Monday, August 31, 2009

August Round-up and the end of an era

by Ace the Zombie

As the sun sets on the last day of August 2009, an era comes to a close. When Aaron Mystery started the members section at Suckermouth in 2006, sign ups were $3 (for a week) and $4.95 a month. When the prices went up this last January, the $3 sign up became $9 for the first month, but rebills were merely rounded up to $5 a month.

Let's face it, though: The quality and - at times - the frequency of Suckermouth animations have improved greatly since November 2006, and even since January 2009. To continue this trend, a price increase is not only required but - after three years - to be expected.

Don't fret. You have until midnight Pacific time tonight to sign up for Suckermouth at the current prices. Current price and September prices compared below:
  • August: Monthly membership: $9 for first month ($5 every month after that)
  • September: Monthly membership: $12 for first month ($7.50 every month after that)
  • August: Annual membership: $45 for one year
  • September: Annual membership: $55 for one year
Suckermouth is so proud to have so many wonderful members, but we can always use one more. Don't miss out on your chance to join at the low price!

Moving on, I am very satisfied with the animations produced in August. Grouped by category, they are:

Transformation Fantasy Force
What's Breast for Women Part 4
Origins: Jen-Der Ben-Der (M2F)

B.E. Quickies
The Chair (adapted from a WIP Giantess featurette)
G.I. Grow #1 (adapted from a WIP parody B.E. featurette)

GTS Quickies
The Giantess Chair (adapted from a WIP Giantess featurette)

Ace the Zombie
BErater (B.E.)

What to expect in September? Featurettes galore, from G.I. Grow to Transformation Fantasy Force to Giantess, plus a couple more Quickies. Who knows what else? All that is certain that it will cost you more if you wait until September to join.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

As August draws to a close, new animations emerge...

by Ace the Zombie

While it's technically still too early for a recap of August's videos, I can say it was a fairly productive and promising month. So, instead of focusing on what's been completed (I'll leave that for the next blog), I shall focus on three very different animated featurettes in progress.

Even though it's already produced a couple Quickies, the new Giantess featurette has some great unseen material ready to go (including a render that took over 24 hours!), but I still have to pull this one together for September. I want to basically make the best quick Giantess animation in history. No kidding.

I created half the episode for Transformation Fantasy Force "Thar Be Monsters Part 2", but only recently had the courage to take on the more complicated second half, which involves the most exotic sewer system you'll ever see. I may upload some of the "creature" animations, but haven't decided yet. Of course, being the next chapter of TFF - which has become my main project these days - this episode will premier in September as well.

And lastly, I'm working on an animated parody I've been obsessed with making since I saw the wonderful "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra". Whether you liked it or not (I LOVED IT!), surely you noticed that Baroness and Scarlett were not lacking in the chest area. So why not "amp" (pump?) it up a bit, and animate a good ol' parody cat fight? While the Quickie isn't a cat fight per se, the featurette will be a little more ambitious in its action. Quickie will debut tonight; featurette next month.

Well, thanks for reading this far - you must be really bored or really like my animations. Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Trifecta of Promos (and some YouTube news)

by Ace the Zombie

[UPDATE: All three promo animations are now available at: and/or]

Let's get the bad news out of the way: I have received my second strike at the Official Suckermouth YouTube channel, so I can't upload there for a while (the video that was removed was "GTS Quickie 2 Teaser"). I've created a new companion YouTube channel: sub here in anticipation of new videos.

In related - but better - news, I will be debuting three promos on the community sites (both the one above and my DailyMotion channel) very soon.

The first promo is for a B.E. Quickie called "The Chair" (which has been available to Suckermouth members since August 21); it is an adaptation from the big new Giantess featurette I'm working on. It's also a chance for B.E. purists to enjoy the scene without any GTS.

I'll also cut a promo for the GTS Quickie based on the same featurette. The full Quickie should debut on Suckermouth tonight, with a little luck.

Lastly, I'm debating whether to cut a pure What's Breast for Women 4 promo, or a Priscilla Minx highlight reel featuring some shots from that vid, among others. I'm leaning towards a very brief highlight reel.

