be a little more buzzing than it is, but adding all those extras would have slowed down every aspect of production and taken too much focus off the primary action and characters.

2) A transport system. I figure this place is so big it needs a transport system for both the living and the dead. I have a clever design sketched up that I think you will love (but you will have to wait until the feature for this). Like the extras, transports moving along the hallways would add life and realism to the scene.

3) Zombies reacting. I conceived a closeup of one of the zombie's opening her eyes when Steve hits the floor. I simply ran out of time, and will likely add some more ominous zombie movement to this scene in the final film.

4) Background sounds and music. Other than the BVvZ theme during the credits, the vid is noticeably without music or sound effects. It seemed silly at this stage to add these elements since the driving visuals (other workers, vehicles) for these sounds are not yet present. The music will likely be added after I see how the sound effects come together.

5) Elaborate key-framing of character movement. Sometimes, I take it on myself to actually be a good "animator" and spend hours and hours key-framing each body part down to the individual digits, running preview animations and redoing my work until I'm satisfied that realistic movement has been achieved. This kind of work is necessary and valuable, but a process unto itself, and here I had to make the sacrifice. Admittedly, while the movement is stiff and action-figure like at times, some things I thought I would hate came out well enough they shouldn't require much tweaking (Steve collapsing, for example).

6) More lights. Lights increase render time exponentially, so - to avoid thirty-hour renders - less had to be more. By the time I re-cut this in a year or two, it'll be that much quicker with advances in software and hardware (and other tricks I might learn by then).

Well, that's it. It's important to understand when you make your own CG vids in a week, perfection is rarely the immediate goal. I hope you enjoy these results nonetheless, and thanks again to Jenny, Jon, and Dad!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chamber of the Zombies Day 4 (Clip 2 of 3)

by Aaron Mystery

The short animation tentatively titled "Chamber of the Zombies" (ugh!) is nearing completion. I have posted a clip of ALL NEW footage below. The next time you see a clip it will be the finished video!

Voice actor credits for this scene (all were volunteers who graciously donated their time and effort):

Dr. Holder......Jennifer Hudock
Worker #1.....Jon from Brethren and the Evil Empire
Mr. Sterling...Aaron Mystery (me)

I hope you enjoy this new sneak preview:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chamber of the Zombies Day 2 (Clip 1 of 3)

by Aaron Mystery

I'm very excited to present you the first third of the new Chamber of the Zombies animation (mercifully, that's a working title). Continued thanks to Jennifer Hudock, whose excellent voice acting makes up for my own subpar delivery.

Video is below. After a short break, I start working on the next scene, which requires a trio of zombies. I will post pics as I conjure these beasties up. Stay tuned and thanks for watching!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chamber of the Zombies Day 1

by Aaron Mystery

[Special thanks to Jennifer Hudock ( for volunteering her time and effort to the voice of Dr. Holder.]

(Please go to my TwitPic gallery at to see still images of the zombie facility and zombies themselves as they were developed.)

Long before I got into animation in late 2004, I've wanted to make a zombie movie. Unfortunately, as popular as zombies are, they're not as popular as "other things", and so I have been restricted in what I could do, both in the time I could dedicate to it, as well as my technical limitations over the years.

By developing a concept that nests a legitimate zombie movie between two Bimbo Vampire episodes, I hope to please both my usual fans and zombie lovers alike.

So you won't see anything sexy in this animated short when it's finished, just some non-gratuitous male zombie ass, but I think the beauty of the scene speaks wonders for why an artist needs to get outside his normal workspace once in a while.

It's going to take the better part of a week to finish this entire animated short, but I'll keep posting new clips for your viewing pleasure. Next clip should be this evening.

Without further ado, here is the first clip of my new animated zombie short:

Monday, June 8, 2009

TFF Origins Episode 3 - Buildings Day 1

by Aaron Mystery

Tried my hand at basic modeling today and did a mock up for the main location of the upcoming Transformation Fantasy Force episode. Started with a series of meatball objects and capped it off with a couple vertex models (the globes at the top of the towers). The building in the very back is also a vertex mesh.

The first three pics above obviously show the evolution of the texturing (which I'm actually not satisfied with considering my original vision and how slow these textures take to render). The last shot is an alternate angle of the towers with the globes on top.

I hope you enjoy these pics. I would love to continue to create in this way.

Digital Dance Off - An Exclusive Vid and a Brief Tutorial

by Aaron Mystery

Yesterday, in the middle of a bland uncreative spell, I challenged my brother to a digital dance-off - I would make a video of dancing characters on my computer, and he would do the same on his. One hour. May the best man win.

Not everything went exactly as planned.

