Monday, May 31, 2010

Follow-up on FunnyOrDie vs. Suckermouth

by Aaron Mystery

The last blog post was pretty bleak, so I better not leave things there. As I made painfully clear, the comedy video web site FunnyOrDie (owned by Will Ferrell) removed all my videos about a month ago. I'm sure there were two questionable videos (cartoon nipples) that got everything removed, though some of the stuff was very tame. However, FoD did not delete my account, & subsequently left me the ability to upload more videos.

I spent two weeks bitching and accusing FunnyOrDie while I made a couple of "Ink Boob" cartoons, well aware that I would make an animated parody/critique that confronted FoD directly. I about killed myself (no pun intended) making the damn cartoon, but I finished it about a week ago (at the time of this writing). Initially, I only uploaded it to YouTube, but decided to post the parody to FunnyOrDie as well. Last time I checked, both parts - along with a sexy V8 commercial parody - are still there.

If you want to watch my FunnyOrDie stuff, you can go to

By the way, I saw an HBO promo last night, discussing the shows that had been renewed: FunnyOrDie Presents was not mentioned. Funny how that works.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you understand what SUICIDAL THOUGHTS are?

Dear Mr. Ferrell,

Since you removed my original videos a month ago, I have had little other than suicidal thoughts. I was depressed when I first contacted you before any of this happened.

I thought if I made an animated parody/critique, I would feel better, empowered, and I almost did, until a different video site kicked off my channel right before I published it.

Now all I can do is think about suicide, because everywhere I turn, I'm not allowed to communicate and entertain, which destroys my fledgling indie animation site. It's just me, making the best cartoons I can, trying to buy food, clothes, healthcare, pay bills, & live solely from the money I make from animations.

Don't you have enough, money, fame & power that you don't have to push depressed comedians/animators into suicide land? When I close my eyes, I'm more likely to see a noose tied with a bed sheet than anything else.

It's inevitable that I will kill myself, Mr. Ferrell. Your kind - the human race - clearly doesn't want me. Before I go, I can assure you my animated manifesto will point out how your site's censorship - your outright rejection of me - led to my suicide. I will let the whole world know.

Available only for a limited time,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suckermouth vs. FunnyOrDie - The Cartoon

by Aaron Mystery & Ace the Zombie

When FunnyOrDie took all our vids down from its website, its staff probably thought that was the end of it. Looking at the lack of ingenuity on the HBO "show" FunnyOrDie Presents, it's no surprise that the FoD web crew didn't have the foresight to see they weren't just dealing with a suicidal animator, but a demon as well. Luckily, we have more of a sense of humor than Will Ferrell and his intellectually fascist company FunnyOrDie seems to these days. Ha.

The video below is cropped (no boobs or kitten on the ol' blog) and merely a Sneak Preview that reveals the first half of the joke/critique. I've been working on this cartoon around the clock for three days, and am currently rendering the next scene now. Have heart, the People will succeed. The Censors will fail. We believe in you. You don't need to believe in us, because we're not real. At least, he's not.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Looking at new, upcoming Suckermouth cartoons

by Aaron Mystery

As Ink Boob Episode 6 nears completion, I'm going to focus on the two series that will end up getting a lot of love in May: Ink Boob & Breast Expansion Tournament.

Last week's Ink Boob episode "Breast Friends Forever 3" was a bit of an anomaly, one of those rare Suckermouth cartoons where - despite plenty of big, naked cartoon boobs - there is no Breast Expansion, per se. This is simply because the story was so much to take on that it had to be broken into two episodes. Hence the reason Ink Boob Episode 6 - Title TBD, went into production immediately. Episode 6 sick is nasty, raunchy, short on dialog, and heavy on the kind of transformation that you love.

By the time most read this post, the new episode will be published, and I will have moved on (or back) to the semifinals of the B.E. Tourney. With two matches down (no spoilers here), and two to go, expect these cartoons back to back. Will Harriett LeBeaux, the original wand wielder, defeat the parody-laden Harriett Potter? Will the tournament favorite Ace the Zombie dispatch Kink's pixie with ease?

Although the last two Ink Boob episodes were a labor of love, they each provided their separate challenges, so the B.E. Tournament should offer a lighter, simpler Breast Expansion experience for us all.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April Round-Up: Suckermouth Month-In-Review

by Ace the Zombie

This is the first round-up we've done in a few months, as things have been - well - rough lately. I got beheaded and sent back to Hell, while Aaron Mystery went cuckoo more times than a novelty clock. And although we're all back on track (I'm still down under), the conflict with "public" video sites remains. However, this blog entry isn't about politics or red tape: This is about cartoons from April! Let's take a look:

Ink Boob - Episode 4: "Breast Friends Forever" Part 2

Breast Expansion Tournament 1 & 2

Note: B.E. Quickie: "Star Sucker" was also released in April, but there is no free version available (i.e., Suckermouth members only).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FunnyOrDie & YouTube SUCK! A letter to Will Ferrell

by Aaron Mystery

After FunnyOrDie removed all my videos today, I sent a letter to Will Ferrell. It read as follows:

Hi, Will,

I wrote you a couple months ago because I was - quite frankly - feeling rather suicidal. The feelings stemmed from many things, partly a persecution complex, complicated by YouTube removing one of my videos at the wrong time.

