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Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 4 - 2010

by Aaron Mystery

(This final part to my Wikipedia series of articles will also serve as a 2010 Year-In-Review...)

The Modern Era: 2010-Current

2010 was an interesting year for Suckermouth, in that it had more ups and downs than almost any other.

First, the bad: B.E. Quickies were an endangered species. Giantess was seemingly abandoned. Cartoons dealt with suicide and feelings of apathy toward breast expansion. Six episodes of the Breast Expansion Tournament were successfully delivered in quick order, only for the year to end with no Championship. And to top it off, by the end of the year, production had plummeted to one cartoon a month.

And the good: The era of "just a morph" was clearly over. Stories became stronger and characters more refined. A new series, Ink Boob, rose to brilliance and made its star Molly a Suckermouth mainstay. Ace the Zombie settled into his own as the Lord of Suckermouth. And the breast expansion was better than ever.

As 2011 starts, the B.E. Quickie is back, Ink Boob continues, and the Breast Expansion Championship is scheduled for February 6 (Halftime during the Superbowl). January 2011 saw the publishing of nine original cartoons, proof that Suckermouth is indeed back in form.

2010 B.E. Quickies

In order of production, the 2010 B.E. Quickies were:
  • Double D's Drive-Thru - A fast food parody that hits the spot. Of note is that the drive-thru customer is the same woman in the same Viper as seen in GTS Quickie "Street Walker."
  • BElevator (or The Gift Lift) - In what was supposed to be part of a B.E. Quickies sub-series, this cartoon has a certain horror-movie quality to it, despite being fairly traditional breast expansion.
  • Star Sucker - Clearly a Star Wars farce, this cartoon and its sequel feature the drunken Lee Barhopper as a Luke Skywalker parody. Barhopper is the only character to transition from a start in Quickies to other Suckermouth series.
  • The Blow-Up Machine - The second of only two Building B.E. episodes, "The Blow-Up Machine" features a model that is quite muscular for Suckermouth. Mystery confirms this was not his first choice, but decided to embrace versatility as opposed to comfort.
  • B.E.8 Commercial Parody (nude and bra n' panties versions) - A dead-on parody of a V8 commercial. This would be the last time a Quickie had an alternate version.
  • B.E. Sting - A very simple, somewhat brief and modest B.E. Quickie in which a bee sting leads to breast expansion. Mystery confirms he cut the animation short due to a technical glitch, and that Quickies were plagued with such glitches throughout 2010.
  • Return of Barhopper - Lee Barhopper makes a return trip in this dialog-heavy Quickie, using his powers to undress and expand a potential assassin. The bartender from "Star Sucker" returns as a background character, in a rare example of continuity across Quickies.
Ink Boob

In what started off as a mere parody of the film Ink Heart, Ink Boob quickly evolved into the Suckermouth series of the year. In order of production, the 2010 Ink Boob cartoons are:

Season 1
  • Episode 0: Development - The series' main protagonist Molly is introduced, and is revealed to have a penchant for breast expansion and the ability to type stories and characters into reality.
  • Episode 1: Busting Out - Not only does Molly continue to expand her own breasts, but Princess Molly's as well.
  • Episode 2: Lez Get Real - The first Suckermouth lesbian cartoon since Big Brethren episode "Lick My Crack".
  • Episodes 3, 4, and 5: Breast Friends Forever - This trilogy within Ink Boob Season 1 follows three friends as they are tempted by a female Satan into asking for bigger boobs and better bodies.
  • Episode 6: The Aristocrats - An incredibly strange cartoon, this continuation of the previous episode lives up to its namesake. The Season 1 finale.
Season 2
  • Episode 00: Jack & Jill - We are introduced to a new cast of characters: Sisters Emily and Jessica, and Jessica's boyfriend Jack; the latter doesn't exactly last the episode. A horror-themed M2F cartoon, complete with a creepy witch that moves through walls.
  • Episode 1: Mom Butt - Molly returns as she expands the breasts of Jack's mom Mary merely by typing about it.
  • Episode 2: Sisterhood - Jessica is troubled by her attraction to Mary and her desire to see Emily's dramatic breast growth continue.
2010 Nightmare Hour and Breast Expansion Tournament cartoons