First, both of us took longer than an hour. I was arrogant enough to use a software plug-in I've never touched (we'll come to that in the tutorial). Second, I went longer than the one-minute video we established in the rules by almost double. Third, when I tried to render the animation in one whole two-minute block (rendering animations over 15-30 seconds is dicey) it of course went corrupt after waiting on it for over an hour.

My brother had his own share of difficulties, but that's for him to blog about - he wouldn't let me post his video, which was live action dancing and some new audio enhanced by some visual effects and backed by the Brethren and the Evil Empire song "The Too Much Fun Club Rides Again" from our third album.

The only objective audience member gave the victory to me, but I didn't deserve it. Watch the video below, and I'll tell you how I took this challenge on like a true hack:

"Thirty" is technically a song (as a rough demo here) from the upcoming Brethren and the Evil Empire album, the band I'm part of. However, I didn't play at all on this track - it's all my brother. Hack points right off the bat - using my brother's own unfinished song against him.

Next, I didn't use one of the animation software programs I paid for - I used a FREE one that anyone can download. It's called DazStudio (2.3), and although I've had some form of DazStudio installed on my computer since before any other, I have always overlooked it. You can download DazStudio when you go to and navigate to the software section. I only started playing with it recently because I was beta testing version 3, which promises to integrate better with my other programs. Using FREE software you hardly know: Double hack points.

The characters are part of The Heavies series by 3D Universe (whom I love) - the two bears are Bert and Bertha from Heavies #1 and the elephant is Ernie from Heavies #2. Each set costs $21.95 at Daz3D. (Suckermouth fans with note I use Bert and Bertha as the Doctor and Nurse in a Bastard Piece Theater storyline.) I didn't make any modifications to The Heavies figures for the dance-off video - just scaled Ernie up a bit since, as an elephant, he should be bigger. Definite Hack points for using the figures right "out of the box".

For the characters' dancing animations, I used pre-built ones provided in the DazStudio plug-in AniMate. I bought the AniMate bundle, which included the AniPad plug-in and the Dance animations (or AniBlocks, as they're technically called). The AniMate Bundle is available at Daz3D for $99.95. Using pre-made animations and a plug-in I've never even touched before: Double the hack points.

That's it, folks. Download free program, spend about $150 on extras, find a song your brother made, and you have yourself a digital dance-off entry worthy of the world's greatest hack.

My heroes would be shamed, but luckily I'm not in the dancing cartoon animal business.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Pain and Guilt of Making Art

by Aaron Mystery

There are two types of egocentric people in this world: Those who think they are perfect and at the center of existence, and those who are so obsessed with their own flaws and ineffectiveness that all they can think about is themselves. I am the latter, failed at more things than many will ever attempt, but it is in my most subtle of successes that I find the most guilt.

There are two areas in my life where I have had moderate success: One is a personal matter I don't share with the world as Aaron Mystery, and the other is Suckermouth, that ridiculous little cartoon website dedicated to transformation fantasy. The reward is still small compared to the time invested, but I'm grateful for it. I wonder if I deserve it?

I'm constantly tortured by what I'm not getting done, what's not rendering on my computer, what I'm not writing, or voicing, or playing. A hopeless romantic who surrendered his soul to be successful at something he never wanted to do.

To sell one's soul to the proverbial Devil is just as Hollywood portrays it: It is forever and a bum deal. Thus, where a boy once wrote love letters to a girl that said she loved him back, a man now feels his heart burn with the guilt of not getting enough adult cartoons made for his website this month. To the opposite sex (and much of the male gender, it should be said), my cartoons are filth at best, trash at worst.

And it is true, I have never claimed to be anything but a hack. But I do have a passion for both animation and transformation fantasy. I have more of a passion for money. Good cartoons make happy customers and happy customers continue to subscribe. Sexy cartoons create new customers, and new customers account for half my revenue. Money earned this way - even a little - helps me to forget what I don't want to remember.

Once, all I cared about was making music. All I wanted was to play guitar and sing. Hours a day, year after year, album after album - I was worse than a hack. I was unsuccessful and not very good at it. My lot in life was to be rejected by others, chiefly because I had little to offer that was exceptional or worth taking note of.

There is a period in my life between the band and the website that taught me emotion is forever, that pain can never be forgotten. To this day (last night, for example), I still have terrible nightmares and dreams of false and unwanted hope spawned by my brush with "Love," a despicable tyrant more vindictive and powerful than any god or devil.

I discovered that the depths of the human condition are arrived at in the realm of dreams. I am tortured by them, yet I crave them. Being no creative genius, my dreams give me insight into the real artist that lies within me. Just glimpses of unbound creativity and wonderful stories.

Yet when I pull these phantasms out into the light of day, into the waking hours, they gain too much power, too much influence, and I must retreat to the domain of sleep and hope they come back there instead. If I were lucky, I would dream about nothing at all. Because a dream remembered is an event experienced, our emotions will never sort it out completely.