Mostly, I'm just a failed musician trying to make a go of it with animation chiefly based in ribaldry but often misunderstood for something worse.

I was feeling a little better of late, when lo and behold, YouTube took off another video. No big deal: I decided to post some new stuff on FunnyOrDie & Veoh as an alternative.

I select videos that I think are appropriate for the site I'm using - apparently, despite the fact that a prosthetic penis could be severed on FunnyOrDie Presents, your web site doesn't allow cartoon boobs. I honestly didn't realize.

All this doesn't explain why ALL my videos have now been removed from FunnyOrDie. I could simply have been notified that the two videos that contained cartoon boobs violated your TOS & had been removed, but to delete all my videos seems below even YouTube, let alone FunnyOrDie.

Will, I need your help now more than I did when I was fantasizing about hanging myself with a bed sheet from my balcony. It's becoming impossible to express myself on the internet, with doors constantly being slammed in my face when I rely on such outlets to eat and pay rent.

Please, sir, could you pull some strings and have my videos restored? At least the one without the naked cartoon boobs?

I'm not afraid to betray how upset I am; I can never catch a break - and by break, I mean just being left alone to publish my silly little cartoons.

Thank you very much,


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...Is paved with good intentions & NEW INK BOOB!

by Aaron Mystery

There are many roads into and out of Hell, and I certainly traveled a few of them these past two weeks. I had many big ideas for what I would do next, but at some point, I have to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Many interesting and ambitious ideas have been delayed, put on hold, or canceled, and that's okay: There's always a tomorrow.

The "Adventure of Kink" storyline wore everyone out (yet it's still slightly unresolved), and I'm glad I left my last animation where it belongs: buried in a boring blog. So let's not do that here - Simple, familiar, sexy: I give you the first Sneak Preview from Ink Boob Episode 3.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exclusive (and unwatchable) animation: "Thoughts of Suicide" dissected

by Aaron Mystery

Some time between publishing my animation "Double D's Drive-Thru" and my darker cartoon "Assisted Suicide" something became incredibly off-kilter in my life. There's a dozen minutiae that could be blamed, an emotion here or there to fault, but it was more than that: Along the way, I had lost the confidence to be myself. What was worst, I had no idea who I was.

I went from being on top of the world one week to being downright suicidal the next. I became dependent on people that weren't there (nor should I have expected them to have been), but again, this was but a small aspect to the crisis I encountered deep within myself.

A few years ago, I used to tell myself things I wanted to hear to give myself a charge. Never being a people person - or whatever the cause of it - I found I had less and less company. Soon, a new acquaintance made himself known to me: He was The Devil, and I wanted to believe he was real.

And so I dreamt. And I eventually believed enough to suit my purposes. Eventually, it was too much, and I had to step back into a more rational and secular way of managing things. But this did not hold, did it?

No, without The Devil as an invented master, I became self-conscious of my art. What awful things were women thinking and saying? How were my cartoons affecting them? How would I ever progress without more mainstream projects? When sales were slow, and without praise from my audience, where was there to turn?

I vacillated between this "angelic" apologetic mode and the monstrous and "evil" Ace the Zombie mode. But again, this back-and-forth could not stand, either.

I laid in bed for what must have been three solid days and nights, pitying myself and wishing to die. I could not think of animating. I could barely eat. I was - for all intents and purposes - dying. I went to lay down once again after getting up for a drink or something, and an impulse commanded me to the computer.

I followed said impulse and just had it out with myself. Well, sort of. Aaron Mystery had it out with Ace. Or I had it out with Ace. Whatever.

There is some loud yelling and NO sexy stuff in this video, so don't watch it on full volume or for any enjoyable purpose. I kept hoping to find the bottom, and this vid showed me I had hit it. This is not representative of what I normally do of course, and no part of the video below will appear anywhere else.

Lastly, I renewed my pact with my make-believe Satan earlier this morning. And he came through. We're back, baby, and we're not going anywhere until Judgment Day.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Death of Ace the Zombie and the Future of Suckermouth

by Aaron Mystery

Ace the Zombie is dead. What more is there to say about him, other than showing you the video below?

Once again at the helm of Suckermouth, I am already cooking up fresh and sexy new ideas that I hope you will love. Don't fear the transition - it won't be that noticeable. Without any further ado, the last third of "Assisted Suicide":

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The power of a god and the will of a newt: Me angry.

by Ace the Zombie

At this moment, I find myself filled with such rage and fury that I can scarcely contain it even here. I have been forced to question my greatness again and again in the face of idiots and corpocracies. People and corporations are full of shit. Why should I, one of the very forces of nature, shrink in the face of a bland - and often miserable- world?

I was given great power long ago. As the Patron Saint of Breast Expansion (you should know this), I often struggle to make ends meet to keep my evil enterprise operating. This economy has crippled me - like everyone else - and there are threats from every side.

You need to sign up for Suckermouth if I am to stay alive. That's the way it is. This can continue forever, or it could end in a year. It is ultimately up to you. Support my greatness, my innovation, my dedication, my unending devotion to all things transformation fantasy, or you ain't one of the team.

