Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sneak Peek: Mira Maria of the Mouth

by Ace the Zombie

[Note: Any resemblance to any person - living or dead - is purely coincidental.]

Haters come in many forms and from all sides. While most people are understanding and tolerant, a select few, including old girlfriends and certain Tweeple, seem to like to judge and then make a point at the expense of others.

For a long time, I have plotted my revenge as parody: A cartoon that confronted the artistic bigots for what they are. Untalented. Judgmental. Bigots.

I serve a purpose, and that purpose is catharsis. I offer a select few something they can't get of this quality and quantity anywhere else. I am unapologetic about being The Patron Saint of Breast Expansion - or "The Breast Expansion Guy" as Mira Maria Serena might call me.

One tiny render below is all I have to show for now, but add me to the mix, and you can follow the curve.

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