Monday, May 31, 2010

Follow-up on FunnyOrDie vs. Suckermouth

by Aaron Mystery

The last blog post was pretty bleak, so I better not leave things there. As I made painfully clear, the comedy video web site FunnyOrDie (owned by Will Ferrell) removed all my videos about a month ago. I'm sure there were two questionable videos (cartoon nipples) that got everything removed, though some of the stuff was very tame. However, FoD did not delete my account, & subsequently left me the ability to upload more videos.

I spent two weeks bitching and accusing FunnyOrDie while I made a couple of "Ink Boob" cartoons, well aware that I would make an animated parody/critique that confronted FoD directly. I about killed myself (no pun intended) making the damn cartoon, but I finished it about a week ago (at the time of this writing). Initially, I only uploaded it to YouTube, but decided to post the parody to FunnyOrDie as well. Last time I checked, both parts - along with a sexy V8 commercial parody - are still there.

If you want to watch my FunnyOrDie stuff, you can go to

By the way, I saw an HBO promo last night, discussing the shows that had been renewed: FunnyOrDie Presents was not mentioned. Funny how that works.

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