The self-loathing has to stop. But your support is necessary. Without you, I'm just a zombie in a tomb spinning my wheels looking forward to the End of Days.

One day, I will be worshiped as a god. For now, I'll settle for your business.

Keep Breast Expansion and Transformation Fantasy alive: Buy Suckermouth.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Suicide Watch" Sneak Preview 2

by Ace the Zombie

We live in a strange world, my friends. Hope can be in short supply these days. That's why I end up making crazy cartoons like this:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can Kink the Elf save me from suicide? (Sneak preview)

by Ace the Zombie

After a particularly challenging week, I have wondered why I shouldn't just end this pointless hamster wheel of an existence and shove my head in an oven. Being a zombie-demon-B.E. monster has its charm at times, but it is a lonely and fruitless existence nonetheless.

Woe is me! It would take a magic elf to get me to even reconsider my decision... (sneak preview below... or is the last animation you'll ever see from me?) Stay tuned. And stay alive.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Complete! Ace the Zombie interviews Kink the Elf and the Princess

by Ace the Zombie

When I found out Suckermouth was doing a Legend of Zelda B.E. parody, I wanted to be the first to scoop an interview with the stars. I was disappointed to see the Princess so small-chested - luckily, her little Pixie was able to solve the problem. Two occurrences of Breast Expansion here - Lemon Lime the Pixie (subtle) and the Princess (not subtle). Of course, the censors have tied my hands, and this version crops out the naughty bits; otherwise, this video is presented here in full. Tune into and get a front row seat like none other. Thanks for watching!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New! Nightmare Hour Halftime Preview #2 by

by Ace the Zombie

I hate to be a tease, but the final version of my Nightmare Hour interview with Kink the Elf and the Princess is still at least a day away. However, I'm thrilled to present a much, much, much more robust preview including the first case of "wardrobe malfunction" as well as a subtle breast expansion morph (which I added just for the benefit of the promo).

Still left to render is the main B.E. and of course the real "wardrobe malfunction" that involves the Princess. I'm sure you'll enjoy the finished vid (especially if you remember the old '90s Zelda cartoon), but you should find the preview below a lot of fun in the meantime.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Halftime! Nightmare Hour Preview featuring Kink and the Princess

by Ace the Zombie

Well, we're still filming the damn thing, but - appropriately - at halftime's end, I present to you a very scant preview of my latest Nightmare Hour sketch. The interviewees are obvious parodies of Zelda characters. I will do my best to finish this by tomorrow, and we'll label it recorded earlier.

(Finished video will include a "wardrobe malfunction" and breast expansion - 'cause that's how I roll.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

"Double D's Drive-Thru" now open for business! (video)

by Aaron Mystery

Many claim a fast food diet will put extra weight where you don't want it. So come to Double D's Drive-Thru, where the expansion is intentional and in just the right places! Double D's - famous for its super-sized breasts - has many other items on the menu, too. This promotional video - which includes the first stage of breast growth - will have you wondering what we'll make for you next! At Suckermouth, the answer should be obvious: Huge Breast Expansion. (The Double D's Drive-Thru window is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to serve you even better.) Yummy!

As the first B.E. Quickie of the year, my latest animation "Double D's Drive-Thru" is now available in full to all Suckermouth members. It was a lot of fun to create, from the restaurant itself to the final edit, and I hope that you enjoy the results. Below I have included the Promo, which has the big finish omitted, but includes some minor Breast Expansion growth nonetheless.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PREVIEW: Double D's Drive-Thru Part 1 (Restaurant Slide Show)

by Aaron Mystery

(The video below shows images of the restaurant I assembled for my latest parody animation - still in progress as of the posting of this blog. There are no people in this preview slide show, let alone sexy women. So while Safe-for-Work, it's not going to get your hormones flowing. The final video will take care of that!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bored with the same old stuff? Try Suckermouth!

by Aaron Mystery

First off, let it be said that if you know my website Suckermouth, this article will be a little redundant, as it's kind of a "101" explanation of what is all about.

Life can be depressing, dull, and disappointing. When I was younger, I used to troll the internet consuming any and all random Breast Expansion clips and stories I could find. Back then, it was essentially all text-format stories and Photoshop morphs (if you were lucky). Comics, illustrated stories, and especially vids and animations were few and far between (but still mostly free).

However, I quickly became disenchanted with the disappointing twists and turns certain stories would take, in addition to the fact that some sequences (i.e., the disgusting B.E. scene in Leprechaun when the lady explodes) aren't designed with the Breast Expansion enthusiast in mind. Not to mention that while I love reading books, reading long stories or comics on the computer monitor is hard on the eyes, and I don't enjoy it much anymore. And a lack of variety and new vids on a regular basis became frustrating after watching the same old clips a million times.

When I first got into computer animation in 2004, it wasn't about animation at all: It was about album artwork. But as I started to contribute to the Breast Expansion community for the first time with comics, sequences, and very short videos (Quickies), I found both my audience and I enjoyed the results.

As I discovered YouTube in 2006 and migrated a lot of my tamer (clothed) B.E. material to what was still a "new" site at the time, I found the positive reception incredible and inspiring. But these were pretty lame B.E. videos, comprising of little more than a one second morph. I started that year as a random web site for my various creative endeavors, but in November that year, I converted it to the subscription-based Breast Expansion site you see today.

