Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Death of Ace the Zombie and the Future of Suckermouth

by Aaron Mystery

Ace the Zombie is dead. What more is there to say about him, other than showing you the video below?

Once again at the helm of Suckermouth, I am already cooking up fresh and sexy new ideas that I hope you will love. Don't fear the transition - it won't be that noticeable. Without any further ado, the last third of "Assisted Suicide":

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The power of a god and the will of a newt: Me angry.

by Ace the Zombie

At this moment, I find myself filled with such rage and fury that I can scarcely contain it even here. I have been forced to question my greatness again and again in the face of idiots and corpocracies. People and corporations are full of shit. Why should I, one of the very forces of nature, shrink in the face of a bland - and often miserable- world?

I was given great power long ago. As the Patron Saint of Breast Expansion (you should know this), I often struggle to make ends meet to keep my evil enterprise operating. This economy has crippled me - like everyone else - and there are threats from every side.

You need to sign up for Suckermouth if I am to stay alive. That's the way it is. This can continue forever, or it could end in a year. It is ultimately up to you. Support my greatness, my innovation, my dedication, my unending devotion to all things transformation fantasy, or you ain't one of the team.

The self-loathing has to stop. But your support is necessary. Without you, I'm just a zombie in a tomb spinning my wheels looking forward to the End of Days.

One day, I will be worshiped as a god. For now, I'll settle for your business.

Keep Breast Expansion and Transformation Fantasy alive: Buy Suckermouth.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Suicide Watch" Sneak Preview 2

by Ace the Zombie

We live in a strange world, my friends. Hope can be in short supply these days. That's why I end up making crazy cartoons like this:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can Kink the Elf save me from suicide? (Sneak preview)

by Ace the Zombie

After a particularly challenging week, I have wondered why I shouldn't just end this pointless hamster wheel of an existence and shove my head in an oven. Being a zombie-demon-B.E. monster has its charm at times, but it is a lonely and fruitless existence nonetheless.

Woe is me! It would take a magic elf to get me to even reconsider my decision... (sneak preview below... or is the last animation you'll ever see from me?) Stay tuned. And stay alive.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Complete! Ace the Zombie interviews Kink the Elf and the Princess

by Ace the Zombie

When I found out Suckermouth was doing a Legend of Zelda B.E. parody, I wanted to be the first to scoop an interview with the stars. I was disappointed to see the Princess so small-chested - luckily, her little Pixie was able to solve the problem. Two occurrences of Breast Expansion here - Lemon Lime the Pixie (subtle) and the Princess (not subtle). Of course, the censors have tied my hands, and this version crops out the naughty bits; otherwise, this video is presented here in full. Tune into and get a front row seat like none other. Thanks for watching!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New! Nightmare Hour Halftime Preview #2 by

by Ace the Zombie

I hate to be a tease, but the final version of my Nightmare Hour interview with Kink the Elf and the Princess is still at least a day away. However, I'm thrilled to present a much, much, much more robust preview including the first case of "wardrobe malfunction" as well as a subtle breast expansion morph (which I added just for the benefit of the promo).

Still left to render is the main B.E. and of course the real "wardrobe malfunction" that involves the Princess. I'm sure you'll enjoy the finished vid (especially if you remember the old '90s Zelda cartoon), but you should find the preview below a lot of fun in the meantime.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Halftime! Nightmare Hour Preview featuring Kink and the Princess

by Ace the Zombie

Well, we're still filming the damn thing, but - appropriately - at halftime's end, I present to you a very scant preview of my latest Nightmare Hour sketch. The interviewees are obvious parodies of Zelda characters. I will do my best to finish this by tomorrow, and we'll label it recorded earlier.

(Finished video will include a "wardrobe malfunction" and breast expansion - 'cause that's how I roll.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

"Double D's Drive-Thru" now open for business! (video)

by Aaron Mystery

Many claim a fast food diet will put extra weight where you don't want it. So come to Double D's Drive-Thru, where the expansion is intentional and in just the right places! Double D's - famous for its super-sized breasts - has many other items on the menu, too. This promotional video - which includes the first stage of breast growth - will have you wondering what we'll make for you next! At Suckermouth, the answer should be obvious: Huge Breast Expansion. (The Double D's Drive-Thru window is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to serve you even better.) Yummy!

As the first B.E. Quickie of the year, my latest animation "Double D's Drive-Thru" is now available in full to all Suckermouth members. It was a lot of fun to create, from the restaurant itself to the final edit, and I hope that you enjoy the results. Below I have included the Promo, which has the big finish omitted, but includes some minor Breast Expansion growth nonetheless.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PREVIEW: Double D's Drive-Thru Part 1 (Restaurant Slide Show)

by Aaron Mystery

(The video below shows images of the restaurant I assembled for my latest parody animation - still in progress as of the posting of this blog. There are no people in this preview slide show, let alone sexy women. So while Safe-for-Work, it's not going to get your hormones flowing. The final video will take care of that!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bored with the same old stuff? Try Suckermouth!

by Aaron Mystery

First off, let it be said that if you know my website Suckermouth, this article will be a little redundant, as it's kind of a "101" explanation of what is all about.