Look for all three new promos on Monday at both my new YouTube channel and my DailyMotion channel. Don't forget to subscribe! And thanks for watching!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

For lack of a better title: "BErater" Promo Animation

by Ace the Zombie

Not going to ramble on too much, since this blog's main purpose is to debut the promo for my latest breast expansion animation starring me. I truly hope you enjoy it. Suckermouth version offers more, as always.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sneak Peek: "Hater" Day 2

by Ace the Zombie

Even though "Mira Maria of the Mouth" was only a silly working title, I feel compelled - with the most recent edit - to change the working title to "Hater." (The model's mention of her own name has been edited out, so there's no point in keeping the old title.)

The edit below is all new, except for the very first render. It is a much stronger production without the terrible introduction that dragged on and on. You're seeing this vid right up until the first breast expansion, which I'm about to render now. The initial B.E. - since it's clothed - will be part of this vid when it debuts on YouTube and DailyMotion, maybe as soon as tomorrow.

The ETA for this entire vid's debut on Suckermouth is also tomorrow (but that can always slip). Please enjoy the sneak peek below:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sneak Peek: Mira Maria of the Mouth

by Ace the Zombie

[Note: Any resemblance to any person - living or dead - is purely coincidental.]

Haters come in many forms and from all sides. While most people are understanding and tolerant, a select few, including old girlfriends and certain Tweeple, seem to like to judge and then make a point at the expense of others.

For a long time, I have plotted my revenge as parody: A cartoon that confronted the artistic bigots for what they are. Untalented. Judgmental. Bigots.

I serve a purpose, and that purpose is catharsis. I offer a select few something they can't get of this quality and quantity anywhere else. I am unapologetic about being The Patron Saint of Breast Expansion - or "The Breast Expansion Guy" as Mira Maria Serena might call me.

One tiny render below is all I have to show for now, but add me to the mix, and you can follow the curve.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Suckermouth July Roundup

by Ace the Zombie

July was a bit of a tumultuous month, since it started with the clothed version of the B.E. Quickie "Mall Cougar" being kicked off BOTH DailyMotion and YouTube, in that order. Aaron Mystery wrote DailyMotion a nice email, and they put the video back on. YouTube - as always - is a lost cause.

From there, Aaron Mystery got too distracted, so I killed him; I then took complete control of Suckermouth to ensure a steady stream of breast expansion, giantess, and other hot transformation vids. A zombie hunter tried to bring me in for the murder, but I transformed her good in the B.E. Quickie "AceScapes".

Two Quickies (three, counting the clothed variation of "Mall Cougar") does not represent the highest output of new videos for a whole month, so thankfully, Priscilla Minx stepped in and hosted the third episode of What's Breast for Women, a companion series to Transformation Fantasy Force.

[Revision: I almost overlooked the Transformation Fantasy Force episode "Thar Be Monsters" Part 1, featuring a naked, busty Priscilla Minx and the monstrous Cthulhu from classic horror author H.P. Lovecraft.]

August - already leading with What's Breast for Women Part 4 - will be a much more prolific and focused month, or my name isn't Ace the Zombie.

Suckermouth animations released in July (5):

B.E. Quickies (3)
Mall Cougar (clothed and nude versions)

Transformation Fantasy Force (2)
Thar Be Monsters Part 1
What's Breast for Women Part 3

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Into the Future, Priscilla!

by Ace the Zombie

As I stand by watching sexy Priscilla Minx host the fourth installment of What's Breast for Women, I realize how much I admire her. Although she doesn't have the all-around transformation powers I have (she can only expand breasts, but isn't that the most important part?), she seems to be the Yin to my Yang.

She and Amy - the latest What's Breast model - have just disrobed down to their panties, and Priscilla's going to grow Amy a lot bigger than her current DDD cup. When I watch Priscilla work, I see myself, someone dedicated to beauty at all costs. Someone that has transcended reality to make beautiful happen.

Priscilla Minx is the future of Suckermouth. But she is not alone. There are many more breast expansion, giantess, lesbian, sexy vampire, and striptease cartoons in the cards.

It is essential that the future be beautiful, no matter the cost. Or the reward.

(See Priscilla Minx in action here.)