For the first year, Suckermouth continued on with more Quickies and the occasional comic or illustrated story. There's not space in one blog entry to adequately explain the evolution of, but over the years I began creating animated parodies and stories that were often several minutes in length. Series like Wand Day After Another and Bastard Piece Theater came and went, new concepts like Transformation Fantasy Force and Ink Boob were born, and animations became the sole emphasis of the site (it's what I do - and like - best).

So why, if you aren't convinced already, should you join What if you're not looking for Breast Expansion animations? Honestly, will always be 90% B.E. (with a little GTS, M2F, and lesbianism mixed in), so if you hate B.E., my site is not going to be for you.

But there's another angle you may be able to appreciate if you're an animation enthusiast or just love indie art: Maybe you like artists who (try to) evolve every week, providing you with a new video on a regular basis. While I've been doing this for years, I'm still just a small time artist, creating for a specific audience with the need to constantly improve and create in mind; it's just after four years, I'm starting to have something to show for it (268 vids at last count).

So, yes, if you want an animated Breast Expansion site, Suckermouth is what you've been looking for. But I also invite those on the outside to take a chance on a $15 trial subscription for a month, and see if you don't find a new way to escape the depressing, the dull, and the disappointing. You'll have access to everything: The site is super easy to navigate, laid out similar to a Cable channel guide complete with streaming video. I've made every attempt to make a pleasant and entertaining experience, and hope you can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Hope to see you on the Suckermouth side of the tracks.

January 2010 Round-Up

by Aaron Mystery

When 2010 started, it was my goal to step it up a level in terms of animation and stories. While I favored quantity over quality at the beginning of December 2009, I was intent on evolving with the New Year.

Many of my animations you see are thought up on the spot or inspired by a particular model or item of clothing, which is okay to a point. In my mind's eye, however, I see much stronger and compelling Breast Expansion fiction than what seems to have come out at times. "I Am Tiger" Parts 1 and 2 - the last two animations of 2009 - hinted at the possibilities of more thought-out projects.

"Ink Boob" Episodes 0 and 1 represent one of the first times I've really kind felt like I transferred a story in my head (albeit a hastily-written parody) to animated form nearly verbatim. When you watch it, you can feel the completeness and substantial nature of this concept. Molly and her mom have a very believable back-and-forth, but once she's alone, Molly's as cute as a button (even before her breasts inflate).

Although I had difficultly gauging it's popularity, the Alice In Wonderland Ride that followed the first "Ink Boob" episodes was a case of a lot of different fantasies - an adult ride-thru, a big-breasted Alice concept, a Disney parody - combined in one fascinating cartoon. This animation was a lot of work, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Luckily, the third episode of "I Am Tiger" was a lot easier and shorter, though probably just as good. The sexiness can't be denied, yet there is a darkness and horror element that really works. How many more "I Am Tiger" episodes can be left? Not many - this guy's just about off the news. It's a matter of just animating the last quarter of the story I've written in my head.

To finish January, I created the third episode for "Ink Boob," a much-needed lesbian video showing Molly and the Princess doing all that lovely stuff you'd expect for just under a minute. No dialogue, just the good stuff: Big-breasted lesbians loving each other.

It is always a pleasure to create for you, and January 2010 was no exception, other than the occasional frustration with the Alice Ride. I followed through on my commitment to substantial projects in January, and will likely focus on "deluxe" Quickies for February, as I'd like to see more than five cartoons in February. I'm working on a great little animation right now, and I think it not only bodes well for this month, but for all of 2010.

January Suckermouth uploads (by series, in order):

Ink Boob
Episode 0: Discovery
Episode 1: Busting Out
Episode 2: Lez Get Real

Alice In Wonderland: The Ride

I Am Tiger
Episode 3

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Suckermouth Year-In-Review Part 4: BS, Politics, and the Future

by Aaron Mystery

I've decided to wrap up this series of Suckermouth Year-In-Review articles with the various ups and downs and extraneous politics that I dealt with this year besides the pure nuts-and-bolts of each animation. I had two YouTube channels go down this year, lost my day job, lost my computer (and took two months to recover), and blew at least a couple gaskets taking criticism much too personally. Luckily, all things have been remedied as 2010 kicks off...

I started the year off feuding with YouTube and Google over kicking my videos off for no reason at all. I spat and cursed and cried, but in the end one of my greatest achievements - my first YouTube channel that had garnered nearly 7 million video views - was yanked. Over 150 posted videos were gone. Luckily, I created a second YouTube channel, but that also got pulled this year, for even less offensive videos. The third time was the charm, as my New Suckermouth channel is alive and strong. And because no channel is forever on YouTube, I made sure to keep my channel at DailyMotion alive and well throughout 2009.

Shortly after the first YouTube channel was removed, I was laid off from my day job. Although the economy and my work had been slow, I was honestly not prepared. I thought of Suckermouth much differently then than I do know, needless to say, as it is my only source of income. In the end, as a fan, customer, viewer, etc. it's good news for you, because it's given me more time to dedicate to Suckermouth; unfortunately, I have less money to spend as well.

