Monday, August 31, 2009

August Round-up and the end of an era

by Ace the Zombie

As the sun sets on the last day of August 2009, an era comes to a close. When Aaron Mystery started the members section at Suckermouth in 2006, sign ups were $3 (for a week) and $4.95 a month. When the prices went up this last January, the $3 sign up became $9 for the first month, but rebills were merely rounded up to $5 a month.

Let's face it, though: The quality and - at times - the frequency of Suckermouth animations have improved greatly since November 2006, and even since January 2009. To continue this trend, a price increase is not only required but - after three years - to be expected.

Don't fret. You have until midnight Pacific time tonight to sign up for Suckermouth at the current prices. Current price and September prices compared below:
  • August: Monthly membership: $9 for first month ($5 every month after that)
  • September: Monthly membership: $12 for first month ($7.50 every month after that)
  • August: Annual membership: $45 for one year
  • September: Annual membership: $55 for one year
Suckermouth is so proud to have so many wonderful members, but we can always use one more. Don't miss out on your chance to join at the low price!

Moving on, I am very satisfied with the animations produced in August. Grouped by category, they are:

Transformation Fantasy Force
What's Breast for Women Part 4
Origins: Jen-Der Ben-Der (M2F)

B.E. Quickies
The Chair (adapted from a WIP Giantess featurette)
G.I. Grow #1 (adapted from a WIP parody B.E. featurette)

GTS Quickies
The Giantess Chair (adapted from a WIP Giantess featurette)

Ace the Zombie
BErater (B.E.)

What to expect in September? Featurettes galore, from G.I. Grow to Transformation Fantasy Force to Giantess, plus a couple more Quickies. Who knows what else? All that is certain that it will cost you more if you wait until September to join.

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