Saturday, August 29, 2009

As August draws to a close, new animations emerge...

by Ace the Zombie

While it's technically still too early for a recap of August's videos, I can say it was a fairly productive and promising month. So, instead of focusing on what's been completed (I'll leave that for the next blog), I shall focus on three very different animated featurettes in progress.

Even though it's already produced a couple Quickies, the new Giantess featurette has some great unseen material ready to go (including a render that took over 24 hours!), but I still have to pull this one together for September. I want to basically make the best quick Giantess animation in history. No kidding.

I created half the episode for Transformation Fantasy Force "Thar Be Monsters Part 2", but only recently had the courage to take on the more complicated second half, which involves the most exotic sewer system you'll ever see. I may upload some of the "creature" animations, but haven't decided yet. Of course, being the next chapter of TFF - which has become my main project these days - this episode will premier in September as well.

And lastly, I'm working on an animated parody I've been obsessed with making since I saw the wonderful "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra". Whether you liked it or not (I LOVED IT!), surely you noticed that Baroness and Scarlett were not lacking in the chest area. So why not "amp" (pump?) it up a bit, and animate a good ol' parody cat fight? While the Quickie isn't a cat fight per se, the featurette will be a little more ambitious in its action. Quickie will debut tonight; featurette next month.

Well, thanks for reading this far - you must be really bored or really like my animations. Stay tuned!

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