Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The power of a god and the will of a newt: Me angry.

by Ace the Zombie

At this moment, I find myself filled with such rage and fury that I can scarcely contain it even here. I have been forced to question my greatness again and again in the face of idiots and corpocracies. People and corporations are full of shit. Why should I, one of the very forces of nature, shrink in the face of a bland - and often miserable- world?

I was given great power long ago. As the Patron Saint of Breast Expansion (you should know this), I often struggle to make ends meet to keep my evil enterprise operating. This economy has crippled me - like everyone else - and there are threats from every side.

You need to sign up for Suckermouth if I am to stay alive. That's the way it is. This can continue forever, or it could end in a year. It is ultimately up to you. Support my greatness, my innovation, my dedication, my unending devotion to all things transformation fantasy, or you ain't one of the team.

The self-loathing has to stop. But your support is necessary. Without you, I'm just a zombie in a tomb spinning my wheels looking forward to the End of Days.

One day, I will be worshiped as a god. For now, I'll settle for your business.

Keep Breast Expansion and Transformation Fantasy alive: Buy Suckermouth.

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