Saturday, July 16, 2011

The cartoons are flowing in July!

by Aaron Mystery

When I accepted my own (or Priscilla's) challenge to attempt "B.E. of the Day" again, I told myself I would keep trying no matter how late a cartoon may be. While I almost nailed five cartoons five days in a row, both the new Ink Boob preview & Priscilla's What's Breast for Women episode were late. (See, Priscilla, it ain't always so easy, is it?)

Still, how about a quick recap of my production output this month?

July 6. Every Day People: Priscilla Minx lays down the "B.E. of the Day" Challenge & expands her breasts tremendously.

July 7. Better with B.E., European Sunbathing: A different type of Quickie. A comparison between two scenes that are identical, other than the Breast Expansion. The theme here is topless sunbathing.

July 8. Breast Expansion Catapult: Grizlore & Wheeler butt in with their own top-heavy Breast Expansion stunt reminiscent of MTV's Jackass.

July 10. Diary of a Late Bloomer: A very unique vid, from its dancing, cartoony star, to a narrative that helps tell the story of this B.E. Quickie.

July 10. Priscilla's First Warning: Since "Diary..." was only four hours late, Priscilla lets Ace & I slide with a mere warning. Ironically, we continued to blow our schedule. (This video is only available in the Streaming Player on the Suckermouth Members Index.)

July 12. Ink Boob, Season 2, Episode 5, Preview #2: The second preview from the long-awaited thirteenth episode of Ink Boob. Officer Gustory unwittingly causes Age Progression when she wanders into a strange & mysterious world. (This Preview is a limited-time video, so if you're not a member now, you may miss it.)

July 16
. What's Breast for Women, Chest Cannons Edition: Priscilla Minx is back with a preview of an upcoming Suckermouth series. And she takes the time to expand some breasts as well.

Told you I was busy! I am on track to upload a great GTS/B.E. cartoon tomorrow that I hope will be quite awesome. See you then!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rebirth, Reuse, Recycle

by Aaron Mystery

While all good things must come to an end, not all endings are good. I find myself on a precipice, looking back over my shoulder at some recent hits & misses, deciding if I should jump into something else. Whether June 2011 at Suckermouth was a partial success or a complete failure is not for me to decide. But as June wrapped up, the month's offerings of cartoons made me wonder: Am I off-course?

It seems as if my strongest or most exuberant runs in creating cartoons come after projects I consider stinkers, from one aspect or another. The "B.E. of the Day" concept finally burst forth after the purposefully-named "Video Lame". So, after a month of mostly "2D" animation, I have to make a course-correction in regards to quality & quantity.

Enter "Every Day People", my latest cartoon: Priscilla Minx finds herself chastising B.E. artists Aaron Mystery (me) & Ace the Zombie on their lackluster output of late. Apparently, Minx is tired of Grizlore & Wheeler's hack-Anime.

What results is a challenge: For every day (starting tomorrow) that Mystery & Ace fail to make a cartoon, Minx will step in with a Breast Expansion vid of her own. The question is: Will Minx emasculate the guys by having to be the bearer of B.E., or will the twin towers of Suckermouth hold up their end after all?

One thing's for sure: July 2011 is going to be busy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fishing for pearls: Breast Expansion before the internet

by Aaron Mystery

After five years of writing, animating, editing, voicing, & publishing cartoons for, it's obvious Breast Expansion isn't new to me (possibly the biggest understatement of all time). But B.E. wasn't new to me back in 2006, either. So let's get in the wayback machine...

I've always been attracted to women (& boobs), even when I was as young as 5 or 6. Hot women, especially hot cartoons, turned me on in much the same way as they do now, taking into account the added hormones. Who else remembers the big, round naked boobs on the succubi in Walt Disney's Fantasia? I also remember - as a very young kid - a (Ralph Bakshi?) cartoon I watched in the middle of the night where a woman stripped her clothes off after she got drunk; the motion of her breasts bursting forth as she removed her bra had a Breast Expansion quality to it.

But I was more privileged to be exposed to Benny Hill, the British comedy legend imported to America via PBS, unedited with no commercials. As far as I know, it was this great man who technically invented "Breast Expansion" as an art (he also created She-Hulk, but Marvel Comics literally stole his parody). I found myself looking forward to any clip that included Breast Expansion (there actually weren't very many).

But the ultimate childhood Breast Expansion memory for me is from the Playboy Channel (yes, I would stay up at night & watch it). "Booby Chew" was just a stupid little skit that I believe was run between shows. This really unattractive '70s-looking women would chew this gum, & their breasts would inflate (modestly) beneath their shirt. It's really quite awful, but it had an amazing effect on me: I would never stop thinking about B.E. again.

However, B.E. was not easy to find before the internet age. What few clips there were couldn't simply be looked up on a second's notice, & creating your own B.E. meant writing stories or drawing pictures, not creating film clips or cartoons; as a young man, I had few places to look for my favorite thing. And when I did find a B.E. scene, it was often the exact opposite of what I wanted: i.e., the boob popping in Flesh Gordon 2 or that horrible scene in one of the Leprechaun movies.

Later on, Howard Stern offered what (was) a great B.E. clip in his film Private Parts, Mad TV did "Maliboobs", the lame spoof Mafia featured a B.E. scene that was suited for me at the time, & Dude, Where's My Car? stands as the only Hollywood film that is really just a long Breast Expansion story (think about it).

There were films & television shows I saw & didn't see among these, of course, but these stand out as great clips for the time. With the exception of Where's My Car, the others don't really hold up today (Mafia's competent, but it's a kid). I actually appreciated Where's My Car more with each passing year, which is surprising.

Modern cartoon Breast Expansion shout outs go to that great episode of American Dad; Lois's modest B.E. in a Family Guy episode; at least one Striperella cartoon; & one of my favorite new discoveries, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, the 2009 animated film that features lots of big, naked, round cartoon boobs, but even more importantly: Breast & Butt Expansion. If you haven't watched this Rob Zombie masterpiece, you need to treat yourself (oddly enough, it was a couple of giant-titted drawings on the back of a White Zombie album that confirmed I wasn't alone in the world as a lover of monstrous breast sizes).

Thanks to the internet, I could now name dozens of clips - from many countries - animated & live-action - that were released from before I was born through today. Most have a quality that makes them worth watching at least one more time, if for no other reason than to recapture that magical age in our life when searching for new Breast Expansion video was like fishing for pearls in the ocean.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Suckermouth announces "Breast Expansion of the Day"

by Aaron Mystery

While Friday, April 8, 2011 seemed like any other Friday (& largely was), something big happened. Or something small that shows something big that by the frequency of its occurrence is big. It's a tiny drop of nectar in space age packaging. It's... well...

It's new Breast Expansion every day from, the adult animation site that has re-written the book on B.E. animation and then some. Sometimes moving forward means moving backward, as "Breast Expansion of the Day" harkens back to a time when the site was young: Short, pointless B.E. cartoons showed up nearly every day (or it seems that way in retrospect).

So I asked myself this: What if I took my current abilities - now geared towards longer, dialog-driven B.E. cartoons - & reapplied them to one-shot vids of Breast Expansion growth? No set up; no dialog; no epilogue: Just a well-executed Breast Expansion cartoon, so short that it just seems to rush by (~10 seconds).

I will, of course, continue to create other cartoons besides "Breast Expansion of the Day," (my secondary focus being on Giantess fans, then on series like Ink Boob). I am also looking for an opening to do a second Choose-Your-Own-Transformation, as well as other forms of growth on a regular basis.

It's a lot for me to take on, but tomorrow's "Breast Expansion of the Day" is as good as done, so why don't treat yourself to the biggest little animation site in the world? It's like rewarding both of us for a job well done.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The edge of Breast Expansion: The Allure of the Suckermouth Mythos

by Molly Mystery

Molly is the star & co-writer of Suckermouth's most popular series "Ink Boob" & has recently received her own channel on, where all 12 of her naughty cartoons can be enjoyed around the clock. She is returning from some desperately needed time off to resume work on the second season of her show. Look for new episodes of "Ink Boob" in 2011.

