Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suckermouth vs. FunnyOrDie - The Cartoon

by Aaron Mystery & Ace the Zombie

When FunnyOrDie took all our vids down from its website, its staff probably thought that was the end of it. Looking at the lack of ingenuity on the HBO "show" FunnyOrDie Presents, it's no surprise that the FoD web crew didn't have the foresight to see they weren't just dealing with a suicidal animator, but a demon as well. Luckily, we have more of a sense of humor than Will Ferrell and his intellectually fascist company FunnyOrDie seems to these days. Ha.

The video below is cropped (no boobs or kitten on the ol' blog) and merely a Sneak Preview that reveals the first half of the joke/critique. I've been working on this cartoon around the clock for three days, and am currently rendering the next scene now. Have heart, the People will succeed. The Censors will fail. We believe in you. You don't need to believe in us, because we're not real. At least, he's not.

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