Sunday, May 2, 2010

FunnyOrDie & YouTube SUCK! A letter to Will Ferrell

by Aaron Mystery

After FunnyOrDie removed all my videos today, I sent a letter to Will Ferrell. It read as follows:

Hi, Will,

I wrote you a couple months ago because I was - quite frankly - feeling rather suicidal. The feelings stemmed from many things, partly a persecution complex, complicated by YouTube removing one of my videos at the wrong time.

Mostly, I'm just a failed musician trying to make a go of it with animation chiefly based in ribaldry but often misunderstood for something worse.

I was feeling a little better of late, when lo and behold, YouTube took off another video. No big deal: I decided to post some new stuff on FunnyOrDie & Veoh as an alternative.

I select videos that I think are appropriate for the site I'm using - apparently, despite the fact that a prosthetic penis could be severed on FunnyOrDie Presents, your web site doesn't allow cartoon boobs. I honestly didn't realize.

All this doesn't explain why ALL my videos have now been removed from FunnyOrDie. I could simply have been notified that the two videos that contained cartoon boobs violated your TOS & had been removed, but to delete all my videos seems below even YouTube, let alone FunnyOrDie.

Will, I need your help now more than I did when I was fantasizing about hanging myself with a bed sheet from my balcony. It's becoming impossible to express myself on the internet, with doors constantly being slammed in my face when I rely on such outlets to eat and pay rent.

Please, sir, could you pull some strings and have my videos restored? At least the one without the naked cartoon boobs?

I'm not afraid to betray how upset I am; I can never catch a break - and by break, I mean just being left alone to publish my silly little cartoons.

Thank you very much,


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