Friday, May 14, 2010

Looking at new, upcoming Suckermouth cartoons

by Aaron Mystery

As Ink Boob Episode 6 nears completion, I'm going to focus on the two series that will end up getting a lot of love in May: Ink Boob & Breast Expansion Tournament.

Last week's Ink Boob episode "Breast Friends Forever 3" was a bit of an anomaly, one of those rare Suckermouth cartoons where - despite plenty of big, naked cartoon boobs - there is no Breast Expansion, per se. This is simply because the story was so much to take on that it had to be broken into two episodes. Hence the reason Ink Boob Episode 6 - Title TBD, went into production immediately. Episode 6 sick is nasty, raunchy, short on dialog, and heavy on the kind of transformation that you love.

By the time most read this post, the new episode will be published, and I will have moved on (or back) to the semifinals of the B.E. Tourney. With two matches down (no spoilers here), and two to go, expect these cartoons back to back. Will Harriett LeBeaux, the original wand wielder, defeat the parody-laden Harriett Potter? Will the tournament favorite Ace the Zombie dispatch Kink's pixie with ease?

Although the last two Ink Boob episodes were a labor of love, they each provided their separate challenges, so the B.E. Tournament should offer a lighter, simpler Breast Expansion experience for us all.

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