To overcome this vicious cycle that nearly destroyed my life, I had to accept that I was Ace the Zombie, that I was not human, but in fact a ghoul walking among the living that should never expect to enjoy the things humans do. I would continue to consume art and knowledge, but not love and companionship. I must become a servant. A servant to anything but Love, the tyrant that has shattered a billion hearts, and claimed the lives of almost as many.

At first, Ace was a stage prop, then he was a character in a novella, then a face on an album cover, until finally he became a cartoon icon and the Patron Saint of Breast Expansion: He is Ace the Zombie. Somewhat unwilling and resentful servant to the Devil, Ace is the embodiment of mindless and pointless entertainment, the epitome of control and cheap applause. Ace believes you cater to your followers and spite the world for rejecting you in the first place - no matter what you would have done, these people of the world would have scorned or ignored you to the very end, anyhow. Your followers deserve your dedication - and they like it pure.

But as a jester in the courts of hell, Ace believes he is in control of his emotions. He is a clown, yes, but if the cheers and coinage can simply keep raining down from the audience, he can block everything else out of his mind. He can forget his past. Forget dead pets and missed opportunities and love lost and the joy of being alive.

And since I became Ace the Zombie to survive, I can tell you he is wrong. Yes, success will temporarily forestall the pangs of remembering the past, put eventually, the past pushes back.

Ace now sits in his tomb, miserable, because he can't think of the next joke to tell the Devil. They used to roll off the tongue. Puppet shows, dances, pantomime: Ace could not help himself. However, if Ace were to try to rise above the role of court jester and talk of romance or music, the Devil would cast him out, and then who would watch Ace dance?

So as the guilt of unrealized cartoons and an idle computer eat away at me like horned worms on a tomato plant, I realize that the Devil doesn't play fair. Instead of getting rid of nightmares and regret, I've only added a suffocating layer of guilt brought on by obligations not to others, but to myself. I'm the one that needs the animations coming, the computer whirring away, the pencil scribbling the next script - I'm the Devil Ace dances for! I need the distraction, you simple little fool! Don't stop dancing!

Self-loathing was never so much at home (or so incestuous).

To Ace, I say this: Guilt will never bring you happiness, but happiness will rarely bring you guilt. You are among the walking dead, and all the dancing in the world can't change that.

To the Devil: You chose to be cast down to Hell by behaving like a monster. You are the other guy, and all the control in Hell can't change that.

To myself: Your computer has been idle since 6 this morning and the guilt is giving you a headache. Get to work!

[Update: Almost immediately after I posted this blog, my Twitter thumb - which had been a pic of yours truly - AUTOMATICALLY reverted back to the Satan thumb I used for a day months ago! One of the freakiest coincidences of my life, but this is a weekend when nothing excites or inspires me, so it was all for naught.]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Suckermouth Round-Up: April 2009

by Aaron Mystery

April was a great month for Suckermouth in many ways. Best month in terms of sales ever! And here are the animations in April that made it happen:

New Giantess Animations:
Part 1
Part 2 (clothed and nude versions)
Part 3 (clothed and nude versions)

New B.E. Quickies:
B.E. Hive 2
Zap (TFF "Preview")

New Big Brethren:
Hot Vanessa and Geena lesbian scene

New Featurettes (Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies):
Growing Ratings (B.E.)
Ambush (B.E.)

What's Breast for Women (TFF Origins):
Part 1
Part 2

That's 12 cartoons (counting GTS nude variants) in April! What a month!

As I work on the first true episode of TFF Origins (GTS), something tells me May is going to be even better. Cheers!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Moving from the Bullshit to the Creative

by Aaron Mystery

In an effort to incur some good karma - and some peace of mind - I will no longer deal with any issues outside of my art. This leaves Suckermouth animation, Brethren and the Evil Empire music, and a few odds and ends, such as Grizlore. I will no longer be commenting on politics, my personal life, the media in general, or anything else that does not reflect my creative side, as my other side is an asshole.

It will take some time to make the full transition to hyper-artistic full throttle, as I'm going to change a lot of artwork, rework a lot of profile descriptions, and reformulate my public persona altogether. You will also see this blog become a more of a work in progress of my daily work, with thumbnails, preview animations, and text updates.

One way for me to keep cool and focused on the creative is to minimize the ability of haters to criticize me. In case you haven't noticed, "constructive criticism" doesn't exist on the web (especially not on YouTube), and it is therefore better and healthier just to create and not react.

Please support my artistic endeavors in the way that suits you: If you like adult animation, check out some of my free vids at or If you're interested in seeing hundreds more videos like these (all made by me), or would just like to contribute to an independent artist, check out

Or, download Brethren and the Evil Empire music from any of your favorite download sites, including itunes and Rhapsody. My brother pours his heart and soul into this music (I don't have a heart or a soul to contribute), and it's nice to see people enjoy the music we have made together over more than a decade.