While the boys around Suckemouth won't admit it, I will: Our cartoons push the boundaries of Breast Expansion. And I'm not talking about technique. I'm talking about taking the train from the punchline to Creepsville & back.

First off, the world is lucky to have so many brilliant people interested in Breast Expansion. Despite the fact that Suckermouth has created a vast majority of them, B.E. animations as a whole represent an art form that is by, of, & for the people. Without all of us, there would be few new B.E. clips (I think Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane is responsible for the last two on television), & the term Breast Expansion would only be used in regards to Japanese pills.

I came to Aaron (creator/owner) of Suckermouth because I knew he had something the others didn't. How many times can a sexy blonde walk around pointlessly in silence as her breasts expand to the standard torso-filling size before we're seeing the same cartoon over & over again?

Whatever that man has, it fuels him to constantly make the strangest and funniest Breast Expansion cartoons I've ever seen: I was in love. But I had news for Mr. Mystery: I had even darker ideas than he did.

While he'd flirted with certain concepts like Age Progression & The Devil, there didn't seem to be any point to it: Age Progression morphs are great & Satan is cool, but I insisted I could do one better, with his help.

Aaron assigned me the "Ink Heart" parody he wanted to do, & I basically re-tooled it completely. I wanted Breast Expansion right away, a lesbian scene early on, Age Progression is the classic long-term sense (ala Gasoline Alley), & a Devil that actually seemed like the real thing (aka Female).

I know I make Aaron nervous: I like what I do as much as he does. And as I had the satisfaction of knowing I was responsible for combining tentacle sex with the Devil (tail sex), I was helping Suckermouth push those boundaries in order to lift us up & fill us with stories we will never forget. So long as there's Breast Expansion, of course.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ink Boob channel debuts at

by Aaron Mystery

Today Ink Boob joined the ranks of B.E. Quickies, Transformation Fantasy Force, & Wand Day After Another as it graduated to its own channel at Begun in 2009, Ink Boob started as a simple film parody, but has - thanks mostly to its star and writer, Molly - risen to prominence as one of the best series on the site.

All 12 episodes are available on the channel, and a personal video message from Molly has been included at the beginning of the brand new streaming player. Viewers can effortlessly watch all of Seasons 1 and 2 without even clicking a button.

In addition to the new Ink Boob channel, the Animated Featurettes channel also received a major update, as all four I Am Tiger episodes and "Praxus Primo" can now be watched there. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to Ink Boob, which once called this channel home.

Suckermouth will continue to improve in strides over the next few weeks, and it should prove to be one helluva ride. Look forward to some pleasant and unexpected surprises.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Suckermouth Prices Go Up April 1st

by Aaron Mystery PRICES GO WAY UP APRIL 1 (tomorrow): $15 sign up becomes $25; $8 monthly rebill becomes $20; $55 Annual Membership goes up to $60; Telephone Billing goes from $20 to $30 for 3 months.

IF YOU SIGN UP TODAY, YOU LOCK IN LOW PRICES FOREVER, including a progressive loyalty discount that kicks in every 6 months for 2 years.

For five years, I have been dedicated to bringing you affordable & quality original Breast Expansion animation (& a little Giantess, etc.) - when I first started Suckermouth, it was $3 for the first week, then $4.95 a month afterwards. As my quality, output, & business sense has improved, I have intermittently raised prices, but hoped not to in this current economy.

However, as the situation dictates, I simply need to get paid more for my work, as I'm currently facing eviction & worse. A price increase is the only way to survive, & current recurring customers will not be affected. I have also kept the Annual Membership as low as possible to avoid burning those who have been loyal all these years.

New customer, old customer, potential customer: I thank you for your time & look forward to entertaining you for many years to come.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Positivity & New Vids: From Tiger to Choose-Your-Own-Transformation

by Aaron Mystery

Life ain't fair, folks, and I have a tendency to react in a way that makes things worse (while my CG counterpart is a hesitant wimp, I am definitely a hasty asshole). I know there are some Lovecraftian bats in my belfry, but I'm going to try to act like everything's cool even when it's not. And I apologize for being a complete ass 90% of the time.

I'm choosing to review a few recent vids, and I'll focus on two in particular. First, I Am Tiger Part 4, a cartoon I did not plan on making and am very, very proud of. This finale came about as part of a series I was (am) working on that featured pieces of various stories. Funny enough, I completed the first half of "Praxus Primo" before moving on to Tiger. A day into I Am Tiger Part 4, I realized it didn't make sense to shove it between the lamest half of Praxus and a cartoon I hadn't even started.

It had always bothered me that I hadn't finished the I Am Tiger series; it just seemed like its time had passed. But the script just came to me, allowing me not only to recap and then conclude the story, but to show what happened before Part 1 as well. Squeezing in two Breast Expansion clips while maintaining story continuity sounds like a Win to me. Looking back on the I Am Tiger series, I am very glad I did it, as it combined cultural parody with horror with B.E. in a way I honestly never thought possible. All four episodes are of course available to members.

Unfortunately, Tiger 4 was preceded and followed by slight production gaps (it was a lot to take on), though part of the reason for that was that I had to sit on the first half of "Praxus Primo". After Tiger, I started a new storyline that entailed a 30-hour render I did not see coming. Problem was, the final render looked like shit, and I decided to abandon that cartoon altogether.

Testing some of my "Choose-Your-Own-Transformation" ideas, I then had to rush out the B.E. Quickie "Cups." This simple animated short was followed by another basic B.E. Quickie, "B.E. Mover," a parody of the (now-gone) Disney ride People Mover. In a fun site gag, the viewer will note that "Cups" is part this ride.

When I decided to implement my "Choose-Your-Own-Transformation" concept, I knew I couldn't afford to start from scratch. So I picked up where I had left off with "Praxus Primo" and created a standard Breast Expansion cartoon from it. I was - and am still not - convinced that a scene with a woman who already has big tits, a ghost girl, and a poorly-acted hippy psychic was the best fodder for C-Y-O-T, but nevertheless, Suckermouth members now have access to versions that include "Weight Gain / Fat Growth" and "Giantess / GTS" in addition to B.E. (there is a fourth version, but it is a very weak Age Progression sequence, as only the ghost girl is affected).

If you go to my DailyMotion channel, you'll see I have published a Promo for I Am Tiger 4 in addition to a great montage: "55 Reasons to Join Suckermouth." I am currently working on a very bright and sunny Breast (B.E.) and Butt (B2E) Expansion cartoon for Suckermouth that I hope will develop into a "Choose-Your-Own-Transformation" project of its own.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 4 - 2010

by Aaron Mystery

(This final part to my Wikipedia series of articles will also serve as a 2010 Year-In-Review...)

The Modern Era: 2010-Current

2010 was an interesting year for Suckermouth, in that it had more ups and downs than almost any other.

First, the bad: B.E. Quickies were an endangered species. Giantess was seemingly abandoned. Cartoons dealt with suicide and feelings of apathy toward breast expansion. Six episodes of the Breast Expansion Tournament were successfully delivered in quick order, only for the year to end with no Championship. And to top it off, by the end of the year, production had plummeted to one cartoon a month.

And the good: The era of "just a morph" was clearly over. Stories became stronger and characters more refined. A new series, Ink Boob, rose to brilliance and made its star Molly a Suckermouth mainstay. Ace the Zombie settled into his own as the Lord of Suckermouth. And the breast expansion was better than ever.

As 2011 starts, the B.E. Quickie is back, Ink Boob continues, and the Breast Expansion Championship is scheduled for February 6 (Halftime during the Superbowl). January 2011 saw the publishing of nine original cartoons, proof that Suckermouth is indeed back in form.