While all B.E. Tourney episodes are presented as part of The Nightmare Hour show, several of its matches are actually published under the banner of other series. For the sake of clarity, all such episodes have been listed here chronologically, regardless of series.
  • The Nightmare Hour featuring The Adventures of Kink (Superbowl Halftime Special) - Published on Super Sunday 2010, this special edition of The Nightmare Hour lampoons video game characters Link and Princess Zelda, among other things. It would be the Pixie Lemon Lime and Ace the Zombie - who both appear - that would go on to meet in the B.E. Tourney months later.
  • Assisted Suicide - Referencing Aaron Mystery's own depressed mood at the time, this cartoon challenged viewers as Ace contemplates suicide over the possibility of never ending B.E. cartoons. Meanwhile, Kink is revealed to actually be female. Ace helps her to become more effeminate, though when the demon protests that Kink's breasts are not big enough, the elf beheads him. It is then implied that she burns Ace's head in a furnace.
  • Ace TV - The first half of this cartoon reveals Ace the Zombie to be back in Hell, reinvented as a parody of Fox News host Glenn Beck. The second half lampoons the Letterman-Leno-Oprah 2010 Superbowl Halftime commercial: Ace, Aaron Mystery, and Priscilla Minx argue back and forth until the latter expands her breasts dramatically. This is the first-ever portrayal of Mystery in animated form.
  • Funnier Dead - On Sunday, May 2, 2010, the celebrity-owned comedy site FunnyOrDie removed all its Suckermouth videos. This occurrence helped to drive Mystery deeper into a suicidal frenzy, as he had reached out to FunnyOrDie co-owner Will Ferrell just two months earlier in a state of desperation. This video features no breast expansion and is merely an animated - if clever - critique of and its HBO show FunnyOrDie Presents.
  • The Nightmare Hour: Breast Expansion Tournament 1 - Ace the Zombie organizes the Intergalactic Breast Expansion Tournament to prove he is the best B.E. artist in existence. In the opening match, Mystery again appears, this time to take on Al-Minus, an obvious parody of Aladdin. Al-Minus has no trouble dispatching with the typically-indecisive animator.
  • Transformation Fantasy Force - What's Breast for Women: Breast Expansion Tournament 2 - This time it is Priscilla Minx that falls to a newcomer in the form of Lee Barhopper, whose radical use of B.E. leaves conservative Priscilla in the dust. (This would be the only TFF episode of 2010.)
  • Wand Day After Another: Breast Expansion Tournament 3 - Wand comes out of hiatus so that the two Harrietts can face off once again. As opposed to their previous meeting, this time Harriett Potter comes out on top and thus moves on in the B.E. Tourney.
  • The Nightmare Hour: Breast Expansion Tournament 4 - Ace makes his first appearance as a participant in the B.E. Tourney, as he proves that Kink the Elf's Pixie Lemon Lime is no match for The Patron Saint of Breast Expansion.
  • The Nightmare Hour: Breast Expansion Tournament 5 - As the B.E. Tourney advances, newcomers Al-Minus and Lee Barhopper square off in a breast expansion contest that leaves the Aladdin knock-off with a hole in his chest. Barhopper advances into the B.E. Championship.
  • Wand Day After Another: Breast Expansion Tournament 6 - In what was to be the final Wand episode, Harriett Potter fails to defeat Ace the Zombie at his own game. She also ends up bigger-breasted for it.
  • How to (Mis)Treat Women - Aaron Mystery learns from Ace that he has no game when it comes to picking up the ladies. Ace delivers the breast expansion, while Mystery proves once again to be a complete loser.
Other 2010 cartoons
  • I Am Tiger Part 3 - As Tiger Woods fell out of the news, this Suckermouth mini-series seemed to reach its inevitable conclusion. Despite the fact the series ends on a cliff-hanger and claims "to be continued", Mystery now confirms we are to assume that Cleo eats William "Tiger" Smith, and that there will be no more I Am Tiger episodes (update: I Am Tiger Part 4 was indeed released in 2011, thereby concluding the series).
  • Alice in Suckerland - The Ride - In his only giantess-themed cartoon of the year, Mystery delivers a stunning several-minute first-person run-through of a mock Alice In Wonderland ride. Mystery confirms this project as a labor of love, and that he always intended to do more giantess in 2010 (though Alice remains the last Suckermouth GTS cartoon to date).

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