So I promise to be a kinder, gentler, more humble artist - let's just hope I don't end up adding "starving" to that list.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forget CNN's Twitterfeud, Huffington Post has lost its collective mind!

by Aaron Mystery

I think we all know CNN came out looking really cheesy when it not only participated - but lost - in its race to a million Twitter followers with Ashton Kutcher. But what do we really expect from CNN these days? These are the people that employ Lou Dobbs, Nancy Grace, and - until Fox took him - Glenn Beck (note if some of the above names are misspelled, I couldn't care less).

But when I saw Shrek - yes, Shrek - blogging about Earth Day on Huffington Post (which is supposed to be a legitimate left-wing journalistic operation), I thought - Oh, Arianna, how has your great site given rise to such untenable shit? Maybe it's the big Shrek the Musical ads on the Huffington Post that won the green ogre's way into your heart.

In either case, I tried to post a comment on the blog to the effect of No Shrek on Huffington Post, please. (Maybe a little wittier.) However, comments on the Shrek blog have to be approved before they can be published. Huh? I can automatically leave a comment on articles written by conscientious celebrities that have years of film work and activism behind them, yet his Lord Shrek must approve my post? Come on, H-Post! (Update: My post was approved, which read, The truth is: if we could get rid of Shrek we would have a nicer planet. Zing!)

As an artist, I myself have all the room in the world for fictitious characters trying to be real. I mean, my art begins as a dirty animation, and at best evolves into a dirty joke. My main characters have names like Ace the Zombie, Mr. Romance-Oh, and Devil Baby. But I run a breast expansion animation site called Suckermouth - I'm not trying to present myself as a credible alternative to mainstream media. I don't have celebrities (or anyone) writing material for me, and I'm not promoting my site on news stations in primetime.

I know what I do is offensive to most people, if not just plain uninteresting. But the people that like it REALLY like it, so I deliver for their sake. I know what my customers want, and I have an eye on courting a larger audience with more material without isolating my original base.

Huffington Post, you know what your role is: Left-wing journalism and blogging. You've had alternate points of view from time to time, and some Republican and Independent contributors. But Shrek is not liberal or conservative: He's a cartoon character (a very annoying, already over-exposed one at that). The Huffington Post does not need to do this - as a matter of fact, it had better not do anything like this again if it wants me and other adults to keep reading.

I often find myself as an artist being too clever by half. That's 150% more clever than putting a Shrek blog on a journalism web site.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why I Basically Stopped Blogging - and some News

by Aaron Mystery

I basically haven't written a blog in two weeks because nobody gives a shit what I write (including me), and writing blogs isn't going to make me any cash - which I'm in short supply of these days. I've had to focus on courting a new segment of transformation fantasy fans - Giantess - and then getting back to keeping B.E. fans (and myself) happy.

Posted the third GTS (Giantess) Teaser and a Double Feature B.E. Teaser on YouTube and they got LOUSY ratings. So I blew up in the video descriptions and declared that my YouTube days are over. Between the site's wicked evil management, and the terrible vibe among its user base, I've had enough.

Then I got a couple of ridiculously infuriating profile comments that sent me flying off the handle. I made a vid featuring myself for the first time in 3 years (not counting Grizlore) and called out those assholes that think they can ruin my day without repercussions.

Even though I need the business worse than ever, I didn't get anywhere by laying down and getting run over by every asshole with a smart comment. Part of my shtick is to react furiously to criticism, but it's obviously more fact than fiction - I just choose to use it as a sort of "performance art."

I've gotten one nasty email (with a lot of misspellings) in response to the video so far, which is less than I expected. The reason I come off as such a jerk is because I just want to create - not be shit on by everyone passing by.

But the truth is, you get shit on no matter who you are, especially as an artist. The more success you have, the more you produce, the more you get shit on yet. Since I've had some moderate success making 200+ animations in three years, I should expect far worse.

What continues to bother me is that some of my fans - mostly those casual viewers on YouTube (not paying Suckermouth members) - leave nasty, terrible comments when I put on something that doesn't show breasts getting bigger, and then everyone else says all I do is "porn." Porn? Have these people ever seen porn? These are animations geared at a mature audience, no doubt, and technically I do have a couple of soft-core lesbian animations on Suckermouth (I'm working on one right now), to dismiss me as a porn peddler is to overlook someone that could develop into a great filmmaker if I could ever be encouraged into branching out and creating the bigger tapestry I always imagined for myself as an artist.

