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Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 3 -2009

by Aaron Mystery

(The Wikipedia series of articles continues...)

2009 Quickies

In order of publication, the 2009 B.E. Quickies were:
  • Harriett Potter Non-Canon B.E. - An inauspicious start for 2009 Quickies, this vid follows the pattern of cartoons based on little more than distilling a longer Suckermouth story down to a simple Quickie.
  • Drinking Bosom Buddies - This cartoon was much more indicative of the quality of B.E. Quickies that was to follow. The rendering style is rich and the animation more ambitious, featuring three transformations, including M2F.
  • Growing Nowhere Fast - The title is a pun referencing the apparent lack of progress displayed by this rather boring Quickie.
  • Punky Boobster - Aaron Mystery described this cartoon as a "culmination of years of frustration and (unfocused) planning. To dislike Soleil Moon Frye because she chopped her breasts off is my right, but having it torture me for so many years was unacceptable. This animation is Breast Expansion Parody as revenge if you will. It was well done, extremely well-received, and set the bar for Quickies in 2009."
  • Heavy Lifting - The first lesbian Quickie of 2009, Mystery writes, "The video was hampered by an uneven application of various half-formed ideas. I remember having my share of technical issues on this one as well, which surely impacted the result. The lesbian scene at the end is fairly solid but cheapened by all the junk at the beginning."
  • Let's Make a Bimbo
  • B.E.clipse - Featuring Ace the Zombie's return to the B.E. Quickie format, down to his sci-fi schtick and aggressive tactics.
  • B.E.clipse (nude version)
  • Arsesome Boobage
  • Obsessive - A commercial parody lampooning Progressive Insurance's Flo, another case of what Mystery would call "Breast Expansion Parody as revenge".
  • BEach Ball
  • Vegas - In Mystery's own words, this cartoon "altered Suckermouth animations forever. For the first time, a woman was speaking in a Suckermouth cartoon, and it wasn't me doing the voices! A sexy British voice and equally attractive model captivated fans and proved that I was not willing to sit still in 2009. The introduction of real female voices opened up hundreds of possibilities that I did not feel were there before."
  • MTF 2009 - A very rare case of a Suckermouth cartoon being faithfully updated: It is a remake of the cartoon that garnered 250,000 views on YouTube. Though two versions of "MTF 2009" exist, only the nude version is currently available.
  • B.E. Hive 2 - A sequel to the 2008 Quickie. This one takes place in the mall and once again uses tentacles in combination with breast expansion.
  • Zap! - Adapted from the series Transformation Fantasy Force. Done in a deliberate comic book style, complete with word balloons.
  • Ice Cream Barbara
  • December-May
  • Mall Cougar (clothed)
  • Mall Cougar (nude)
  • AceScapes - In his blog, Mystery states that this cartoon "played on the popular hunter-becomes-the-hunted theme, but suffered from misdirection and lack of finesse; it also feels unfinished in some ways." Interestingly, Ace the Zombie is dressed in the same outfit he is seen in at the end of Bastard Piece Theater episode "Who Do the Voodoo Doll."
  • The Chair - This is the first vid to have that glossy quality that would define the new generation of Quickies. "The Chair" (which has a remarkably-unique Giantess counterpart), features a dynamic scene, ripping clothes, and a compelling soundtrack.
  • G.I. Grow 1 - A parody of the G.I. Joe movie, this Quickie continues to show that Mystery and his art was again evolving. There is nothing lazy about this effort: It features mechanized contraptions, a gun that fires B.E. pills, and a rare underwater scene. The Brunette and The Redhead are faithful parodies of Joe characters The Baroness and Scarlett.
  • G.I. Grow 2 - A continuation of the previous cartoon, this sequel did not disappoint: The Chair makes a reappearance, as does the ripping clothes effect.
  • Breast Expansion Strip Tease 4 - A remarkably good strip tease Quickie, Mystery remarked that this was an unofficial part of the G.I. Grow series (he affirmed that the dancer is named "Uncover Me Girl," a reference to the G.I. Joe character Cover Girl).
  • G.I. Grow 3 - The final G.I. Joe parody. Instead of tapping the recent film for material, it features a stripping, growing Lady J-Cups, a nod to G.I. Joe's Lady Jaye, who did not appear in the motion picture.
  • Glad to be Back - Due to a disastrous computer breakdown, Suckermouth production ceased for two months near the end of 2009. When Mystery came back online with a different system, he feared he had lost production capacity. This terrible and sophomoric Quickie reflects that caution, an admittedly rushed effort done simply to publish a new cartoon after such a long break.
  • Big Elfin' Deal - Although slightly better than "Glad to be Back", another underwhelming vid that appears to belong in 2008 more than December 2009.
  • Nerd No More
  • Changing Room - Feeling the previous three B.E. Quickies had been notoriously weak, Mystery strove to create something more reminiscent of his best stuff. "Although I don't consider it up to the standard of... G.I. Grow or 'Strip Tease 4' ," Mystery states, "It does point us in the right direction going into 2010."
2009 Giantess