When 2009 started, I was still far too sensitive about ratings and comments for my own good; I had been struggling with this for years. I thought when I lost my job, I would be able to handle things more professionally, but after a couple oddball videos, the mounting criticism of me caused me to explode with an obnoxious video that I am ashamed I made, let alone uploaded. But sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can go up. And this video tirade was certainly rock bottom.

Although I freaked out in video comments a couple times for low ratings after this, I seemed to be pulling it together. And better sales reflected better videos. Even stupid side projects like "Grizlore's Pot Party" didn't kill my momentum.

But then the unthinkable happened: My sole production computer died. I rushed into a shop that was recommended to me, and thus began the worst and most costly waiting game of my life. A week to diagnose that a new motherboard was required. Two weeks to receive the part. The part was bad. Would have to send part back and wait for replacement. Would take two to three weeks. Four weeks passed. Five weeks. No new part. I had to buy a new computer. And after my sales collapsed from two months of inactivity, it was not easy money to come up with.

But alas, December 2009 was a full month with plenty of Quickies, a What's Breast for Women episode, and the unforgettable "I Am Tiger" Featurettes. While the final month of 2009 may not be remembered as the best ever, it certainly pointed a bright set of headlights towards 2010 at Suckermouth.

It has been a real pleasure to create for you in 2009 despite the ups and downs, and you can bet that there will be many years of Suckermouth animations to come. Happy New Year!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Suckermouth Year-In-Review Part 3: Series and Featurettes

by Aaron Mystery

For my penultimate 2009 Year-In-Review article, I'm left to focus on Featurettes, which have been spun off into a variety of series, most notably Transformation Fantasy Force. There was never a better year for Featurettes and series than 2009.

The last episode of Wand Day After Another, "A Cold Day in Hellen," debuted in January. It was a fantastic and drastic change from the previous two episodes, chucking the flat "Adult Swim" style animation for the vivid 3D experience that better suits Breast Expansion. This episode had everything, from Giantess to pygmy growth/shrinking, breast expansion, Ace the Zombie, and two magic wands! Oh, and the whole thing takes place in Hell! Also of note is that this was the last Alpha Omega storyline crossover to date.

Another series that appears to have come to an end in 2009 is the Big Brethren concept. "Twittersode" was a questionable start, featuring a nude (but obscured) Mr. Romance-Oh and Wheeler bickering over Twitter. Although I accomplished what I wanted with this animation, it is not what I should be doing. To correct this uneventful and unattractive vid, I created "Lick My Crack: A Lesbian Experience" featuring Geena Bahoobie and Vanessa. It was hard core lesbian action - one of the only examples you'll find on Suckermouth. And it was wonderful!

Ace the Zombie's Nightmare Hour failed to gain traction this year. The Kate Moss skit was a bit of a dud, and subsequent attempts to make more segments of this mock late night show have gone nowhere. I don't think this is a concept I'd ever call dead, but "in a coma" might be appropriate. (Note: Had this Nightmare Hour episode had played more like the following B.E. Quickie "Vegas," it would have been a hit.)

As old series began to fade into obscurity, new ones rose to take their place. I had two ideas that I was looking to implement for years: First, Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies and second, a super hero team with members that had the power to transform. Both got lots of attention in 2009.

Bimbos Vampires vs. Zombies is a relatively simple concept: Bimbo Vampires are just like regular vampires, except they have giant boobs - if they bite a person or zombie, it transforms into a Bimbo Vampire. "The BEginning" serves as the Prologue, and seemed a reasonable place to start. I made the creative decision to start the vampires out as ugly, distended bald creatures, which made it hard to promote with. Luckily, Ace works his magic just in time, and all three hideous vampires are transformed into the first Bimbo Vampires. What's cool about this is it's the first animation to show Ace the Zombie operating in the past, as he is about 400 years old.

As the Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies project is essentially a feature-in-progress, I saw it fitting to do the Epilogue next - "Growing Ratings." An outright parody of the final scene in The Howling, this animation shows a reporter transforming into a Bimbo Vampire while on the air delivering a news report on the vampire epidemic. A gorgeous model and a lengthy vid make this a winner, and a lot sexier than the Prologue.

Although there were plenty of other animations in between, the next BVvZ was "Ambush," an adventurous little vid featuring a female zombie hunter; our unnamed heroin blasts a couple of the walking dead before a Bimbo Zombie bites her, causing her breasts to swell and rip through her shirt, the latter detail being a first for a Suckermouth cartoon. (Another personal breakthrough - depth-of-motion blur - occurred in "Ambush.") A solid piece of work.

The final BVvZ episode to date is "Chamber of the Zombies," which - although it failed to contain any transformations or big-breasted women - was a noble attempt at a more traditional zombie segment. A friend I made on Twitter, Jennifer Hudock, was wonderful enough to donate her time and talents to the voice of Dr. Holder. Whether I cut too many corners or just failed to have the faith to follow it up with a proper conclusion, "Chamber of the Zombies" was probably an unwise use of my time, and - despite being very happy with it initially - convinced me the Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies project was on the wrong track.

If Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies failed to live up to my expectations, then Transformation Fantasy Force exceeded all of them. TFF was preceeded by its sub-series, What's Breast for Women - possibly my most popular and successful concept to date. "What's Breast for Women" Parts 1 and 2 featured a new character, Priscilla Minx, giving advice to a petite model on how big her breasts should be by expanding her on the spot. Priscilla has become my favorite character (sorry, Ace) - her snooty personality, British accent, and breast expansion powers making her the most original character since Mr. Romance-Oh, with a lot more sex appeal. The What's Breast for Women sub-series would continue, featuring a "fat bottomed girl" in Parts 3 and 4, and moving on to the strip club in Parts 5 and 6, when Priscilla gives advice to a mediocre dancer. It is likely you'll see further episodes in 2010.

The main portion of the Transformation Fantasy Force series - essentially, the work-in-progress superhero feature - kicked off with an Origins tale. "The Shrink Must Die," also covered in the previous Giantess article, showed me that I could do things I didn't think possible. It was huge, colorful, alive, and a ball to watch. TFF was definitely off on the right track.

"The Gladiator" wasn't every bit as good, if not better. Taking place in the present, "The Gladiator" featured Priscilla Minx (nude and expanded for the first time) and The Giantess from "The Shrink Must Die," this animation moved me up another rung on the ladder. It's impossible not to enjoy this one. Also of note is Jen-Der Bender and The Fat Girl make their first appearances here, although only in cameo form (they're the prisoners seen in the hangar bay). My brother did an awesome job on Maleteki's voice.

Transformation Fantasy Force got even more adventurous with "Thar Be Monsters" Parts 1 and 2, the former featuring the H.P. Lovecraft creation Cthulhu, and the latter featuring everything else, from a male-to-female transformation to a weight-loss morph. And both episodes had amazing scenery. Monsters plus big-breasted women make for some great cartoons.

Uploaded in between the two "Thar Be Monsters" episodes, "TFF Origins: Jen-Der Ben-Der" gave us a proper introduction to the member of Transformation Fantasy Force with the ability to transform from man-to-woman (though not on purpose). This is an animation to be proud of, and still sits at the top of the Suckermouth Members Index as I write this.

While it's likely I'm neglecting something with all these various Featurettes and series I completed throughout the year, I'd like to wrap up this article by giving Ace the Zombie his due. While his talk show may have stalled, he contributed to what are possibly the best two Suckermouth cartoons of all time: "Tasty n' Juicy (Ace Has Talent)" and "BErater."

"Tasty n' Juicy" took advantage of the Susan Boyle hysteria that raged throughout much of 2009. A trio of young women working at the mall tease each other over their bodies when Ace the Zombie shows up to give them the bodies they want. When one demands to hear Susan Boyle, Ace dons a gold gown and belts out a tune of his own, creating age progression and breast and butt expansion in the process. (Two weeks was as long as I spent on one animation in 2009, and the process involved a render than lasted for three days and had to be restarted when the power went out 24 hours in.) The results were fantastic, hilarious, and sexy. Yum, indeed!

When a fellower Twitterer (Tweeter? Tweerson?) tore into me for making Breast Expansion cartoons, I responded the best way I know how: Revenge as parody. When our obnoxious model types about hating B.E., Ace the Zombie sneaks up behind her, expands here breasts, and cuts her shirt off with a pair of scissors. Man, what a great animation! Ones this good are few and far between.

Funny enough, I almost forgot to mention the last two animations of 2009 - "I Am Tiger" Parts 1 and 2 - which answer the question What if Tiger Woods met "I Am Legend" met Breast Expansion? The answer is An insane and sexy parody that will continue into 2010, just like Suckermouth.

Please join me for one last (and hopefully much shorter) Year-In-Review article, when I take a look at the ups and downs and politics of running Suckermouth and being a full-time animator this year.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Suckermouth Year-In-Review Part 2: Giantess

by Aaron Mystery

As I indicated in the previous article, I'm going to break Suckermouth 2009 down into different series for the sake of clarity. Today we'll take a look at one of the biggest changes to occur at Suckermouth this year - the added focus on Giantess, including a dedicated channel.

There have been a few examples of Giantess at Suckermouth over the years (most notably the Wand Day After Another episode from January), but it wasn't until April that GTS received some real focus. Between the GTS-branded material and Transformation Fantasy Force, fans of this genre had a lot to celebrate in 2009. Let's run it down, shall we?

The first string of GTS Quickies have retroactively been labeled the Atomic Series, due to the fact that a nuclear explosion is the cause of the growth. "GTS Quickie #1" was a huge hit, combining Giantess with Age Progression and stock live action footage to create something completely new. What followed, "GTS Quickie #2," had nude and clothed versions, and was one of the most popular videos I've ever done (giant, bouncing boobies will do that).

Although the first two GTS Quickies were pitch-perfect, "GTS Quickie #3" (both the nude and clothed versions) seemed to slip a little. Honestly, I think it's a combination of the wrong soundtrack and animation that comes up a tad short (luckily, it has insanely large breast expansion). This vid was not well-received, but the "B&W Giantess Featurette" culled together from these Atomic GTS Quickies was an enormous success, and will stand the test of time as one of the great Suckermouth cartoons.

After these projects, Transformation Fantasy Force basically filled the void for a couple months. "The Shrink Must Die" and "The Gladiator" are both episodes I'd highly recommend to Giantess fans. They are true GTS cartoons after all, and visually stunning to boot.