Life can be depressing, dull, and disappointing. When I was younger, I used to troll the internet consuming any and all random Breast Expansion clips and stories I could find. Back then, it was essentially all text-format stories and Photoshop morphs (if you were lucky). Comics, illustrated stories, and especially vids and animations were few and far between (but still mostly free).

However, I quickly became disenchanted with the disappointing twists and turns certain stories would take, in addition to the fact that some sequences (i.e., the disgusting B.E. scene in Leprechaun when the lady explodes) aren't designed with the Breast Expansion enthusiast in mind. Not to mention that while I love reading books, reading long stories or comics on the computer monitor is hard on the eyes, and I don't enjoy it much anymore. And a lack of variety and new vids on a regular basis became frustrating after watching the same old clips a million times.

When I first got into computer animation in 2004, it wasn't about animation at all: It was about album artwork. But as I started to contribute to the Breast Expansion community for the first time with comics, sequences, and very short videos (Quickies), I found both my audience and I enjoyed the results.

As I discovered YouTube in 2006 and migrated a lot of my tamer (clothed) B.E. material to what was still a "new" site at the time, I found the positive reception incredible and inspiring. But these were pretty lame B.E. videos, comprising of little more than a one second morph. I started that year as a random web site for my various creative endeavors, but in November that year, I converted it to the subscription-based Breast Expansion site you see today.

For the first year, Suckermouth continued on with more Quickies and the occasional comic or illustrated story. There's not space in one blog entry to adequately explain the evolution of, but over the years I began creating animated parodies and stories that were often several minutes in length. Series like Wand Day After Another and Bastard Piece Theater came and went, new concepts like Transformation Fantasy Force and Ink Boob were born, and animations became the sole emphasis of the site (it's what I do - and like - best).

So why, if you aren't convinced already, should you join What if you're not looking for Breast Expansion animations? Honestly, will always be 90% B.E. (with a little GTS, M2F, and lesbianism mixed in), so if you hate B.E., my site is not going to be for you.

But there's another angle you may be able to appreciate if you're an animation enthusiast or just love indie art: Maybe you like artists who (try to) evolve every week, providing you with a new video on a regular basis. While I've been doing this for years, I'm still just a small time artist, creating for a specific audience with the need to constantly improve and create in mind; it's just after four years, I'm starting to have something to show for it (268 vids at last count).

So, yes, if you want an animated Breast Expansion site, Suckermouth is what you've been looking for. But I also invite those on the outside to take a chance on a $15 trial subscription for a month, and see if you don't find a new way to escape the depressing, the dull, and the disappointing. You'll have access to everything: The site is super easy to navigate, laid out similar to a Cable channel guide complete with streaming video. I've made every attempt to make a pleasant and entertaining experience, and hope you can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Hope to see you on the Suckermouth side of the tracks.

January 2010 Round-Up

by Aaron Mystery

When 2010 started, it was my goal to step it up a level in terms of animation and stories. While I favored quantity over quality at the beginning of December 2009, I was intent on evolving with the New Year.

Many of my animations you see are thought up on the spot or inspired by a particular model or item of clothing, which is okay to a point. In my mind's eye, however, I see much stronger and compelling Breast Expansion fiction than what seems to have come out at times. "I Am Tiger" Parts 1 and 2 - the last two animations of 2009 - hinted at the possibilities of more thought-out projects.

"Ink Boob" Episodes 0 and 1 represent one of the first times I've really kind felt like I transferred a story in my head (albeit a hastily-written parody) to animated form nearly verbatim. When you watch it, you can feel the completeness and substantial nature of this concept. Molly and her mom have a very believable back-and-forth, but once she's alone, Molly's as cute as a button (even before her breasts inflate).

Although I had difficultly gauging it's popularity, the Alice In Wonderland Ride that followed the first "Ink Boob" episodes was a case of a lot of different fantasies - an adult ride-thru, a big-breasted Alice concept, a Disney parody - combined in one fascinating cartoon. This animation was a lot of work, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Luckily, the third episode of "I Am Tiger" was a lot easier and shorter, though probably just as good. The sexiness can't be denied, yet there is a darkness and horror element that really works. How many more "I Am Tiger" episodes can be left? Not many - this guy's just about off the news. It's a matter of just animating the last quarter of the story I've written in my head.

To finish January, I created the third episode for "Ink Boob," a much-needed lesbian video showing Molly and the Princess doing all that lovely stuff you'd expect for just under a minute. No dialogue, just the good stuff: Big-breasted lesbians loving each other.

It is always a pleasure to create for you, and January 2010 was no exception, other than the occasional frustration with the Alice Ride. I followed through on my commitment to substantial projects in January, and will likely focus on "deluxe" Quickies for February, as I'd like to see more than five cartoons in February. I'm working on a great little animation right now, and I think it not only bodes well for this month, but for all of 2010.

January Suckermouth uploads (by series, in order):

Ink Boob
Episode 0: Discovery
Episode 1: Busting Out
Episode 2: Lez Get Real

Alice In Wonderland: The Ride

I Am Tiger
Episode 3