2010 B.E. Quickies

In order of production, the 2010 B.E. Quickies were:
  • Double D's Drive-Thru - A fast food parody that hits the spot. Of note is that the drive-thru customer is the same woman in the same Viper as seen in GTS Quickie "Street Walker."
  • BElevator (or The Gift Lift) - In what was supposed to be part of a B.E. Quickies sub-series, this cartoon has a certain horror-movie quality to it, despite being fairly traditional breast expansion.
  • Star Sucker - Clearly a Star Wars farce, this cartoon and its sequel feature the drunken Lee Barhopper as a Luke Skywalker parody. Barhopper is the only character to transition from a start in Quickies to other Suckermouth series.
  • The Blow-Up Machine - The second of only two Building B.E. episodes, "The Blow-Up Machine" features a model that is quite muscular for Suckermouth. Mystery confirms this was not his first choice, but decided to embrace versatility as opposed to comfort.
  • B.E.8 Commercial Parody (nude and bra n' panties versions) - A dead-on parody of a V8 commercial. This would be the last time a Quickie had an alternate version.
  • B.E. Sting - A very simple, somewhat brief and modest B.E. Quickie in which a bee sting leads to breast expansion. Mystery confirms he cut the animation short due to a technical glitch, and that Quickies were plagued with such glitches throughout 2010.
  • Return of Barhopper - Lee Barhopper makes a return trip in this dialog-heavy Quickie, using his powers to undress and expand a potential assassin. The bartender from "Star Sucker" returns as a background character, in a rare example of continuity across Quickies.
Ink Boob

In what started off as a mere parody of the film Ink Heart, Ink Boob quickly evolved into the Suckermouth series of the year. In order of production, the 2010 Ink Boob cartoons are:

Season 1
  • Episode 0: Development - The series' main protagonist Molly is introduced, and is revealed to have a penchant for breast expansion and the ability to type stories and characters into reality.
  • Episode 1: Busting Out - Not only does Molly continue to expand her own breasts, but Princess Molly's as well.
  • Episode 2: Lez Get Real - The first Suckermouth lesbian cartoon since Big Brethren episode "Lick My Crack".
  • Episodes 3, 4, and 5: Breast Friends Forever - This trilogy within Ink Boob Season 1 follows three friends as they are tempted by a female Satan into asking for bigger boobs and better bodies.
  • Episode 6: The Aristocrats - An incredibly strange cartoon, this continuation of the previous episode lives up to its namesake. The Season 1 finale.
Season 2
  • Episode 00: Jack & Jill - We are introduced to a new cast of characters: Sisters Emily and Jessica, and Jessica's boyfriend Jack; the latter doesn't exactly last the episode. A horror-themed M2F cartoon, complete with a creepy witch that moves through walls.
  • Episode 1: Mom Butt - Molly returns as she expands the breasts of Jack's mom Mary merely by typing about it.
  • Episode 2: Sisterhood - Jessica is troubled by her attraction to Mary and her desire to see Emily's dramatic breast growth continue.
2010 Nightmare Hour and Breast Expansion Tournament cartoons

While all B.E. Tourney episodes are presented as part of The Nightmare Hour show, several of its matches are actually published under the banner of other series. For the sake of clarity, all such episodes have been listed here chronologically, regardless of series.
  • The Nightmare Hour featuring The Adventures of Kink (Superbowl Halftime Special) - Published on Super Sunday 2010, this special edition of The Nightmare Hour lampoons video game characters Link and Princess Zelda, among other things. It would be the Pixie Lemon Lime and Ace the Zombie - who both appear - that would go on to meet in the B.E. Tourney months later.
  • Assisted Suicide - Referencing Aaron Mystery's own depressed mood at the time, this cartoon challenged viewers as Ace contemplates suicide over the possibility of never ending B.E. cartoons. Meanwhile, Kink is revealed to actually be female. Ace helps her to become more effeminate, though when the demon protests that Kink's breasts are not big enough, the elf beheads him. It is then implied that she burns Ace's head in a furnace.
  • Ace TV - The first half of this cartoon reveals Ace the Zombie to be back in Hell, reinvented as a parody of Fox News host Glenn Beck. The second half lampoons the Letterman-Leno-Oprah 2010 Superbowl Halftime commercial: Ace, Aaron Mystery, and Priscilla Minx argue back and forth until the latter expands her breasts dramatically. This is the first-ever portrayal of Mystery in animated form.
  • Funnier Dead - On Sunday, May 2, 2010, the celebrity-owned comedy site FunnyOrDie removed all its Suckermouth videos. This occurrence helped to drive Mystery deeper into a suicidal frenzy, as he had reached out to FunnyOrDie co-owner Will Ferrell just two months earlier in a state of desperation. This video features no breast expansion and is merely an animated - if clever - critique of and its HBO show FunnyOrDie Presents.
  • The Nightmare Hour: Breast Expansion Tournament 1 - Ace the Zombie organizes the Intergalactic Breast Expansion Tournament to prove he is the best B.E. artist in existence. In the opening match, Mystery again appears, this time to take on Al-Minus, an obvious parody of Aladdin. Al-Minus has no trouble dispatching with the typically-indecisive animator.
  • Transformation Fantasy Force - What's Breast for Women: Breast Expansion Tournament 2 - This time it is Priscilla Minx that falls to a newcomer in the form of Lee Barhopper, whose radical use of B.E. leaves conservative Priscilla in the dust. (This would be the only TFF episode of 2010.)
  • Wand Day After Another: Breast Expansion Tournament 3 - Wand comes out of hiatus so that the two Harrietts can face off once again. As opposed to their previous meeting, this time Harriett Potter comes out on top and thus moves on in the B.E. Tourney.
  • The Nightmare Hour: Breast Expansion Tournament 4 - Ace makes his first appearance as a participant in the B.E. Tourney, as he proves that Kink the Elf's Pixie Lemon Lime is no match for The Patron Saint of Breast Expansion.
  • The Nightmare Hour: Breast Expansion Tournament 5 - As the B.E. Tourney advances, newcomers Al-Minus and Lee Barhopper square off in a breast expansion contest that leaves the Aladdin knock-off with a hole in his chest. Barhopper advances into the B.E. Championship.
  • Wand Day After Another: Breast Expansion Tournament 6 - In what was to be the final Wand episode, Harriett Potter fails to defeat Ace the Zombie at his own game. She also ends up bigger-breasted for it.
  • How to (Mis)Treat Women - Aaron Mystery learns from Ace that he has no game when it comes to picking up the ladies. Ace delivers the breast expansion, while Mystery proves once again to be a complete loser.
Other 2010 cartoons
  • I Am Tiger Part 3 - As Tiger Woods fell out of the news, this Suckermouth mini-series seemed to reach its inevitable conclusion. Despite the fact the series ends on a cliff-hanger and claims "to be continued", Mystery now confirms we are to assume that Cleo eats William "Tiger" Smith, and that there will be no more I Am Tiger episodes (update: I Am Tiger Part 4 was indeed released in 2011, thereby concluding the series).
  • Alice in Suckerland - The Ride - In his only giantess-themed cartoon of the year, Mystery delivers a stunning several-minute first-person run-through of a mock Alice In Wonderland ride. Mystery confirms this project as a labor of love, and that he always intended to do more giantess in 2010 (though Alice remains the last Suckermouth GTS cartoon to date).

Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 3 -2009

by Aaron Mystery

(The Wikipedia series of articles continues...)