In every way, 2009 was The Year of Giantess for Suckermouth, as Mystery worked diligently courting fans of this genre throughout. As early as January, "Wand Day After Another" tapped this "fetish," but it wasn't until April 2009 that GTS was treated as its own category, and would eventually receive its own channel. However, by the end of 2009, it appeared that Mystery had moved on, leaving his new GTS fans dangling in the wind.

In order of production, the 2009 GTS cartoons are:
  • GTS Quickie #1 (Atomic series) (clothed and nude versions) - Used live action footage in addition to 3D animation. Very well received by the public.
  • GTS Quickie #2 (Atomic series) (clothed and nude versions)
  • GTS Quickie #3 (Atomic series) (clothed and nude versions) - According to Mystery: "Although the first two GTS Quickies were pitch-perfect, 'GTS Quickie #3' (both the nude and clothed versions) seemed to slip a little. Honestly, I think it's a combination of the wrong soundtrack and animation that comes up a tad short (luckily, it has insanely large breast expansion). This vid was not well-received."
  • GTS Atomic Featurette - Hailed by Mystery, this video, "culled together from... Atomic GTS Quickies was an enormous success, and will stand the test of time as one of the great Suckermouth cartoons." It features footage not in its Quickies counterparts. Currently the most popular video on Suckermouth's current YouTube channel SuckermouthLives.
  • The Giantess Chair - A very strong outing, this GTS Quickie was to kick off a new series. It has a unique B.E. counterpart.
  • Street Walker - A continuation of the previous GTS Quickie, this equally-strong animation was to be followed by its own sequel, but, according to Mystery: "A third Quickie in this series was attempted, but never came to fruition."
  • Big Around Town - The first GTS cartoon created after "The Great Darkness" (Mystery's term for the two-month production outage of 2009). He reports that this GTS Quickie and the one to come after it are "definitely in the vein of the simpler (B.E.) Quickies, however... despite the new technique and decent scenery, both fall short of what was achieved earlier in the year with the Atomic and Street Walker series."
  • Giant Mall - Despite promises to the contrary in his blog, this was to be the last Suckermouth Giantess cartoon of 2009. Suckermouth did not feature one GTS morph in 2010, though "Alice In Suckerland: The Ride" was conceived as a Giantess project.
Other 2009 cartoons
  • Wand Day After Another "A Cold Day In Hellen" - Aaron Mystery explained in his blog that this cartoon "was a fantastic and drastic change from the previous two [Wand] episodes, chucking the flat 'Adult Swim' style animation for the vivid 3D experience that better suits Breast Expansion. This episode had everything, from Giantess to pygmy growth/shrinking, breast expansion, Ace the Zombie, and two magic wands! Oh, and the whole thing takes place in Hell! Also of note is that this was the last Alpha Omega storyline crossover to date."
  • Big Brethren "Twittersode" - Featuring only Mr. Romance-Oh and Wheeler Red (both naked, though thankfully obscured), the negative reaction to this un-sexy vid created a rift between Mystery and the YouTube B.E. community that has arguably never healed. Mystery wrote in his blog at the time, "A gimmick and a niche is one thing: But single-minded tunnel-vision to the detriment of all other possibilities will never lead to long-term prosperity and growth in an artist. Suckermouth is a brand of breast expansion cartoons, I get that, but it is mine. And when I'm free to experiment, I'm ultimately able to come back and make better B.E. vids. What, am I supposed to still be doing a bunch of one second morphs? Give me a break!"
  • Big Brethren "Lick My Crack: A Lesbian Experience" - Created to be the exact antithesis of the previous Big Brethren episode (yet still refraining from breast expansion), "Lick My Crack" was a stunning and beautiful departure for a series that had always suffered from lack of aesthetics.
  • The Nightmare Hour "Kate Moss Skit" - Described by Mystery as "a bit of a dud... subsequent attempts to make more segments of this mock late night show have gone nowhere." However, 2010 would indeed give The Nightmare Hour a second wind.
Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies

