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Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 2 - 2008

by Aaron Mystery

(Today's portion of the Wikipedia article will finally get to some good material.)

Developing Talent: 2008-2009

2008-2009 resulted in a much-refined Suckermouth experience, from web site improvements like the addition of streaming players and channels to Mystery finally settling into his rhythm as a creator of parody and comedy. Though some cartoons are more advanced than others, the steady improvement in animation quality during this period can be observed quite easily, particularly in the establishment of ongoing series with recurring characters.

It is important to note that the beginning of 2008 does suffer from a certain anemia when it comes to adventurous B.E. Quickies. Alternate versions - at times, to a ridiculous degree - emphasize the lack of original Quickies as 2008 emerged.

2008 Quickies

In order of publication, B.E. Quickies for 2008 were:
  • Helium Warrior vs. Ace the Zombie - Despite its obvious clumsiness, this cartoon previews many future Suckermouth concepts, including a more menacing Ace and conflict between characters.
  • B.E. Quickie Cartoons - A one-shot experiment of 2D breast expansion cartoons. The concept was revisited for the series Wand Day After Another and Bastard Piece Theater, but never for morphs again.
  • College Girl Grown Wild 3
  • Toy Grows Story
  • Toy Grows Story (Giantess)
  • T-Shirt & Panties
  • Without T-Shirt & Panties
  • Specimen 69 - In terms of atmospherics and rendering quality, this cartoon offered a lot more promise than 2008's previous Quickies.
  • Butterfly (clothed) - Based on the BPT mini-series The Amber Purple Quintology.
  • Butterfly (nude)
  • Quickie 02-08-08a (clothed)
  • Quickie 02-08-08b (bra n' panties)
  • Quickie 02-08-08c (nude)
  • Quickie 02-10-08 (based on the Bastard Piece Theater Episode "Twins")
  • Quickie 03-08-08 - This lazy, uninteresting effort received harsh push-back from fans, and Mystery acknowledges the resulting negative reaction served as a wake-up call to return to inspired B.E. Quickies. However, the effects were not immediately apparent, as Quickies would continue to underwhelm until very late in the year. As a matter of fact, this clip was used later during The Nightmare Hour episode "Beach Boobies."
  • Quickie 03-08-09 (clothed version of previous Quickie)
  • Quickie 03-15-08
  • Quickie 03-16-08
  • Quickie 03-21-08 - One of five variations, all of which were well received (despite the ridiculousness of having six versions of one short cartoon).
  • Quickie 03-22-08 - Bra n' jeans version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 03-23-08 - Bra n' panties version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 03-23-08 Strip or "Rip n' Strip" - Alternate version of previous Quickie in which the model starts fully clothed, but has her clothes rip off as her breasts and butt expand.
  • Quickie 03-23-08 Nude - Completely nude version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 03-25-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 03-25-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 03-28-08 - Non-canon breast expansion featuring Bastard Piece Theater stars Sami and Jada.
  • Quickie 04-07-08 (nude) - The 04-07 pair of Quickies were also from Bastard Piece Theater.
  • Quickie 04-07-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 04-08-08 - Yet another BPT Quickie.
  • Quickie 04-14-08
  • Quickie 04-17-08 - Clothed version of previous Quickie.
  • Quickie 04-20-08 or "Corporate Office Party 1989" - Possibly in the spirit of its date of publication, this Quickie makes a half-hearted attempt at humor, referencing the non-existent activist group, "Bimbos of America".
  • Quickie 04-25-08
  • Quickie 04-26-08 - Clothed version of previous Quickie; later incorporated into the full version of Wand Day After Another Season 1.
  • Quickie 05-02-08
  • Quickie 05-03-08
  • Quickie 05-04-08 - Clothed version of previous Quickie; another clip taken from Bastard Piece Theater.
  • Quickie 05-13-08
  • Rabbit Stew
  • Quickie 05-26-08 - Adapted from a different the vid comic series Scrubbed.
  • Quickie 06-08-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-08-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 06-16-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-16-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 06-22-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-22-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 06-28-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 06-28-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice" (clothed B.E.)
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice" (nude B.E.)
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice" (clothed belly-inflation) - Along with its nude counterpart, the only real example of a Suckermouth belly inflation cartoon; though - as noted above - it has pure B.E. versions.
  • Quickie 07-02-08 or "Jenna's Choice"(nude belly inflation)
  • Quickie 07-04-08 - Features the voice of Ace the Zombie, though he is never seen.
  • Quickie 07-09-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 07-09-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 07-12-08 or "Ace the Zombie Strikes Again!" (nude) - Despite being mentioned in the onscreen text at the beginning of the cartoon, Ace the Zombie never actually makes an appearance, not even as a disembodied voice. Despite this, the vid is slightly more ambitious than the average 2008 Quickie, featuring a more developed aesthetic in regards to both character and scenery. Notably, it is one of the only Suckermouth cartoons to feature a gun (though we never see it used), an item Aaron Mystery has made clear rarely has a place in his imaginary world.
  • Quickie 07-12-08 or "Ace the Zombie Strikes Again!" (clothed)
  • Quickie 07-14-08
  • Quickie 07-17-08
  • Quickie 07-20-08
  • Quickie 07-26-08
  • Quickie 08-06-08
  • Quickie 08-30-08 (nude)
  • Quickie 08-30-08 (clothed)
  • Quickie 09-11-08
  • Filmstrip - Finally evidence emerged that Aaron Mystery was ready to take the B.E. Quickie in a more ambitious direction. Besides being a competent strip tease-breast expansion morph combination, it also permanently established legitimate titles for B.E. Quickies, which up until this point were usually simply named by date of publication (though off-the-cuff titles were often thought up for video sites like YouTube and DailyMotion).
  • Tightie Nightie (clothed)
  • Tightie Nightie (nude)
  • Popcorn
  • Secret Window - Featuring a rare onscreen appearance of Ace the Zombie in a B.E. Quickie.
  • Boobwatch - Adapted from an Interactive Video.
  • Mountains of Youth - Adapted from an Interactive Video.
  • Stripped Away - A very strong strip tease-B.E. combo. A censored version of this cartoon resulted in YouTube's deletion of Suckermouth's original and most popular channel (
  • Strip Off!
  • Return of the Shulk - Here, Mystery tried to capitalize on the popularity of previous super hero parodies. Upon very poor reception, the nude version was abandoned completely and never fully entered production.
  • Fill 'Er Up - Another great little cartoon that was banned by YouTube and therefore contributed to the deletion of
  • B.E. Hive - A very ambitious horror/sci-fi/anime style work featuring tentacles. This cartoon would inspire a sequel the following year.
  • B.E.chanical Bull - The only Suckermouth cartoon to feature simulated hair physics. Its location is the same tavern seen in "Fill 'Er Up".
  • Water Balloons
  • Fat Chance
  • LesBEians - An early and somewhat successful attempt at a lesbian cartoon by Suckermouth. Subsequent similarly-themed cartoons include "Heavy Lifting", Big Brethren "Lick My Crack (A Lesbian Experience)", and Ink Boob "Lez Get Real".
Other 2008 Series