2009 Quickies

In order of publication, the 2009 B.E. Quickies were:
  • Harriett Potter Non-Canon B.E. - An inauspicious start for 2009 Quickies, this vid follows the pattern of cartoons based on little more than distilling a longer Suckermouth story down to a simple Quickie.
  • Drinking Bosom Buddies - This cartoon was much more indicative of the quality of B.E. Quickies that was to follow. The rendering style is rich and the animation more ambitious, featuring three transformations, including M2F.
  • Growing Nowhere Fast - The title is a pun referencing the apparent lack of progress displayed by this rather boring Quickie.
  • Punky Boobster - Aaron Mystery described this cartoon as a "culmination of years of frustration and (unfocused) planning. To dislike Soleil Moon Frye because she chopped her breasts off is my right, but having it torture me for so many years was unacceptable. This animation is Breast Expansion Parody as revenge if you will. It was well done, extremely well-received, and set the bar for Quickies in 2009."
  • Heavy Lifting - The first lesbian Quickie of 2009, Mystery writes, "The video was hampered by an uneven application of various half-formed ideas. I remember having my share of technical issues on this one as well, which surely impacted the result. The lesbian scene at the end is fairly solid but cheapened by all the junk at the beginning."
  • Let's Make a Bimbo
  • B.E.clipse - Featuring Ace the Zombie's return to the B.E. Quickie format, down to his sci-fi schtick and aggressive tactics.
  • B.E.clipse (nude version)
  • Arsesome Boobage
  • Obsessive - A commercial parody lampooning Progressive Insurance's Flo, another case of what Mystery would call "Breast Expansion Parody as revenge".
  • BEach Ball
  • Vegas - In Mystery's own words, this cartoon "altered Suckermouth animations forever. For the first time, a woman was speaking in a Suckermouth cartoon, and it wasn't me doing the voices! A sexy British voice and equally attractive model captivated fans and proved that I was not willing to sit still in 2009. The introduction of real female voices opened up hundreds of possibilities that I did not feel were there before."
  • MTF 2009 - A very rare case of a Suckermouth cartoon being faithfully updated: It is a remake of the cartoon that garnered 250,000 views on YouTube. Though two versions of "MTF 2009" exist, only the nude version is currently available.
  • B.E. Hive 2 - A sequel to the 2008 Quickie. This one takes place in the mall and once again uses tentacles in combination with breast expansion.
  • Zap! - Adapted from the series Transformation Fantasy Force. Done in a deliberate comic book style, complete with word balloons.
  • Ice Cream Barbara
  • December-May
  • Mall Cougar (clothed)
  • Mall Cougar (nude)
  • AceScapes - In his blog, Mystery states that this cartoon "played on the popular hunter-becomes-the-hunted theme, but suffered from misdirection and lack of finesse; it also feels unfinished in some ways." Interestingly, Ace the Zombie is dressed in the same outfit he is seen in at the end of Bastard Piece Theater episode "Who Do the Voodoo Doll."
  • The Chair - This is the first vid to have that glossy quality that would define the new generation of Quickies. "The Chair" (which has a remarkably-unique Giantess counterpart), features a dynamic scene, ripping clothes, and a compelling soundtrack.
  • G.I. Grow 1 - A parody of the G.I. Joe movie, this Quickie continues to show that Mystery and his art was again evolving. There is nothing lazy about this effort: It features mechanized contraptions, a gun that fires B.E. pills, and a rare underwater scene. The Brunette and The Redhead are faithful parodies of Joe characters The Baroness and Scarlett.
  • G.I. Grow 2 - A continuation of the previous cartoon, this sequel did not disappoint: The Chair makes a reappearance, as does the ripping clothes effect.
  • Breast Expansion Strip Tease 4 - A remarkably good strip tease Quickie, Mystery remarked that this was an unofficial part of the G.I. Grow series (he affirmed that the dancer is named "Uncover Me Girl," a reference to the G.I. Joe character Cover Girl).
  • G.I. Grow 3 - The final G.I. Joe parody. Instead of tapping the recent film for material, it features a stripping, growing Lady J-Cups, a nod to G.I. Joe's Lady Jaye, who did not appear in the motion picture.
  • Glad to be Back - Due to a disastrous computer breakdown, Suckermouth production ceased for two months near the end of 2009. When Mystery came back online with a different system, he feared he had lost production capacity. This terrible and sophomoric Quickie reflects that caution, an admittedly rushed effort done simply to publish a new cartoon after such a long break.
  • Big Elfin' Deal - Although slightly better than "Glad to be Back", another underwhelming vid that appears to belong in 2008 more than December 2009.
  • Nerd No More
  • Changing Room - Feeling the previous three B.E. Quickies had been notoriously weak, Mystery strove to create something more reminiscent of his best stuff. "Although I don't consider it up to the standard of... G.I. Grow or 'Strip Tease 4' ," Mystery states, "It does point us in the right direction going into 2010."
2009 Giantess

In every way, 2009 was The Year of Giantess for Suckermouth, as Mystery worked diligently courting fans of this genre throughout. As early as January, "Wand Day After Another" tapped this "fetish," but it wasn't until April 2009 that GTS was treated as its own category, and would eventually receive its own channel. However, by the end of 2009, it appeared that Mystery had moved on, leaving his new GTS fans dangling in the wind.

In order of production, the 2009 GTS cartoons are:
  • GTS Quickie #1 (Atomic series) (clothed and nude versions) - Used live action footage in addition to 3D animation. Very well received by the public.
  • GTS Quickie #2 (Atomic series) (clothed and nude versions)
  • GTS Quickie #3 (Atomic series) (clothed and nude versions) - According to Mystery: "Although the first two GTS Quickies were pitch-perfect, 'GTS Quickie #3' (both the nude and clothed versions) seemed to slip a little. Honestly, I think it's a combination of the wrong soundtrack and animation that comes up a tad short (luckily, it has insanely large breast expansion). This vid was not well-received."
  • GTS Atomic Featurette - Hailed by Mystery, this video, "culled together from... Atomic GTS Quickies was an enormous success, and will stand the test of time as one of the great Suckermouth cartoons." It features footage not in its Quickies counterparts. Currently the most popular video on Suckermouth's current YouTube channel SuckermouthLives.
  • The Giantess Chair - A very strong outing, this GTS Quickie was to kick off a new series. It has a unique B.E. counterpart.
  • Street Walker - A continuation of the previous GTS Quickie, this equally-strong animation was to be followed by its own sequel, but, according to Mystery: "A third Quickie in this series was attempted, but never came to fruition."
  • Big Around Town - The first GTS cartoon created after "The Great Darkness" (Mystery's term for the two-month production outage of 2009). He reports that this GTS Quickie and the one to come after it are "definitely in the vein of the simpler (B.E.) Quickies, however... despite the new technique and decent scenery, both fall short of what was achieved earlier in the year with the Atomic and Street Walker series."
  • Giant Mall - Despite promises to the contrary in his blog, this was to be the last Suckermouth Giantess cartoon of 2009. Suckermouth did not feature one GTS morph in 2010, though "Alice In Suckerland: The Ride" was conceived as a Giantess project.
Other 2009 cartoons
  • Wand Day After Another "A Cold Day In Hellen" - Aaron Mystery explained in his blog that this cartoon "was a fantastic and drastic change from the previous two [Wand] episodes, chucking the flat 'Adult Swim' style animation for the vivid 3D experience that better suits Breast Expansion. This episode had everything, from Giantess to pygmy growth/shrinking, breast expansion, Ace the Zombie, and two magic wands! Oh, and the whole thing takes place in Hell! Also of note is that this was the last Alpha Omega storyline crossover to date."
  • Big Brethren "Twittersode" - Featuring only Mr. Romance-Oh and Wheeler Red (both naked, though thankfully obscured), the negative reaction to this un-sexy vid created a rift between Mystery and the YouTube B.E. community that has arguably never healed. Mystery wrote in his blog at the time, "A gimmick and a niche is one thing: But single-minded tunnel-vision to the detriment of all other possibilities will never lead to long-term prosperity and growth in an artist. Suckermouth is a brand of breast expansion cartoons, I get that, but it is mine. And when I'm free to experiment, I'm ultimately able to come back and make better B.E. vids. What, am I supposed to still be doing a bunch of one second morphs? Give me a break!"
  • Big Brethren "Lick My Crack: A Lesbian Experience" - Created to be the exact antithesis of the previous Big Brethren episode (yet still refraining from breast expansion), "Lick My Crack" was a stunning and beautiful departure for a series that had always suffered from lack of aesthetics.
  • The Nightmare Hour "Kate Moss Skit" - Described by Mystery as "a bit of a dud... subsequent attempts to make more segments of this mock late night show have gone nowhere." However, 2010 would indeed give The Nightmare Hour a second wind.
Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies

While Mystery had high hopes for this series, it is generally regarded as a failure. Episodes are not sequential, as the epilogue ("Growing Ratings") was published as the second cartoon. It is unclear as to whether this series of Featurettes will be revived.
  • The B.E.ginning - The only Suckermouth cartoon that takes place in the past (though the date is uncertain). It features Ace the Zombie, who transforms ugly, bald vampires into beautiful women (Bimbo Vampires). Ace is accompanied by a woman named Jezebel, who otherwise remains a mystery in her solitary appearance. Also, Ace requires a device called The Rod to transform the vampires, and interesting connection to 2007's Green on Silver Saga, in which he hunts down that very object.
  • Growing Ratings - A parody of the transformation scene at the end of the film "The Howling", only with a Bimbo Vampire in place of a werewolf. Referred to as the epilogue of the story.
  • Ambush - Adventurous in its own right, "Ambush" pits an attractive Zombie Hunter against the undead. While she dispatches the two zombies easy enough, a Bimbo Vampire bites our protagonist and transforms her accordingly. This is the first Suckermouth cartoon to show a gun actively being fired.
  • Chamber of the Zombies - The episode that likely killed the series. It contains no breast expansion or Bimbo Vampires. However, with three guest voices in addition to Mystery's own, this cartoon has more voice over actors than any other Suckermouth cartoon.
Transformation Fantasy Force

This series was to be an enormous part of Suckermouth in 2009, comprising of a main series and two sub-series.
  • What's Breast for Women Parts 1 and 2 - Introducing the feminist and breast-expansion capable Priscilla Minx, this series mocks charges of sexism against Suckermouth and breast expansion as a genre. What's Breast for Women is treated as a sub-series of TFF.
  • What's Breast for Women Parts 3 and 4 -Similar to the previous two episodes, just with a different subject for Priscilla to "coach".
  • What's Breast for Women Parts 5 and 6 (Stripper Edition) - Takes place in a gentleman's club, as opposed to the traditional WBFW set. Of note is that Part 5 was the last cartoon produced before "The Great Darkness," a two-month period of complete inactivity due to a computer crash.
  • TFF Origins: "The Shrink Must Die" - A giantess cartoon through-and-through, this is part of the Origins sub-series. A very rare case where a character dies in a Suckermouth cartoon, as The Shrink is squashed under the Giantess' butt.
  • The Gladiator - The first episode in the main Transformation Fantasy Force series, "The Gladiator" pits Priscilla Minx against mutant thugs and The Giantess. Gun play and murder make this a unique Suckermouth cartoon, and indicated TFF was to be different than any other series.
  • Thar Be Monsters Part 1 - Also part of the main TFF series; in this episode, Priscilla Minx is captured and held prisoner by H.P. Lovecraft's famous character Cthulhu. It is not clear how Priscilla escapes, though we assume she does, as she appears in many cartoons afterwards. It is possible the chronology of TFF is not in line with the rest of the Suckermouth universe.
  • TFF Origins: Jen-Der Ben-Der - Introduces the M2F member of the team, Jen-Der Ben-Der. Includes an appearance by the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The inclusion of a Greek god in this episode - and Cthulhu in the previous - indicate TFF deals with a wider spiritual scope than the traditional Hell mythology that permeates many Suckermouth cartoons.
  • Thar Be Monsters Part 2 - Here, we see Ace the Zombie choking out Malateki from "Thar Be Monsters" Part 1. It is the first time Ace is revealed to have killed anyone since the vid comic "The Government Strikes Back" published many years earlier. While it contradicts Ace's supposed and current lack of blood lust, we are to assume Malateki's invocation of a god (in this case, Cthulhu) was enough to rile Ace to murder. It can also be speculated that it is his concern for Minx. A third possibility is that Malateki was not actually killed.
Other 2009 Ace the Zombie cartoons
  • Juicy N' Tasty (Ace Has Talent) - This Featurette is a musical parody of the hype surrounding Susan Boyle. Here, Ace again dresses in drag and serenades three mall fast food workers until they age into huge-breasted bimbos.
  • BErater - Yet another example of Aaron Mystery's "breast expansion as parody," this Featurette retaliates against a Twitter-user that did not appreciate Suckermouth cartoons or tweets about them. A very successful cartoon, and among Mystery's favorites.
I Am Tiger

Lampooning the troubles professional golfer Tiger Woods encountered in 2009, the I Am Tiger series conflates the drama with the remake of the film I Am Legend. On a humorous note, Tiger Woods used the alias William Smith, while Will Smith starred in I Am Legend.
  • I Am Tiger Part 1 - The longest of the three I Am Tiger episodes (Part 3 would follow in 2010), this cartoon reveals how the cure for breast cancer has led to a disease that turns women in man-eating bimbos.
  • I Am Tiger Part 2 - William "Tiger" Smith continues to discover the perils of living in a world with little else other than man-devouring - albeit, beautiful - she-beasts.

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Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 2 - 2008

by Aaron Mystery

(Today's portion of the Wikipedia article will finally get to some good material.)

Developing Talent: 2008-2009

2008-2009 resulted in a much-refined Suckermouth experience, from web site improvements like the addition of streaming players and channels to Mystery finally settling into his rhythm as a creator of parody and comedy. Though some cartoons are more advanced than others, the steady improvement in animation quality during this period can be observed quite easily, particularly in the establishment of ongoing series with recurring characters.

It is important to note that the beginning of 2008 does suffer from a certain anemia when it comes to adventurous B.E. Quickies. Alternate versions - at times, to a ridiculous degree - emphasize the lack of original Quickies as 2008 emerged.