While Mystery had high hopes for this series, it is generally regarded as a failure. Episodes are not sequential, as the epilogue ("Growing Ratings") was published as the second cartoon. It is unclear as to whether this series of Featurettes will be revived.
  • The B.E.ginning - The only Suckermouth cartoon that takes place in the past (though the date is uncertain). It features Ace the Zombie, who transforms ugly, bald vampires into beautiful women (Bimbo Vampires). Ace is accompanied by a woman named Jezebel, who otherwise remains a mystery in her solitary appearance. Also, Ace requires a device called The Rod to transform the vampires, and interesting connection to 2007's Green on Silver Saga, in which he hunts down that very object.
  • Growing Ratings - A parody of the transformation scene at the end of the film "The Howling", only with a Bimbo Vampire in place of a werewolf. Referred to as the epilogue of the story.
  • Ambush - Adventurous in its own right, "Ambush" pits an attractive Zombie Hunter against the undead. While she dispatches the two zombies easy enough, a Bimbo Vampire bites our protagonist and transforms her accordingly. This is the first Suckermouth cartoon to show a gun actively being fired.
  • Chamber of the Zombies - The episode that likely killed the series. It contains no breast expansion or Bimbo Vampires. However, with three guest voices in addition to Mystery's own, this cartoon has more voice over actors than any other Suckermouth cartoon.
Transformation Fantasy Force

This series was to be an enormous part of Suckermouth in 2009, comprising of a main series and two sub-series.
  • What's Breast for Women Parts 1 and 2 - Introducing the feminist and breast-expansion capable Priscilla Minx, this series mocks charges of sexism against Suckermouth and breast expansion as a genre. What's Breast for Women is treated as a sub-series of TFF.
  • What's Breast for Women Parts 3 and 4 -Similar to the previous two episodes, just with a different subject for Priscilla to "coach".
  • What's Breast for Women Parts 5 and 6 (Stripper Edition) - Takes place in a gentleman's club, as opposed to the traditional WBFW set. Of note is that Part 5 was the last cartoon produced before "The Great Darkness," a two-month period of complete inactivity due to a computer crash.
  • TFF Origins: "The Shrink Must Die" - A giantess cartoon through-and-through, this is part of the Origins sub-series. A very rare case where a character dies in a Suckermouth cartoon, as The Shrink is squashed under the Giantess' butt.
  • The Gladiator - The first episode in the main Transformation Fantasy Force series, "The Gladiator" pits Priscilla Minx against mutant thugs and The Giantess. Gun play and murder make this a unique Suckermouth cartoon, and indicated TFF was to be different than any other series.
  • Thar Be Monsters Part 1 - Also part of the main TFF series; in this episode, Priscilla Minx is captured and held prisoner by H.P. Lovecraft's famous character Cthulhu. It is not clear how Priscilla escapes, though we assume she does, as she appears in many cartoons afterwards. It is possible the chronology of TFF is not in line with the rest of the Suckermouth universe.
  • TFF Origins: Jen-Der Ben-Der - Introduces the M2F member of the team, Jen-Der Ben-Der. Includes an appearance by the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The inclusion of a Greek god in this episode - and Cthulhu in the previous - indicate TFF deals with a wider spiritual scope than the traditional Hell mythology that permeates many Suckermouth cartoons.
  • Thar Be Monsters Part 2 - Here, we see Ace the Zombie choking out Malateki from "Thar Be Monsters" Part 1. It is the first time Ace is revealed to have killed anyone since the vid comic "The Government Strikes Back" published many years earlier. While it contradicts Ace's supposed and current lack of blood lust, we are to assume Malateki's invocation of a god (in this case, Cthulhu) was enough to rile Ace to murder. It can also be speculated that it is his concern for Minx. A third possibility is that Malateki was not actually killed.
Other 2009 Ace the Zombie cartoons
  • Juicy N' Tasty (Ace Has Talent) - This Featurette is a musical parody of the hype surrounding Susan Boyle. Here, Ace again dresses in drag and serenades three mall fast food workers until they age into huge-breasted bimbos.
  • BErater - Yet another example of Aaron Mystery's "breast expansion as parody," this Featurette retaliates against a Twitter-user that did not appreciate Suckermouth cartoons or tweets about them. A very successful cartoon, and among Mystery's favorites.
I Am Tiger

Lampooning the troubles professional golfer Tiger Woods encountered in 2009, the I Am Tiger series conflates the drama with the remake of the film I Am Legend. On a humorous note, Tiger Woods used the alias William Smith, while Will Smith starred in I Am Legend.
  • I Am Tiger Part 1 - The longest of the three I Am Tiger episodes (Part 3 would follow in 2010), this cartoon reveals how the cure for breast cancer has led to a disease that turns women in man-eating bimbos.
  • I Am Tiger Part 2 - William "Tiger" Smith continues to discover the perils of living in a world with little else other than man-devouring - albeit, beautiful - she-beasts.

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