Saturday, August 8, 2009

Suckermouth July Roundup

by Ace the Zombie

July was a bit of a tumultuous month, since it started with the clothed version of the B.E. Quickie "Mall Cougar" being kicked off BOTH DailyMotion and YouTube, in that order. Aaron Mystery wrote DailyMotion a nice email, and they put the video back on. YouTube - as always - is a lost cause.

From there, Aaron Mystery got too distracted, so I killed him; I then took complete control of Suckermouth to ensure a steady stream of breast expansion, giantess, and other hot transformation vids. A zombie hunter tried to bring me in for the murder, but I transformed her good in the B.E. Quickie "AceScapes".

Two Quickies (three, counting the clothed variation of "Mall Cougar") does not represent the highest output of new videos for a whole month, so thankfully, Priscilla Minx stepped in and hosted the third episode of What's Breast for Women, a companion series to Transformation Fantasy Force.

[Revision: I almost overlooked the Transformation Fantasy Force episode "Thar Be Monsters" Part 1, featuring a naked, busty Priscilla Minx and the monstrous Cthulhu from classic horror author H.P. Lovecraft.]

August - already leading with What's Breast for Women Part 4 - will be a much more prolific and focused month, or my name isn't Ace the Zombie.

Suckermouth animations released in July (5):

B.E. Quickies (3)
Mall Cougar (clothed and nude versions)

Transformation Fantasy Force (2)
Thar Be Monsters Part 1
What's Breast for Women Part 3

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