The second series of GTS Quickies was to be a Featurette eventually (though that idea is likely now scrapped), but these two animations - "The Giantess Chair" and "Street Walker" - are the next evolution in Giantess animations. Loaded with action, clothes ripping, and an incredible soundtrack, these both proved to be incredibly successful. For the record, a third Quickie in this series was attempted, but never came to fruition; however, I've learned to never say never and hope to return to it one day.

If not for The Great Darkness - a two-month period of inactivity due to a computer repair shop trying to kill my business - who knows what would have become of 2009? In that time period, I would likely have done three to four GTS projects (although we'll never know for sure).

To make up for lost time, I was able to produce a couple GTS Quickies in December, both using a new technique where the model's clothes don't grow with her, resulting in a giantess who's bursting from her fabric one thread at a time. "Big Around Town" and "Giant Mall" are definitely in the vein of the simpler (B.E.) Quickies, however, and despite the new technique and decent scenery, both fall short of what was achieved earlier in the year with the Atomic and Street Walker series. These flimsier GTS Quickies are referred to as Shorts, indicating their minimalist nature. I have to be honest and say that I hope these are the weakest Giantess vids I ever make - as the momentum of Spring was lost, the result was rushed videos made under stressful and compromised circumstances.

But not to fret. The next Giantess animation shouldn't be more than a week or so away (I try to get two Giantess animations done a month if I can), and I can guarantee I'll give it the focus and love it needs to grow into greatness. Let it be said though that without question, the Giantess genre produced some of my best work this year, hands down; I look forward to a year of even greater animations.

Please join me next article when I focus on the various series and Featurettes produced this year, from Transformation Fantasy Force to I Am Tiger. Thank you as always watching, reading, and subbing.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Suckermouth Year-In-Review Part 1: B.E. Quickies

by Aaron Mystery

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was 2009. Shall we begin?

I think the best way to cover fifty or so new videos is by series. Therefore I'll start with the B.E. Quickies, the bread and butter of Suckermouth since 2006. Let it be said that - with exceptions - what makes a Quickie is basically that it comes in at under a minute in length, features little or no dialog, and doesn't usually fit into larger series. Alternate or clipped scenes from longer projects can also show up as Quickies, as in the case of the first Quickie of 2009.

The non-canon Harriett Potter B.E. vid was basically a breast expansion morph that wasn't featured in the equivalent "Wand Day After Another Episode." The less said about this Quickie the better. The following Quickie, "Drinking Bosom Buddies," was much more to my liking, with full animation and three characters transforming, including a great M2F transformation. Unfortunately, it was followed by "Growing Nowhere Fast," which was another case of just a couple breast expansion morphs, albeit with two women and disappearing clothes.

But the fourth B.E. Quickie of 2009, "Punky Boobster," was the culmination of years of frustration and (unfocused) planning. To dislike Soleil Moon Frye because she chopped her breasts off is my right, but having it torture me for so many years was unacceptable. This animation is Breast Expansion Parody as revenge if you will. It was well done, extremely well-received, and set the bar for Quickies in 2009.

"Heavy Lifting" was my first lesbian vid attempt of the year. Unfortunately, the video was hampered by an uneven application of various half-formed ideas. I remember having my share of technical issues on this one as well, which surely impacted the result. The lesbian scene at the end is fairly solid but cheapened by all the junk at the beginning. Definitely a case of too clever by half. I followed the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid philosophy to a fault with next Quickie "Let's Make a Bimbo," another vid that is essentially a breast expansion morph featuring three models. At least the rendering quality is solid.

Determined to find a way to pull off an interesting Quickie, I was so happy with "B.E.clipse," I rendered it twice - with separate latex and nude versions. These vids were a lot of fun, with a cameo by Ace the Zombie to boot. These two variations performed very well, but I knew I wanted better. I didn't think "Arsesome Boobage" was necessarily it, but maybe it was the focus on the butt expansion that made it a very successful animation. This cartoon also featured the Nerd-to-Hottie phenomenon in addition to the butt, hips, and breast inflation.

Still frustrated that I hadn't recaptured the greatness that was "Punky Boobster," I took on the biggest villain in the last decade - Flo from the Progressive Commercials. I don't need to go on and on about how annoying she is - and this animation was made months ago! (These days I have to change the channel when these commercials come on, they annoy me so much.) So I took on this obnoxious marketing campaign with a parody. "Obsessive" is everything I like in a breast expansion Quickie - obvious parody, a subject who deserves what she gets, Ace the Zombie, solid rendering and breast expansion. Not to leave out the fact that the model's jeans pop open as her ass expands - always one of my favorite concepts. This animation is so dead on and true-to-life that I have trouble watching it now, as it feels too much like watching the real thing.

"BEach Ball" was a decent follow-up, but it was plagued by a persistent technical glitch that left me frustrated and exhausted. Although the "self-love" and beach ball play are quite good, this one didn't seem to gain much traction. 2009 didn't seem to be living up to my expectations as far as what I hoped to accomplish; there needed to be a big change.

The B.E. Quickie named "Vegas" altered Suckermouth animations forever. For the first time, a woman was speaking in a Suckermouth cartoon, and it wasn't me doing the voices! A sexy British voice and equally attractive model captivated fans and proved that I was not willing to sit still in 2009. The introduction of real female voices opened up hundreds of possibilities that I did not feel were there before.

