Sunday, September 6, 2009

September to be a month of Featurettes

by Ace the Zombie

A few Quickies lately have teased larger projects: both "Chair" episodes, plus the two "G.I. Grow" clips. The related Featurettes (plus a new episode of Transformation Fantasy Force) are certainties for September. Relevant elements of the Quickies will be incorporated into the new Giantess and G.I. Grow projects, while TFF: "Thar Be Monsters Part 2" will be all new.

I am currently working on TFF as a matter of fact, and admittedly scaled down some of the detail in the sewer scene so that I could focus on the important stuff: The Transformation. Who or what will transform? Find out of the next episode of Transformation Fantasy Force!

For the G.I. Grow Featurette, I have tentative plans for a lot of cat fighting and the introduction of a third character. And of course, the B.E. will go a lot farther than in the Quickies.

The Giantess Featurette has been discussed here in the past. I don't know that it will be the only Giantess project in September, but if it is, it will probably be my best animation of the whole month. Only time will tell...

Just letting you know what to expect for September. Should be a great month with a lot more animations than just those mentioned. See you soon with Transformation Fantasy Force: "Thar Be Monsters Part 2".

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