2008 Quickies

In order of publication, B.E. Quickies for 2008 were:
  • Helium Warrior vs. Ace the Zombie - Despite its obvious clumsiness, this cartoon previews many future Suckermouth concepts, including a more menacing Ace and conflict between characters.
  • B.E. Quickie Cartoons - A one-shot experiment of 2D breast expansion cartoons. The concept was revisited for the series Wand Day After Another and Bastard Piece Theater, but never for morphs again.
  • College Girl Grown Wild 3
  • Toy Grows Story
  • Toy Grows Story (Giantess)
  • T-Shirt & Panties
  • Without T-Shirt & Panties
  • Specimen 69 - In terms of atmospherics and rendering quality, this cartoon offered a lot more promise than 2008's previous Quickies.
  • Butterfly (clothed) - Based on the BPT mini-series The Amber Purple Quintology.
  • Butterfly (nude)
  • Quickie 02-08-08a (clothed)
  • Quickie 02-08-08b (bra n' panties)
  • Quickie 02-08-08c (nude)
  • Quickie 02-10-08 (based on the Bastard Piece Theater Episode "Twins")
  • Quickie 03-08-08 - This lazy, uninteresting effort received harsh push-back from fans, and Mystery acknowledges the resulting negative reaction served as a wake-up call to return to inspired B.E. Quickies. However, the effects were not immediately apparent, as Quickies would continue to underwhelm until very late in the year. As a matter of fact, this clip was used later during The Nightmare Hour episode "Beach Boobies."
  • Quickie 03-08-09 (clothed version of previous Quickie)
  • Quickie 03-15-08
  • Quickie 03-16-08
  • Quickie 03-21-08 - One of five variations, all of which were well received (despite the ridiculousness of having six versions of one short cartoon).
  • Quickie 03-22-08 - Bra n' jeans version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 03-23-08 - Bra n' panties version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 03-23-08 Strip or "Rip n' Strip" - Alternate version of previous Quickie in which the model starts fully clothed, but has her clothes rip off as her breasts and butt expand.
  • Quickie 03-23-08 Nude - Completely nude version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 03-25-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 03-25-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 03-28-08 - Non-canon breast expansion featuring Bastard Piece Theater stars Sami and Jada.
  • Quickie 04-07-08 (nude) - The 04-07 pair of Quickies were also from Bastard Piece Theater.
  • Quickie 04-07-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 04-08-08 - Yet another BPT Quickie.
  • Quickie 04-14-08
  • Quickie 04-17-08 - Clothed version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 04-20-08 or "Corporate Office Party 1989" - Possibly in the spirit of its date of publication, this Quickie makes a half-hearted attempt at humor, referencing the non-existent activist group, "Bimbos of America".
  • Quickie 04-25-08
  • Quickie 04-26-08 - Clothed version of previous Quickie; later incorporated into the full version of Wand Day After Another Season 1.
  • Quickie 05-02-08
  • Quickie 05-03-08
  • Quickie 05-04-08 - Clothed version of previous Quickie; another clip taken from Bastard Piece Theater.
  • Quickie 05-13-08
  • Rabbit Stew
  • Quickie 05-26-08 - Adapted from a different the vid comic series Scrubbed.
  • Quickie 06-08-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-08-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 06-16-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-16-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 06-22-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-22-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 06-28-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-28-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice" (clothed B.E.)
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice" (nude B.E.)
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice" (clothed belly-inflation) - Along with its nude counterpart, the only real example of a Suckermouth belly inflation cartoon; though - as noted above - it has pure B.E. versions.
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice"(nude belly inflation)
  • Quickie 07-04-08 - Features the voice of Ace the Zombie, though he is never seen.
  • Quickie 07-09-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 07-09-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 07-12-08 or "Ace the Zombie Strikes Again!" (nude) - Despite being mentioned in the onscreen text at the beginning of the cartoon, Ace the Zombie never actually makes an appearance, not even as a disembodied voice. Despite this, the vid is slightly more ambitious than the average 2008 Quickie, featuring a more developed aesthetic in regards to both character and scenery. Notably, it is one of the only Suckermouth cartoons to feature a gun (though we never see it used), an item Aaron Mystery has made clear rarely has a place in his imaginary world.
  • Quickie 07-12-08 or "Ace the Zombie Strikes Again!" (clothed)
  • Quickie 07-14-08
  • Quickie 07-17-08
  • Quickie 07-20-08
  • Quickie 07-26-08
  • Quickie 08-06-08
  • Quickie 08-30-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 08-30-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 09-11-08
  • Filmstrip - Finally evidence emerged that Aaron Mystery was ready to take the B.E. Quickie in a more ambitious direction. Besides being a competent strip tease-breast expansion morph combination, it also permanently established legitimate titles for B.E. Quickies, which up until this point were usually simply named by date of publication (though off-the-cuff titles were often thought up for video sites like YouTube and DailyMotion).
  • Tightie Nightie (clothed)
  • Tightie Nightie (nude)
  • Popcorn
  • Secret Window - Featuring a rare onscreen appearance of Ace the Zombie in a B.E. Quickie.
  • Boobwatch - Adapted from an Interactive Video.
  • Mountains of Youth - Adapted from an Interactive Video.
  • Stripped Away - A very strong strip tease-B.E. combo. A censored version of this cartoon resulted in YouTube's deletion of Suckermouth's original and most popular channel (
  • Strip Off!
  • Return of the Shulk - Here, Mystery tried to capitalize on the popularity of previous super hero parodies. Upon very poor reception, the nude version was abandoned completely and never fully entered production.
  • Fill 'Er Up - Another great little cartoon that was banned by YouTube and therefore contributed to the deletion of
  • B.E. Hive - A very ambitious horror/sci-fi/anime style work featuring tentacles. This cartoon would inspire a sequel the following year.
  • B.E.chanical Bull - The only Suckermouth cartoon to feature simulated hair physics. Its location is the same tavern seen in "Fill 'Er Up".
  • Water Balloons
  • Fat Chance
  • LesBEians - An early and somewhat successful attempt at a lesbian cartoon by Suckermouth. Subsequent similarly-themed cartoons include "Heavy Lifting", Big Brethren "Lick My Crack (A Lesbian Experience)", and Ink Boob "Lez Get Real".
Other 2008 Series

For the first time, cartoons other than B.E. Quickies were emphasized at Suckermouth. Of particular note is Bastard Piece Theater, a series based on the huge success of "Big Ass Toons".

2008 Bastard Piece Theater episodes
  • Return of Ace the Zombie - Also a pan and scan, this animation is done in a more realistic style than "Big Ass Toons", and is the first cartoon in which Ace the Zombie has red eyes (his eyes change color with each reincarnation, and had been yellow up to this point). This story briefly stood alone as an illustrated story on Suckermouth before being given the BPT treatment.
  • Twins (published 2-29-08) - Another more realistic pan-and-scan, this one parodies the Olsen Twins Mary Kate and Ashley.
  • The Amber Purple Quintology (published in five parts during January and February, 2008) - A mini-series inspired by dreams. The animation style evolves throughout the series, starting as pan-and-scan before moving to 2D lip syncing and finally ending up as a full 3D animation. Of note is that the the "maid" seems to have two different names, an oversight the finale attempts to correct, albeit clumsily. Ace appears in drag for the first time, a gag reused for the Featurette "Tasty N' Juicy (Ace Has Talent)".
  • Big Ass Toons: The Series (published in five parts starting March 2008) - Technically a trilogy, this was a full-blown attempt to recapture the popularity of the original "Big Ass Toons." Slightly more elaborate than the original Sami and Jada vid, this series did not perform particularly well, certainly in light of the popularity of "Big Ass Toons".
  • Hell Circa 2008 - Marking the beginning of's self-referential phase (which has arguably yet to end), this cartoon refers to Ace the Zombie as "Head of Programming" and Satan as "The Boss," the first explicit implication that Suckermouth is a channel in Hell. Ace, Harriett LeBeaux, Devil Baby, and Mr. Romance-Oh are joined together as "Team Alpha", while other (doppleganger) characters are invented as members of "Team Omega."
  • A Dick in Art Class - A hugely popular vid (its original YouTube upload surpassed 75,000 views), this cartoon serves as an anti-homophobic romp that is the first ever depiction of a penis in a Suckermouth cartoon (though not unscathed). Features Ace the Zombie and Mr. Romance-Oh, and continues the "Alpha Omega" storyline from the previous BPT episode. This cartoon marks a bold and important turning point for Mystery's sense of comedy and storytelling, showing a willingness to go against the grain to tell a joke or make a point.
  • Who Do the Voodoo Doll - Intended as a two-parter, this episode is a parody of MSNBC's popular program "To Catch a Predator." It does not feature any breast expansion, though the appearance of Ace the Zombie at the end of the episode - and a published clip from the unfinished sequel - indicate it was to be a B.E. tale in the end. Instead, this is the last Bastard Piece Theater episode created, as the channel has been relegated to the "mothballed" section on's Members Index. At this point, it appears the story will never be finished.
Wand Day After Another

Created as a mock animated B.E. blog, Wand Day After Another utilized the same 2D format from Bastard Piece Theater, only with lip syncing and character voices from the start. While the series was well-received, Harriett LeBeaux's "unique" voice was the subject of constant criticism; this fact would be mocked repeatedly when the character appears later.
  • Season 1 - A four-part storyline following the development of Harriett LeBeaux from a nerdy nobody to a voluptuous vixen. The vid of the full season offers a clip not found in the individual episodes.
  • Season 2 - Taking place in an "alternate universe", Harriett Potter is introduced as the owner of the Wand of Breast Expansion. These first two cartoons maintain the 2D style, but would be the last such Wand episodes.
So while B.E. Quickies more or less maintained their course in 2008, series such as Bastard Piece Theater and Wand Day After Another offered glimpses of a Suckermouth that was attempting to be more humorous than erotic, even if it meant poking fun at itself.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 1

by Aaron Mystery

In my arrogance, I find myself surprised that there is no article on Wikipedia. I always thought of writing my own, but found it unethical. However, when my son mentioned that many Wikipedia articles are just copied from licensed & official source material, I decided it was okay for me to write this blog, & leave it to a dedicated fan to copy & paste to Wikipedia one day. This is Part 1, & runs through 2007, more or less: is an original animation website that parodies and lampoons the breast expansion fetish that has exploded with the rise of the internet. The site was founded in 2006 by Aaron Mystery, under the banner of Pompous Nectar Productions (which also includes music acts Brethren and the Evil Empire & Grizlore).

