Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you understand what SUICIDAL THOUGHTS are?

Dear Mr. Ferrell,

Since you removed my original videos a month ago, I have had little other than suicidal thoughts. I was depressed when I first contacted you before any of this happened.

I thought if I made an animated parody/critique, I would feel better, empowered, and I almost did, until a different video site kicked off my channel right before I published it.

Now all I can do is think about suicide, because everywhere I turn, I'm not allowed to communicate and entertain, which destroys my fledgling indie animation site. It's just me, making the best cartoons I can, trying to buy food, clothes, healthcare, pay bills, & live solely from the money I make from animations.

Don't you have enough, money, fame & power that you don't have to push depressed comedians/animators into suicide land? When I close my eyes, I'm more likely to see a noose tied with a bed sheet than anything else.

It's inevitable that I will kill myself, Mr. Ferrell. Your kind - the human race - clearly doesn't want me. Before I go, I can assure you my animated manifesto will point out how your site's censorship - your outright rejection of me - led to my suicide. I will let the whole world know.

Available only for a limited time,


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