For the first time, cartoons other than B.E. Quickies were emphasized at Suckermouth. Of particular note is Bastard Piece Theater, a series based on the huge success of "Big Ass Toons".

2008 Bastard Piece Theater episodes
  • Return of Ace the Zombie - Also a pan and scan, this animation is done in a more realistic style than "Big Ass Toons", and is the first cartoon in which Ace the Zombie has red eyes (his eyes change color with each reincarnation, and had been yellow up to this point). This story briefly stood alone as an illustrated story on Suckermouth before being given the BPT treatment.
  • Twins (published 2-29-08) - Another more realistic pan-and-scan, this one parodies the Olsen Twins Mary Kate and Ashley.
  • The Amber Purple Quintology (published in five parts during January and February, 2008) - A mini-series inspired by dreams. The animation style evolves throughout the series, starting as pan-and-scan before moving to 2D lip syncing and finally ending up as a full 3D animation. Of note is that the the "maid" seems to have two different names, an oversight the finale attempts to correct, albeit clumsily. Ace appears in drag for the first time, a gag reused for the Featurette "Tasty N' Juicy (Ace Has Talent)".
  • Big Ass Toons: The Series (published in five parts starting March 2008) - Technically a trilogy, this was a full-blown attempt to recapture the popularity of the original "Big Ass Toons." Slightly more elaborate than the original Sami and Jada vid, this series did not perform particularly well, certainly in light of the popularity of "Big Ass Toons".
  • Hell Circa 2008 - Marking the beginning of's self-referential phase (which has arguably yet to end), this cartoon refers to Ace the Zombie as "Head of Programming" and Satan as "The Boss," the first explicit implication that Suckermouth is a channel in Hell. Ace, Harriett LeBeaux, Devil Baby, and Mr. Romance-Oh are joined together as "Team Alpha", while other (doppleganger) characters are invented as members of "Team Omega."
  • A Dick in Art Class - A hugely popular vid (its original YouTube upload surpassed 75,000 views), this cartoon serves as an anti-homophobic romp that is the first ever depiction of a penis in a Suckermouth cartoon (though not unscathed). Features Ace the Zombie and Mr. Romance-Oh, and continues the "Alpha Omega" storyline from the previous BPT episode. This cartoon marks a bold and important turning point for Mystery's sense of comedy and storytelling, showing a willingness to go against the grain to tell a joke or make a point.
  • Who Do the Voodoo Doll - Intended as a two-parter, this episode is a parody of MSNBC's popular program "To Catch a Predator." It does not feature any breast expansion, though the appearance of Ace the Zombie at the end of the episode - and a published clip from the unfinished sequel - indicate it was to be a B.E. tale in the end. Instead, this is the last Bastard Piece Theater episode created, as the channel has been relegated to the "mothballed" section on's Members Index. At this point, it appears the story will never be finished.
Wand Day After Another

Created as a mock animated B.E. blog, Wand Day After Another utilized the same 2D format from Bastard Piece Theater, only with lip syncing and character voices from the start. While the series was well-received, Harriett LeBeaux's "unique" voice was the subject of constant criticism; this fact would be mocked repeatedly when the character appears later.
  • Season 1 - A four-part storyline following the development of Harriett LeBeaux from a nerdy nobody to a voluptuous vixen. The vid of the full season offers a clip not found in the individual episodes.
  • Season 2 - Taking place in an "alternate universe", Harriett Potter is introduced as the owner of the Wand of Breast Expansion. These first two cartoons maintain the 2D style, but would be the last such Wand episodes.
So while B.E. Quickies more or less maintained their course in 2008, series such as Bastard Piece Theater and Wand Day After Another offered glimpses of a Suckermouth that was attempting to be more humorous than erotic, even if it meant poking fun at itself.

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