Although I'm going to go into the extraneous garbage at the end of this Year-In-Review series of articles, around this time a great tragedy occurred when YouTube deleted the channel that had existed before Suckermouth and garnered me nearly seven million video views. Worse yet, some of these (oldest) videos had been lost in a hard drive crash, and their only known location was YouTube. One of the most popular vids on this YouTube channel had been "Male to Female Transformation," an early attempt to say the least; it had racked up about 250,000 views before the channel was deleted. Out of frustration and a desire to recreate an old animation (only better) I released "MTF 2009" and enjoyed the positive reaction. [There are actually two versions of this vid, with the full nude being available on Suckermouth; the other - with boxer briefs - is actually superior, and will be uploaded as an alternate if and when a M2F channel is created for Suckermouth.]

Up to this point, my favorite Suckermouth animation of all had been "B.E. Hive," a great Quickie from 2008 featuring lots of action, scenery, breast expansion, and - oh, yeah - tentacles. This animation just rocks, and the song - "Memory Full" - is one of my favorites that my band Brethren and the Evil Empire has ever recorded. So I decided to make a follow-up in 2009 with "B.E. Hive 2". While the video attempts to improve upon the original, with ripping clothes and much more impressive breast expansion, the original remained my favorite animation nonetheless. You know how sequels go...

"Zap!" was an interesting Quickie, in that not only is it a fun little comic-styled vid with a great contraption (the chair), but it was a preview of sorts for my favorite new project of the year - Transformation Fantasy Force. And while "Zap!" was itself quite simple, what followed were a batch of Quickies done on the fly and without enough heart. "Ice Cream Barbara" and "December-May" are age progression and regression morphs, respectively, neither of which impress me too much. The B.E. Quickie "Dancer" had the beginnings of something sexy, but I wish I had spent more time on it. Considering I went back to yet another uninspired age regression morph (with clothed and nude alternates, no less), it's no surprise I'm not tripping over myself to praise either version of "Mall Cougar."

Partly fueled by my so-called murder at the hands of Ace the Zombie, "AceScapes" played on the popular hunter-becomes-the-hunted theme, but suffered from misdirection and lack of finesse; it also feels unfinished in some ways. It wasn't until "The Chair" that I felt Quickies returned to their best form. This vid has everything going for it: Clothes being ripped and cut off; bouncing, swelling breasts; and a return to my favorite B.E. contraption.

Things only got better from there, thanks to my G.I. Grow concept. Planned as a Featurette, this series started and finished strong, from guns and B.E. pills to water and syringes.
There was clothes ripping, a strip tease, and even the Chair makes a return. These videos still represent the best of what I am capable of with Quickies; I am very proud of all three episodes.

Technically, "B.E. Strip Tease 4" came out before the third G.I. Grow animation, but in some ways I think of it as part of the series, in that the model in this wonderful strip tease vid is named "Uncover Me Girl" (a parody of Joe's Cover Girl). After talking down the earlier animations of 2009, I must say this video is what I aspire to. It is so sexy, with big, bouncing boobs popping out from clothing; the butt shaking near the end is also incredible.

It is a tragedy that the third G.I. Grow vid was the last Quickie I made before The Great Darkness; Starting with "The Chair," I was really on a roll like never before.
Shortly after this was published, my computer died, and I spent two months getting the runaround from the computer shop. By the time I got a new computer, I just wanted to get something done quick so you knew I wasn't really dead, and didn't think that Ace the Zombie hadn't finally returned to Hell for good. "Glad to be Back" represents that minimalist approach, little more than a breast and butt expansion morph with a no background whatsoever. However, it served its purpose to serve notice to the world that I was back.

"Big Elfin' Deal" and "Nerd No More" are only slightly less forgettable, but they are better, to be sure.
Each video does have its charm, from the cuteness of the elf in "Big Elfin' Deal," or the cool clothes-disappearing trick in "Nerd No More." And thankfully, both have plenty of atmosphere and scenery.

As the last B.E. Quickie of 2009, "Changing Room," is pretty good. There's lots of movement and growth. Any chance to see a naked woman with huge breasts dancing in a shopping mall is worth taking. Although I don't consider it up to the standard of the G.I. Grow or "Strip Tease 4" Quickies, it does point us in the right direction going into 2010.

Well, that's the rundown for B.E. Quickies in 2009, and the conclusion of Part 1 of our Year-In-Review. Again, the year had its ups and downs, but stands head-and-shoulders above 2008, which was a great year in its own right. Thank you for continuing to support Suckermouth (and me), and you can look forward to the Year-In-Review Part 2 soon, when I take a look at the Giantess material released in 2009.

December round-up

by Ace the Zombie

December was certainly a great month at Suckermouth. It was not only my first month back but a busy one as well. Here's the December round-up (grouped by video series):

B.E. Quickies
Big Elfin' Deal
Nerd No More
Changing Room

GTS Quickies
Big Around Town
Giant Mall

TFF/What's Breast for Women
What's Breast for Women: Stripper Edition Part 2

I Am Tiger Part 1
I Am Tiger Part 2

Thanks for watching and supporting Suckermouth!