Below are some projects/ideas I have that I can't ever get to because haters on both sides keep me paralyzed:
  • Getting back to music (at least a little): The fifth Brethren and the Evil Empire album is underway, which would be great if I lifted a finger to be involved. I used to spend six hours a day or more rehearsing with a full band... But because nothing ever happened with it in terms of success, and because I doubted myself, I now spend 16-18 hours a day on a computer making animations either dismissed as porn or apparently despised by some of my "fans" because it doesn't come close enough. I think I'll take out the old 12-string acoustic today... Just because I'm apparently not good enough of a musician (or salesman) now to sell downloads doesn't mean I never will be.
  • My dream log: I dream a LOT. During heavy dream cycles, I can remember - to some degree - as many as five to six dreams a night (maybe more). My dream world is literally a sprawling city with a consistent layout, and now I'm learning to drive the freeways, and have found my way to Northern Nevada and then the Canadian border. I recognize and know where the casino district is, where the three-story mall with my favorite K-Bee toy store (now the only K-Bee toy store, as all the real ones have closed). There are demons, phantoms from my past, historical figures, the Devil, and a credo I utter every time I get it trouble that literally weakens or scares off threatening dream characters. Oh, and lots of zombies. There's a lot more to me than B.E. cartoons, I swear.
  • Free Spirits: The novel I pitched about four years ago. It's AWFUL, and I can't believe I wrote a synopsis well enough to actually interest a couple of unfortunate publishers back in the day. However, as the first appearance of Ace the Zombie, and in some ways a very dark B.E. story at its core, Free Spirits may bridge the gap between mainstream horror and breast expansion - if I ever felt I had the time to work on such a long term project that is 95% not B.E. Don't get me wrong, Free Spirits is a GREAT story, just a terrible manuscript.

Well, that's all I feel like writing for now. Please consider me as an artist that wants to engage his viewers with his work, not enrage them with his words.

Love and kindness... until you piss me off.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Damn! Many new vids (and what variety!)

by Aaron Mystery

In many ways, March was a bad month for me: Got my YouTube channel deleted and - much worse - got laid off from my day job. Both right after my birthday, no less.

But for B.E. fans and especially Suckermouth members, March was a great month! It kicked off with the classic B.E. scheme of two versions of the same cartoon - a clothed one (latex) and a nude. This was, of course, "BEclipse", which also featured some nifty Ace the Zombie spaceship bridge scenes. Following right behind (pun intended) was "Arsesome Boobage" another somewhat classic-style BE Quickie with growing boobs and a lot of emphasis on the derriere.

My next animation - "Obsessive" - was the parody of those Progressive commercials with the real annoying lady that shouts all the time. It was quite satisfying to see Ace treat her to some breast, butt, and hip growth.

"BEach Ball" was a rather naughty and short little BE Quickie that typifies what is great about your old fashioned beach breast expansion scene (with a little bit of self-love, of course).

After these vids I've enumerated, I thought I had the time to do something a little different that I was obligated to do anyway. So, after several months of talking about it, I finally made the first skit of Big Brethren 2 (will likely be part of a complete first episode). Although there are 11 women and only 3 men on Big Brethren 2, the first skit "Twittersode" featured Mr. Romance-Oh and Wheeler (in the buff, as all characters are required to be this season). The two characters argue back and forth over various things, thoroughly entertaining me, but probably not BE devotees (although some are more open-minded). Still, I think it's fair and likely that the next Big Brethren skit will feature women instead.

Still not convinced I did a lot this month? Well, then, how about "Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies: The B.E.ginning"? It's an idea I've entertained for a long time. This animation - besides featuring some great B.E. - serves both as the prologue to a longer story and as an experiment for me to see what direction I want to take this story in. Great little vid, but I hope to do much better.

Wait! I'm not done! Another long-put-off show returned this month. "The Nighmare Hour with Ace the Zombie" kicked off its second show when Ace lampooned model's Kate Moss' proclaimation that her new 'B' cups are "massively bigger" than what she has had this whole time. Just a little B.E. here to keep you zealots happy.

Let's say that I didn't put a Kate Moss parody into the next Quickie, "Vegas", although the naked chick with the swinging, inflating tits does have one hot British accent. You'll love this one, breast expansion fans!

So shall we make it ten new videos on Suckermouth in March? Sure. I'm currently working on what is the "last scene" from the Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies CG feature. Don't get too excited: A prologue and an ending do not a movie make. This'll just be another little experiment, with some breast, butt, and hip expansion, as you'd likely expect. But a sexy vampire always makes for a nice touch.

Get in touch with the dirty-minded kid in you: Suckermouth is just waiting for you to discover it. Hurry up, I need the money.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies vs. Unemployment

by Aaron Mystery

When most people give themselves a birthday present, it's usually an item of clothing or some big toy. For some reason, I chose to beat myself into the ground making a two-minute vampire-zombie animation. Although every possible combination of monster clash has been done and re-done, I wanted to see vampires take on zombies, only with breast expansion thrown in.

