Friday, August 14, 2009

Sneak Peek: "Hater" Day 2

by Ace the Zombie

Even though "Mira Maria of the Mouth" was only a silly working title, I feel compelled - with the most recent edit - to change the working title to "Hater." (The model's mention of her own name has been edited out, so there's no point in keeping the old title.)

The edit below is all new, except for the very first render. It is a much stronger production without the terrible introduction that dragged on and on. You're seeing this vid right up until the first breast expansion, which I'm about to render now. The initial B.E. - since it's clothed - will be part of this vid when it debuts on YouTube and DailyMotion, maybe as soon as tomorrow.

The ETA for this entire vid's debut on Suckermouth is also tomorrow (but that can always slip). Please enjoy the sneak peek below:

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