Sunday, August 2, 2009

Into the Future, Priscilla!

by Ace the Zombie

As I stand by watching sexy Priscilla Minx host the fourth installment of What's Breast for Women, I realize how much I admire her. Although she doesn't have the all-around transformation powers I have (she can only expand breasts, but isn't that the most important part?), she seems to be the Yin to my Yang.

She and Amy - the latest What's Breast model - have just disrobed down to their panties, and Priscilla's going to grow Amy a lot bigger than her current DDD cup. When I watch Priscilla work, I see myself, someone dedicated to beauty at all costs. Someone that has transcended reality to make beautiful happen.

Priscilla Minx is the future of Suckermouth. But she is not alone. There are many more breast expansion, giantess, lesbian, sexy vampire, and striptease cartoons in the cards.

It is essential that the future be beautiful, no matter the cost. Or the reward.

(See Priscilla Minx in action here.)

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