In November 2006, became a subscription-based site, offering mostly B.E. Quickies - a term coined by Mystery to describe his short animations that were little more than breast expansion morphs.

Early success

Prior to the launch of Suckermouth, and in the early days of YouTube (2006), Aaron Mystery created animations chiefly to promote the band Brethren and the Evil Empire. Other videos featured characters drawn from band artwork or videos, even if they weren't promotional in intent. Early characters that garnered views of 100,000+ were Mr. Romance-Oh and Devil Baby. Ace the Zombie was also among these earliest characters (and first appeared in graphic form on the cover of the BATEE album The Too Much Fun Club Rides Again).

However, it was when Mystery uploaded his cleanest material from the Breast Expansion Archive that his YouTube success became enormous - and perilous. The original Suckermouth YouTube channel ( actually made it into the Top 40 of all YouTube channels. Mystery took this success for what it was and created the basic framework for the current A pay site offering original animation on a regular basis that was often too mature for YouTube. The total video views for this original YouTube channel would approach 7 million before it was disabled due to an edit of the "Stripped Away" cartoon.


Formative Years: 2005-2007

Aaron Mystery's earliest B.E. cartoons go back to as early as 2005, though cartoons from that year would have been very crude, even for Suckermouth. With few exceptions, these vids are comprised of little more than one animated render of breast (and sometimes butt) expansion morphs.

It is unclear as to which B.E. Quickie was the first B.E. cartoon created specifically for Suckermouth, but a Mr. Romance-Oh vid was the first animation produced specifically for the site; this cartoon predates Suckermouth's subscription-based model.

Suckermouth is a site that does not remove material based on age. It functions as a living archive, and Mystery considers even the most clumsy and early work to be at least of historical value. Because of this, most of these very old vids can still be found on Suckermouth. In no particular order (other than year of production), they are:

  • Acid Trip
  • Urban Cowgirl
  • American Girl
  • Blue Skirt
  • Magic Bandana
  • Darkness
  • Upskirt
  • Muscles
  • Slumber Party Bimbofication
  • Elf Woman Nude Workout
  • Nude Spinster
  • Montage: Oldies but Goodies
  • Nip Slip
  • Cat Girl Expands
  • Oldies but Goodies - Montage of very old Mystery cartoons, some of which may be very close to a 2004 origin.
  • Knife Girl
  • Flat to Fat to Stacked
  • Orgasmic Breast Expansion
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cartwheel B.E. (possibly the first B.E. cartoon created specifically for Suckermouth)
  • Remote Control B.E.
(The following early vids - while not available as downloads - predate and were restored to the site via Streaming Player relatively recently. They are: "Blueberry Girl", "Inflate-a-Model", "Inflate-a-Gal", "Bouncy Bouncy Red Tee", "M2F Soccer (clothed version)", "M2F Remote Control", "Tit Queen" (from House on Tether Lane story), "Black Lingerie", "Shifting Weight (Fat to B.E.)", "Grow at the Moon", "Blue Blouse & Jeans", "Pinkie", "Big White Bra (Chunky Chick)", "Black Beauty Revisited", and "Bookstore Gal (originally a Free Tour video)."

  • Magic Bra & Panties 2007
  • House on Tether Lane (Gusher)
  • House on Tether Lane (Kathy)
  • One Man's Skunk is Another Man's Pleasure
  • Universal Remote
  • Hips Don't Lie
  • Bikini Breast Expansion
  • Remote Fulfillment
Some of the following 2007 vids do not have proper names & instead have a date for a title, but when possible, a title is provided based on YouTube uploads, etc.
  • Quickie 04-27-07 or "Trikini Breast Expansion (nude version)" [for lack of a better title] - The clothed version of this vid is noteworthy for being the 1st Suckermouth vid to break 100,000 video views.
  • Quickie 04-12-07
  • 2007 Montage #1
  • Quickie 05-23-07
  • Quickie 07-12-07 or "Horror Titties"
  • The Shelk
  • The Shelk (nude version)
  • Stretch That Dress
  • Growing Up
  • From Behind [later used in the "Beach Boobies" video]
  • Whole Lot of Everything 2007
  • Quickie 08-30-07
  • Mommy To Be
  • Mommy To Be (nude version)
  • Nerd Gets Big
  • Quickie 09-16-07
  • Fat Chick Plus
  • Nerd Chick
  • Quickie 10-20-07
  • Quickie 10-20-07 (nude version)
  • Elf Transforms (bad link, so technically vid is no longer available)
  • Quickie 11-11-07 (created for an Interactive video)
  • Wapow! (created for an Interactive video)
  • Werewolf-to-Human (nude)
  • Werewolf-to-Human (clothed)
  • Werewolf (nude furry B.E.)
  • Werewolf (clothed furry B.E.)
  • Toon Giantess
  • Quickie 12-01-07 (clothed)
  • Quickie 12-01-07 (nude) (created for an Interactive video)
  • Quickie 12-02-07
  • Quickie 12-07-07
  • Quickie 12-10-07 or "Mall Rat" - This cartoon represents a huge improvement in B.E. Quickies, with an elaborate transformation that involves morphs, a hair switch, and disappearing clothes. The camera pans are far more ambitious; the location more complete. The animation includes music and sound effects. And it is much longer than other Quickies created up until this point. "Mall Rat" would go on to inspire several sequel Quickies, and change Suckermouth animation forever.
  • Quickie 12-11-07 or "Soft & Subtle" - This animation incensed Suckermouth fans on YouTube for its very modest breast expansion morph.
  • Quickie 12-14-07 - Basically a "fix" of the "Soft & Subtle", with more substantial breast growth.
  • 2007 Montage #2
  • Quickie 12-20-07 or "B.E. 911" - According to Mystery, this cartoon was deliberately created in the vein of "Mall Rat", featuring another elaborate transformation. This cartoon - in censored form - was perhaps the first ever Suckermouth video banned by YouTube.
  • The Warden's Wife - First ever Suckermouth cartoon to cast shadows
  • Breast Expansion Strip Tease #1 - Another sequel-inspiring concept
  • Red Carpet Blow-Up
Other cartoons, 2005-2007

Although most Suckermouth cartoons from this period were B.E. Quickies, there were some notable exceptions along the way. In no particular order, they are:
  • Monique's Makeover (published 11-30-06) - Very crude and known to be Mystery's least favorite, this vid nonetheless features the first-ever reference to Ace the Zombie in a Suckermouth cartoon. This animation was banned by MySpace.
  • The Bad Scout (published 02-05-07) - Very ambitious for its time, this cartoon followed a mischievous breast-expanding Scout as he travels from planet to planet. Featuring great scenery and interesting transformations, this cartoon nonetheless suffers from some ironic production choices, including a bald, effeminate robot with a male voice. Ace the Zombie is mentioned as being destroyed, though he does not make an appearance.
  • Wayward Station #2 Vid Comic (published 12-12-06) - An animated sequel to a comic published on Suckermouth. In many ways, a Star Wars parody. Features a holographic Ace the Zombie, in line with the character's sci-fi leanings during this era.
  • BvE Episode I Trailer #1 - A mock movie trailer that is little more than pre-existing clips and images, though many exist nowhere else at this point. Revolves around Ace the Zombie as an antagonist.
  • BvE Episode I Trailer #2 - Another mock movie trailer, albeit a much more ambitious one. Also revolves around Ace the Zombie and features a cameo by Mr. Romance-Oh. A definite sci-fi theme is prevalent throughout.
  • Green on Silver Saga Part 1 (published 12-05-06) - An attempted departure for Suckermouth, this cartoon was to be the first in a 9-part series that heralded a new era of storytelling. Instead, the cartoon was notoriously poorly-received for featuring no breast expansion of any kind. Ironically, while Ace the Zombie uses his original voice in this video, the device he steals is able to speak and sounds more like Ace's eventual tenor. Though it may have been the wrong market, one can argue this series was ahead of its time compared to Mystery's other work during this era.
  • Green on Silver Saga Part 2 (published 12-22-06) - Labeled as a "work in progress" and thus never finished, Ace reveals the device he steals is capable of breast expansion, harking back to Suckermouth comics created under the BvE (Bimbos vs. Earth) banner and uploaded to BEArchive years earlier. However, the cartoon - like it's predecessor - contains no transformations or female characters at all.
  • Bastard Piece Theater "Big Ass Toons" - Called an "experiment" by Mystery, this cartoon was intended as a mock Reading Rainbow of sorts. Introducing toons Sami and Jada and - other than the intro - relying on nothing more than pan and scan still images with a male robotic voice over, the project was an enormous success, and the original YouTube upload went on to surpass 250,000 views. Several Bastard Piece Theater episodes would follow, but none would recapture the popularity of the original.
Non-animated work, 2005-2007