But my birthday was eight days ago. I still had my original YouTube channel, with its millions of views. I still had my job, with its security and comfort. All have come and gone. Without any doing of my own, I might add.

So I'm waiting on the last scene for Bimbos Vampires vs. Zombies (abbreviated BVvZ hereafter) Part 2 to render, so I can get this on Suckermouth, get a promo cut, and focus on something else. I need to find a new job yet step it up on Suckermouth and get some new sign ups - I'm so screwed.

Who knew being thirty-one sucked so bad?

Monday, March 23, 2009

BATEEmultiverse YouTube channel: R.I.P.

by Aaron Mystery

It was only a matter of time, but YouTube has finally pulled down the 6-million-view and 1,500-member strong (Suckermouth and) BATEEmultiverse channel after two years of not only playing by the rules, but by surpassing what anyone would expect from someone who was - in the fall of 2006 - a very young animator that had no idea what he wanted to do.

The loss of this channel is not the end of the world, as Suckermouth's members archives still host most of the deleted vids (although some of the more oddball stuff may be lost forever), and DailyMotion has proven to be a half-decent and much more liberal alternative to YouTube ( NSFW!!!!

So it may or may not surprise you that I've started a new YouTube channel in the spirit of the old one. I will not repost old vids (some deserved to be lost), but have posted clips of my newest stuff. Some asshole took the Suckermouth YouTube name in November 2007, and is just squatting on it. Still, the name New Suckermouth implies a certain freshness, and it's a big improvement over BATEEmulitverse.

To move on past my bullshit, those that should be truly concerned about my YouTube horror story (at least that's how it turned out), are those that own stock in Google and those that think that YouTube is the best place to watch vids.

First, to Google shareholders: I hope you lose all your money. Your company is the biggest corporate hypocrite in all the world, with your bullshit "Don't be evil slogan," and your very evil actions. Every one of you shareholders is responsible for propping up a company that seeks to censor, control, consolidate, aggregate, own, banish, or delete everything in the world, and shows no signs of slowing down, and certainly no signs of communicating with the rest of us. YouTube's business model is now so flawed - between pissing off the big media companies and small filmmakers - that it has no prospect of long term profitability. When Warner Music and I have something in common, and it's a strong dislike for YouTube, there's a larger trend developing.

Second, YouTube should NOT be your video destination. It sucks. All the big boys whose vids you want to see are either at or Hulu or whatever alternative the media corporations have been smart enough to cook up. Also, there's other brilliant sites like FunnyOrDie, that you'll enjoy much more than a typical YouTube viewing session. And apparently, even a nipple print on a cartoon under a shirt has been ruled blasphemous by YouTube, because that's the only thing I could find in common with my last two banned videos. Fascist, much?

So, why, you may ask, why would I do YouTube a single favor, let alone posting new vids for them to profit of? That's partly because I'm probably profiting off of it more with subscribers than YouTube is off ad placement.

We all know that media outlets eventually go out of style and die: Newspapers and tv. Terrestrial radio and the theater. But ideas don't die, and characters only go into hibernation before returning again.

So, as an old man, as I continue to nurture and grow Suckermouth, and someone asks me, "How did you know when you had something truly going with animation?" I will answer YouTube, and that naive young pup will reply, "What's YouTube?"

And I will only smile.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitter: The next Friendster

by Aaron Mystery

Just because I don't like Twitter doesn't mean that I'm not hip. I've signed up and tried it and tried it and... it's useless. It reminds me of the Yogi Berra quote: "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded." Ends up applying to most networking sites.

But Twitter is the lowest common denominator. It's like walking into a room, and a bunch of people are screaming to each other, maybe they're shouting out a link, or what they're working on, or what they just ate for lunch. At first, I thought Twitter was crap. Then, I got into it a teeny little bit, and thought - hey, there's some comic book artists and animators on here - wow, this could be cool.

Problem is, comic book artists and animators and celebs (real and pretend) and media personalities are just as bland as the rest of us, or at least they Twitter that way. There is simply nothing sensible or useful to be gleaned from Twitter (unless you count ten other people posting the fact that Natasha Richardson died after you already got a tweet from Huffington Post and an email from CNN). If hating Twitter is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Even if you think it will be good for self-promotion of one of your projects, forget it. Your replies to other people's random tweets will show up with as much emphasis as "My new vid is great, and you can watch it here!" So, you either use Twitter as a bulletin board nobody reads because everything moves down the list as more tweets come up, or you tweet back and forth and your profile looks like a record of your last IM conversation.

If that weren't bad enough, the site is always running over capacity and has a lot of glitches, from photo uploads to losing tweets. Searching for people can only be done on a "by name" or "by email" basis, so you can't easily connect with people in your industry or that share the same tastes.

