Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April Round-Up: Suckermouth Month-In-Review

by Ace the Zombie

This is the first round-up we've done in a few months, as things have been - well - rough lately. I got beheaded and sent back to Hell, while Aaron Mystery went cuckoo more times than a novelty clock. And although we're all back on track (I'm still down under), the conflict with "public" video sites remains. However, this blog entry isn't about politics or red tape: This is about cartoons from April! Let's take a look:

Ink Boob - Episode 4: "Breast Friends Forever" Part 2

Breast Expansion Tournament 1 & 2

Note: B.E. Quickie: "Star Sucker" was also released in April, but there is no free version available (i.e., Suckermouth members only).

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