Aaron Mystery created dozens of still sequences, comics, and short stories during this formative period. Although there are relatively few created specifically for, much of Mystery's early work can still be found on the BEArchive. Some of it includes Ace the Zombie.


Mystery created at least 13 Interactive Breast Expansion vids for Suckermouth, but updates to the Flash software they were based on have rendered the games inaccessible to most users. As of 2011, there are no plans to resurrect this concept and the "Arcade" has been relegated to the "Mothballed" section of's Members Index.

FREE VID! & a chance to take stock

by Aaron Mystery

I set out on the 3rd of this month to create a cartoon a day. As I am only halfway through my ninth cartoon, I have clearly fallen short (unless I make one helluva lot of cartoons in the next couple days). However, I do not consider this a failure, as nine cartoons would be three times as many as I created for the entire last quarter of 2010.

And just because I didn't meet my goal this month doesn't mean I won't shoot for better in February. A cartoon every two days would be a huge move in the right direction.

I am currently working on a new Tales from an Alternate B.E. Universe called "Magic Box." If you liked "Magic Ring," you'll love this cartoon. If you did not, then you will likely hate it.

My next project involves this year's Superbowl Halftime Special, & I am proud to say it is the Breast Expansion Tournament Championship, featuring Ace the Zombie & Lee Barhopper in their first cartoon of the year.

Anyhow, how about a free vid? I have selected a Tales from an Alternate B.E. Universe episode, "To Catch a Cheater," because it has no nudity, & I don't think Suckermouth members will mind me giving the whole thing a free airing. Enjoy! and thank you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

More Tales & more Ink Boob: 2011 stays strong

by Aaron Mystery

As 2011 started, I had very ambitious goals. These goals were to be aimed for even when they seemed out of sight. Case in point: A cartoon a day. Have I achieved it? No. Am I still trying? Yes.

My last blog briefly recapped the three new Tales Quickies from earlier in the year. Since then, I have finished Ink Boob "Revelations" & two new Tales from an Alternate B.E. Universe - "Magic Ring" & "To Catch a Cheater." Since I should have created about six or seven cartoons in that time frame, let's find out what went "wrong."

First off, "Revelations" - which didn't even have B.E. - took three-and-a-half days, in part because I spent an entire day re-doing work. At sixteen lines of dialog, it just isn't possible to create a cartoon like this in a day, so - glitches aside - this was going to slip regardless. Glad it's finally done.

Uploaded at the same time was "Magic Ring," a Tales Quickie created with little trouble, though the post-production had me up into the wee hours of the morning. Still, "Magic Ring" was about as quick as I can turn around a cartoon (less than 16 hours).

"To Catch a Cheater" - admittedly a very simple cartoon - was actually a huge pain in the ass. Everything that could go wrong did, at every possible turn. This cartoon should have taken a day; it took two, plus a day redoing it after I published it (I of course then re-published it).

It's easy for me to see where I blew my schedule - each cartoon is to take a day to create, that's it. Yet Ink Boob "Revelations" & Tales... "To Catch a Cheater" each took three days of total production, including a day of re-dos. All I can do is take what I've learned here and try not to make any huge mistakes this week. (To be honest, rushing things has actually cost me time.)

So, what am I doing now? I'm working on a new Ink Boob episode that offers a little more payoff to my fans, while sticking to the story that I want to tell. I hope everyone enjoys it.

As far as lessons learned, well... I had to re-do a three-and-a-half hour animation right out of the gate yesterday, so I guess I'm still learning. Three-hundred cartoons in. Sheesh.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reflections on 2010, & what to expect from Suckermouth in 2011

by Aaron Mystery

If 2010 was the Year of the Story, I want 2011 to be the Year of The Quickie, a year of quantity, a rebirth of sorts.

Although some events are unforeseen (computer crash of 2009 or the depression of 2010), I have never been more passionate about this silly little web site. I am dedicated to achieving results that reawaken the sense of wonder and joy my cartoons once brought so many of us. I trust that together we will see something great arise from this year.

To start with, I've already served you a trio of new Quickies, in the form of Tales from an Alternate B.E. Universe. And although this 4th episode of Ink Boob Season 2 that I'm working on is wrecking my schedule just as I feared, I intend to get back on track with some very brief but capable Quickies early next week. Four or five Quickies to every story-based story is the ratio I'm going for this year.

To get back on point, this new Ink Boob episode is another transition story, with no B.E. to speak of (technically, Emily is slightly bustier than the last episode, as some time has transpired). My apologies if it does not deliver in the usual sense. It was my intention to rush through it in order to get on to the next Quickie, but I had to redo an entire day's work, for various reasons.

On the topic of Ink Boob, I promise that I am building a very compelling & rewarding story, though I realize the need to pick up the pace to get us there quicker. My second biggest regret about 2010 is that I did not just fill that empty time with more Ink Boob episodes, so as to move this great story forward at a reliable pace. Instead, it kind of languished in its own uncertainty of schedule.

Speaking of, my biggest regret in 2010 was not completing the B.E. Tourney Championship as planned. (For the record, I wouldn't have done "Mom Butt" or "Sisterhood" if I knew they were going to get in the way of the Tournament.) I had it all timed perfectly, but it did not work out as planned. Funny things, those plans: They let Reality get in the way.

Well, in 2011, I won't let Reality stop me. Saddle up. It's going to be one helluva ride.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Era of Complacency is over! Suckermouth reborn.

by Aaron Mystery

Friends: It has been a long time since I've blogged. Like many things, it is an activity, that - although once habit - has fallen by the wayside as I whined and opined the time away.

Suckermouth - as a website - has its ups and downs. Some months are busier than others, some cartoons stand out as particularly good or particularly bad, and I either nail it or I don't. But while I stand by the quality of the vids created during the second half of 2010, I regret the lack of quantity. Oh, how I used to pride myself on creating a cartoon (or two) a week!

I used to try to do something new every day, but while arguably impossible, also leads to cheap and seemingly lazy cartoons (which is the price for fast-food-animation). Over time, it became two cartoons a week, and as that slipped, I realized one cartoon a week was the perfect balance between quality and quantity.

But shit happens, and soon I didn't have time for even that, and so I changed the language on the Suckermouth Members Index to read, "New cartoons every month!" I thought that meant more than one cartoon each month, but apparently not, because that's all I got done for about the last six months. Complacency run rampant.

Several events and inspirational moments led me back here: To the point of attempting a cartoon-a-day. Complete madness. Especially since - as I type this - I'm worried about the current Ink Boob episode taking as long as three days to complete. But I'll keep trying: A cartoon a day, or as close as I can get.

I've already created three new B.E. Quickies in roughly as many days, all as part of my new sub-series, Tales from an Alternate B.E. Universe. Maybe I'll see you there.