Stay away from Twitter. Maybe it'll evolve one day. But that would just make it MySpace.

Community, whateva! What I have to re-learn every year or so

by Aaron Mystery

I am to remember that I'm a villain, and no, I'm not speaking as Ace the Zombie. I am a cold-hearted business man with no interest other than making the next customer happy. And that's paying customer, to you YouTube lurkers. I make breast expansion cartoons and make good money doing it. Period. End of story. However, I still choose to do other things that may or may not feed into the larger story I am trying to tell, which is still a B.E. story. No reason to get your panties in a bunch if every single video out of the hundreds I've made doesn't have B.E. in it. I mean, we're talking a 20-to-1 ratio here.

I used to be an openly hopeless romantic and a closet B.E. fan, and now I'm openly a B.E. artist and a closet romantic (thought I was going to say closet homosexual? That would have been awesome and ironic, but no). The point is, Ace is alive and well in the zealousness that I once felt when I had to "reduce" a cartoon for a newspaper, and in the jerk on YouTube that - in response to a Mr. Romance-Oh vid - commented, "terrible make your old vids".

A gimmick and a niche is one thing: But single-minded tunnel-vision to the detriment of all other possibilities will never lead to long-term prosperity and growth in an artist. Suckermouth is a brand of breast expansion cartoons, I get that, but it is mine. And when I'm free to experiment, I'm ultimately able to come back and make better B.E. vids. What, am I supposed to still be doing a bunch of one second morphs? Give me a break!

Subscriber or lurker, man or woman, B.E. fan or disgusted by B.E., my art ultimately isn't for you, it's for me. That's how we got here in the first place, because I did B.E. when I was embarrassed by it, my girlfriend was screaming in my ear, and my brother was pissed because I was using our music to accompany cartoon smut.

Today, I am no longer embarrassed by it (I've made thousands off B.E., folks), there are no girlfriends to nag me, and my brother is pleased as punch that our music has now been heard by millions (he even provides new music for Suckermouth now). I win as long as I keep winning.

And I win by not giving a shit what you think and just moving on to the next animation.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fourth-and-Thirty-One - My New Life as a Fledging Animator

by Aaron Mystery

As the lame football-oriented (won't happen again) headline implies, I am turning 31 today, which doesn't feel as bad as turning 30, to be sure. But still, a birthday always begs for some introspection to assess where I am and where I'm going. To accomplish this, I've broken it down to the 5 Ws and the H.

WHERE (My Present): Although I work a day job in an office, my life is that of an animator. I run a good-natured but nasty little animation site, and it makes me okay money, but not enough to keep me from having a regular job (with insurance). When I first got into 3D design at the end of 2004, it was actually just to do album artwork - I never thought I would virtually replace the musician in me with the animator. Today, my computer and I spend almost all our time on animations, 24/7. I hardly ever pick up the guitar anymore, but realize I've got to listen to the musician in me, too (I'm starting to have nightmares from neglecting the band). However, with a growing business in Suckermouth, it gets harder every day.

WHY (My Philosophy): What motivates me to animate? Why is most of my stuff Breast Expansion (B.E. for short)? Don't I ever want to branch out? I animate because I LOVE it - I love turning my ideas into this beautiful hybrid of film and cartoon, then sitting back on watching it on the big screen (once). Most my stuff is B.E. because that's what sells subscriptions at Suckermouth - look at my really early YouTube stuff, none of it is B.E. Truth is, I've always been a fan of this silly genre, going back to my junior high days. When you like something that gets you millions of hits on YouTube and cash from a subscription site, you've got little choice but to give in. Branching out is fine as long as it isn't destructive to Suckermouth as a business, meaning I can't leave my subscribers hanging while I experiment for weeks on end.

WHAT (My Humor): I'm sure many people look at my usual (B.E.) clips and think that I don't even have a sense of humor, that I'm just some troll looking to make women feel inferior about their bodies or some other crap, but truth is, I'm laughing at all of it, and so should you. My sense of humor may be dry, dark, self-referential, ironic, or even hard to see, but it's there, lurking in the corner waiting to make you laugh. Watch a "Dick in Art Class" if you want to see my perverse sense of humor distilled into a fine banana smoothie.

HOW (My Money): I spend a fair amount of cash picking up new software - and need to get a new computer or two - and with my other bills it can be hard to come up with the scratch. But because I make money from Suckermouth, it does provide me with the means to go more places, benefiting everyone who sees my animations, not just B.E. fans. Plus, it keeps me focused on animation, ensuring that I am always a happy servant to myself.

