Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Positivity & New Vids: From Tiger to Choose-Your-Own-Transformation

by Aaron Mystery

Life ain't fair, folks, and I have a tendency to react in a way that makes things worse (while my CG counterpart is a hesitant wimp, I am definitely a hasty asshole). I know there are some Lovecraftian bats in my belfry, but I'm going to try to act like everything's cool even when it's not. And I apologize for being a complete ass 90% of the time.

I'm choosing to review a few recent Suckermouth.com vids, and I'll focus on two in particular. First, I Am Tiger Part 4, a cartoon I did not plan on making and am very, very proud of. This finale came about as part of a series I was (am) working on that featured pieces of various stories. Funny enough, I completed the first half of "Praxus Primo" before moving on to Tiger. A day into I Am Tiger Part 4, I realized it didn't make sense to shove it between the lamest half of Praxus and a cartoon I hadn't even started.

It had always bothered me that I hadn't finished the I Am Tiger series; it just seemed like its time had passed. But the script just came to me, allowing me not only to recap and then conclude the story, but to show what happened before Part 1 as well. Squeezing in two Breast Expansion clips while maintaining story continuity sounds like a Win to me. Looking back on the I Am Tiger series, I am very glad I did it, as it combined cultural parody with horror with B.E. in a way I honestly never thought possible. All four episodes are of course available to Suckermouth.com members.

Unfortunately, Tiger 4 was preceded and followed by slight production gaps (it was a lot to take on), though part of the reason for that was that I had to sit on the first half of "Praxus Primo". After Tiger, I started a new storyline that entailed a 30-hour render I did not see coming. Problem was, the final render looked like shit, and I decided to abandon that cartoon altogether.

Testing some of my "Choose-Your-Own-Transformation" ideas, I then had to rush out the B.E. Quickie "Cups." This simple animated short was followed by another basic B.E. Quickie, "B.E. Mover," a parody of the (now-gone) Disney ride People Mover. In a fun site gag, the viewer will note that "Cups" is part this ride.

When I decided to implement my "Choose-Your-Own-Transformation" concept, I knew I couldn't afford to start from scratch. So I picked up where I had left off with "Praxus Primo" and created a standard Breast Expansion cartoon from it. I was - and am still not - convinced that a scene with a woman who already has big tits, a ghost girl, and a poorly-acted hippy psychic was the best fodder for C-Y-O-T, but nevertheless, Suckermouth members now have access to versions that include "Weight Gain / Fat Growth" and "Giantess / GTS" in addition to B.E. (there is a fourth version, but it is a very weak Age Progression sequence, as only the ghost girl is affected).

If you go to my DailyMotion channel, you'll see I have published a Promo for I Am Tiger 4 in addition to a great montage: "55 Reasons to Join Suckermouth." I am currently working on a very bright and sunny Breast (B.E.) and Butt (B2E) Expansion cartoon for Suckermouth that I hope will develop into a "Choose-Your-Own-Transformation" project of its own.

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