Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FREE VID! & a chance to take stock

by Aaron Mystery

I set out on the 3rd of this month to create a cartoon a day. As I am only halfway through my ninth cartoon, I have clearly fallen short (unless I make one helluva lot of cartoons in the next couple days). However, I do not consider this a failure, as nine cartoons would be three times as many as I created for the entire last quarter of 2010.

And just because I didn't meet my goal this month doesn't mean I won't shoot for better in February. A cartoon every two days would be a huge move in the right direction.

I am currently working on a new Tales from an Alternate B.E. Universe called "Magic Box." If you liked "Magic Ring," you'll love this cartoon. If you did not, then you will likely hate it.

My next project involves this year's Superbowl Halftime Special, & I am proud to say it is the Breast Expansion Tournament Championship, featuring Ace the Zombie & Lee Barhopper in their first cartoon of the year.

Anyhow, how about a free vid? I have selected a Tales from an Alternate B.E. Universe episode, "To Catch a Cheater," because it has no nudity, & I don't think Suckermouth members will mind me giving the whole thing a free airing. Enjoy! and thank you!

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