Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Trifecta of Promos (and some YouTube news)

by Ace the Zombie

[UPDATE: All three promo animations are now available at: and/or]

Let's get the bad news out of the way: I have received my second strike at the Official Suckermouth YouTube channel, so I can't upload there for a while (the video that was removed was "GTS Quickie 2 Teaser"). I've created a new companion YouTube channel: sub here in anticipation of new videos.

In related - but better - news, I will be debuting three promos on the community sites (both the one above and my DailyMotion channel) very soon.

The first promo is for a B.E. Quickie called "The Chair" (which has been available to Suckermouth members since August 21); it is an adaptation from the big new Giantess featurette I'm working on. It's also a chance for B.E. purists to enjoy the scene without any GTS.

I'll also cut a promo for the GTS Quickie based on the same featurette. The full Quickie should debut on Suckermouth tonight, with a little luck.

Lastly, I'm debating whether to cut a pure What's Breast for Women 4 promo, or a Priscilla Minx highlight reel featuring some shots from that vid, among others. I'm leaning towards a very brief highlight reel.

Look for all three new promos on Monday at both my new YouTube channel and my DailyMotion channel. Don't forget to subscribe! And thanks for watching!

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