WHO (My Crew): Rarely do I give my dad and brother credit. Both provide the occasional voice over work (Jon did the voices of both Mr. Romance-Oh and Wheeler Red in last night's Big Brethren sketch - and improved his lines as well). My dad also does some of the Big Brethren voices. The most important contribution from the sidelines is Jon's eternal dedication to the music, providing me with a great soundtrack for anything I do.

WHEN (My Future): For the moment, I'm focused on Suckermouth, just trying to keep up with what I started, needing to do the obligatory B.E. Quickies, in addition to series Wand Day After Another, Bastard Piece Theater, Big Brethren, and Nightmare Hour, and interactive videos (I also do the web design and management, so it's a handful). I can say that the not-so-distant future involves a bigger project, maybe not feature-length, but something Suckermouth fans and a larger audience can enjoy.

And I guess that's all I want for my 31st birthday - is for you to enjoy what I do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Brethren finally debuts tonight - with a Twittersode!

by Aaron Mystery

Chances are, most of you don't know the history of Big Brethren, so I'll bring you up to speed in as few words as possible: Back in 2006, I wanted to do a series of parody reality show auditions. It was really early in my animation days, and I never planned on actually following up. As I've evolved as an animator, both in skill and (z-list) notoriety, I've also liked going back and expanding on old ideas, so I did a second set of auditions, this time with characters my fans already knew and had watched by the millions (i.e., Ace the Zombie, Sami & Jada, Mr. Romance-Oh). Each contestant had his/her own YouTube video, and everyone was invited to vote their favorite contestants by rating them five stars.

And hardly anybody participated. I'll let you in on a little secret: Nobody gives a crap what I do if it doesn't involve breast expansion. And I accept the fact that nobody gives a crap (there are exceptions, like two of Mr. Romance-Oh's vids that have over 100,000 views on YouTube). What I don't accept is that I can't do anything a little bit different.

So here's where we are: After getting three vids Suckermouth members will love done in a week, I figured I had the chance to do a little bit of Big Brethren, at long last.

So the gimmick is that it's a parody of Big Brother, but this season all the contestant are naked. Three guys and eleven women will compete to stave off double-eliminations every "week" (in Big Brethren time), all while in the buff.

The first skit is going to air tonight (I hope - I promised it last night, after all), and will feature Wheeler and Mr. Romance-Oh, their manliness safely and cleverly obscured for your safety. It will appear on YouTube, DailyMotion, and of course Suckermouth. The fun thing I'm introducing with this sketch is the animation is Twitter-centric, and Mr. Romance-Oh's tweets will appear in virtual real time, and Tweeple (?) will have a chance to tweet Mr. Romance-Oh all night long.

Everything takes longer in animation than it should, but I'm hoping to get this Twittersode the hell off my plate. Tomorrow's my birthday, and I really don't need a cartoon of two naked guys Twittering as my present to myself.

I'd much rather give myself a zombie movie, but I'll settle for a day off.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Anger Lies Within - The Reason Why I Hate Interacting with People on the Web

by Aaron Mystery

Tried MySpace. Hated the spam and almost killed my roommate and friend over it. Tried SecondLife. Hated how hard it was to figure out and how much time it took to do anything. Tried YouTube. Got 7 million views but now almost everything I put on seems to get pulled off.

YouTube possibly aside, I never really wanted to join any of these things. I was invited or pushed by friends to join these and any number of time-wasting web sites over the last few years, and surely you have, too. Some work out, some don't, but the time is lost regardless.

Speaking of lost time, how 'bout this pointless blog and the pointless Twittering, my latest non-animated, non-musical forms of expression? My blog's all over the place, and probably makes my thoughts less coherent than when they were floating around in my head, and logging everything I do on Twitter actually could have its benefits, if I wasn't distracted by Twitter itself.

All I really want to do is make animations, and have them either watched by the masses or sign up a couple new Suckermouth members from them. Yet, even on DailyMotion, my viral video destination after YouTube pissed me off, I find myself pissed when I put on Teasers that get low ratings ("low" being three stars or less). I held my videos ransom when the Heavy Traffic Teaser got low ratings, and drove that vid to almost 4 stars with 58 ratings. When the latest Teaser (BEach Ball) from yesterday got rated low, there was no chance at redemption: It came down last night along with the Heavy Traffic Teaser.

See what I mean? Aaron mad. But what do I care? My paid members are all I need - I'm sorry, but I'm not going to give away a bunch of stuff, because you'll never sign up if I do. On top of that, some of my stuff is too raunchy even for DailyMotion.

So I'm mad at DailyMotion viewers, the three people (all women) on Twitter that started to follow me and stopped almost as quickly, and BlogSpot for giving me the space to waste your time and mine on another stupid internet exercise.

Well, I got to go and check out MSNBC's web site, so I can read a bunch of poorly-written third generation articles and post in NewsVine as if I know what I'm talking about.

But it's all good: There's a render in the oven at home.