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Suckermouth Wikipedia Article Part 1

by Aaron Mystery

In my arrogance, I find myself surprised that there is no article on Wikipedia. I always thought of writing my own, but found it unethical. However, when my son mentioned that many Wikipedia articles are just copied from licensed & official source material, I decided it was okay for me to write this blog, & leave it to a dedicated fan to copy & paste to Wikipedia one day. This is Part 1, & runs through 2007, more or less: is an original animation website that parodies and lampoons the breast expansion fetish that has exploded with the rise of the internet. The site was founded in 2006 by Aaron Mystery, under the banner of Pompous Nectar Productions (which also includes music acts Brethren and the Evil Empire & Grizlore).

In November 2006, became a subscription-based site, offering mostly B.E. Quickies - a term coined by Mystery to describe his short animations that were little more than breast expansion morphs.

Early success

Prior to the launch of Suckermouth, and in the early days of YouTube (2006), Aaron Mystery created animations chiefly to promote the band Brethren and the Evil Empire. Other videos featured characters drawn from band artwork or videos, even if they weren't promotional in intent. Early characters that garnered views of 100,000+ were Mr. Romance-Oh and Devil Baby. Ace the Zombie was also among these earliest characters (and first appeared in graphic form on the cover of the BATEE album The Too Much Fun Club Rides Again).

However, it was when Mystery uploaded his cleanest material from the Breast Expansion Archive that his YouTube success became enormous - and perilous. The original Suckermouth YouTube channel ( actually made it into the Top 40 of all YouTube channels. Mystery took this success for what it was and created the basic framework for the current A pay site offering original animation on a regular basis that was often too mature for YouTube. The total video views for this original YouTube channel would approach 7 million before it was disabled due to an edit of the "Stripped Away" cartoon.


Formative Years: 2005-2007

Aaron Mystery's earliest B.E. cartoons go back to as early as 2005, though cartoons from that year would have been very crude, even for Suckermouth. With few exceptions, these vids are comprised of little more than one animated render of breast (and sometimes butt) expansion morphs.

It is unclear as to which B.E. Quickie was the first B.E. cartoon created specifically for Suckermouth, but a Mr. Romance-Oh vid was the first animation produced specifically for the site; this cartoon predates Suckermouth's subscription-based model.

Suckermouth is a site that does not remove material based on age. It functions as a living archive, and Mystery considers even the most clumsy and early work to be at least of historical value. Because of this, most of these very old vids can still be found on Suckermouth. In no particular order (other than year of production), they are:

  • Acid Trip
  • Urban Cowgirl
  • American Girl
  • Blue Skirt
  • Magic Bandana
  • Darkness
  • Upskirt
  • Muscles
  • Slumber Party Bimbofication
  • Elf Woman Nude Workout
  • Nude Spinster
  • Montage: Oldies but Goodies
  • Nip Slip
  • Cat Girl Expands
  • Oldies but Goodies - Montage of very old Mystery cartoons, some of which may be very close to a 2004 origin.
  • Knife Girl
  • Flat to Fat to Stacked
  • Orgasmic Breast Expansion
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cartwheel B.E. (possibly the first B.E. cartoon created specifically for Suckermouth)
  • Remote Control B.E.
(The following early vids - while not available as downloads - predate and were restored to the site via Streaming Player relatively recently. They are: "Blueberry Girl", "Inflate-a-Model", "Inflate-a-Gal", "Bouncy Bouncy Red Tee", "M2F Soccer (clothed version)", "M2F Remote Control", "Tit Queen" (from House on Tether Lane story), "Black Lingerie", "Shifting Weight (Fat to B.E.)", "Grow at the Moon", "Blue Blouse & Jeans", "Pinkie", "Big White Bra (Chunky Chick)", "Black Beauty Revisited", and "Bookstore Gal (originally a Free Tour video)."

  • Magic Bra & Panties 2007
  • House on Tether Lane (Gusher)
  • House on Tether Lane (Kathy)
  • One Man's Skunk is Another Man's Pleasure
  • Universal Remote
  • Hips Don't Lie
  • Bikini Breast Expansion
  • Remote Fulfillment
Some of the following 2007 vids do not have proper names & instead have a date for a title, but when possible, a title is provided based on YouTube uploads, etc.
  • Quickie 04-27-07 or "Trikini Breast Expansion (nude version)" [for lack of a better title] - The clothed version of this vid is noteworthy for being the 1st Suckermouth vid to break 100,000 video views.
  • Quickie 04-12-07
  • 2007 Montage #1
  • Quickie 05-23-07
  • Quickie 07-12-07 or "Horror Titties"
  • The Shelk
  • The Shelk (nude version)
  • Stretch That Dress
  • Growing Up
  • From Behind [later used in the "Beach Boobies" video]
  • Whole Lot of Everything 2007
  • Quickie 08-30-07
  • Mommy To Be
  • Mommy To Be (nude version)
  • Nerd Gets Big
  • Quickie 09-16-07
  • Fat Chick Plus
  • Nerd Chick
  • Quickie 10-20-07
  • Quickie 10-20-07 (nude version)
  • Elf Transforms (bad link, so technically vid is no longer available)
  • Quickie 11-11-07 (created for an Interactive video)
  • Wapow! (created for an Interactive video)
  • Werewolf-to-Human (nude)
  • Werewolf-to-Human (clothed)
  • Werewolf (nude furry B.E.)
  • Werewolf (clothed furry B.E.)
  • Toon Giantess
  • Quickie 12-01-07 (clothed)
  • Quickie 12-01-07 (nude) (created for an Interactive video)
  • Quickie 12-02-07
  • Quickie 12-07-07
  • Quickie 12-10-07 or "Mall Rat" - This cartoon represents a huge improvement in B.E. Quickies, with an elaborate transformation that involves morphs, a hair switch, and disappearing clothes. The camera pans are far more ambitious; the location more complete. The animation includes music and sound effects. And it is much longer than other Quickies created up until this point. "Mall Rat" would go on to inspire several sequel Quickies, and change Suckermouth animation forever.
  • Quickie 12-11-07 or "Soft & Subtle" - This animation incensed Suckermouth fans on YouTube for its very modest breast expansion morph.
  • Quickie 12-14-07 - Basically a "fix" of the "Soft & Subtle", with more substantial breast growth.
  • 2007 Montage #2
  • Quickie 12-20-07 or "B.E. 911" - According to Mystery, this cartoon was deliberately created in the vein of "Mall Rat", featuring another elaborate transformation. This cartoon - in censored form - was perhaps the first ever Suckermouth video banned by YouTube.
  • The Warden's Wife - First ever Suckermouth cartoon to cast shadows
  • Breast Expansion Strip Tease #1 - Another sequel-inspiring concept
  • Red Carpet Blow-Up
Other cartoons, 2005-2007

Although most Suckermouth cartoons from this period were B.E. Quickies, there were some notable exceptions along the way. In no particular order, they are:
  • Monique's Makeover (published 11-30-06) - Very crude and known to be Mystery's least favorite, this vid nonetheless features the first-ever reference to Ace the Zombie in a Suckermouth cartoon. This animation was banned by MySpace.
  • The Bad Scout (published 02-05-07) - Very ambitious for its time, this cartoon followed a mischievous breast-expanding Scout as he travels from planet to planet. Featuring great scenery and interesting transformations, this cartoon nonetheless suffers from some ironic production choices, including a bald, effeminate robot with a male voice. Ace the Zombie is mentioned as being destroyed, though he does not make an appearance.
  • Wayward Station #2 Vid Comic (published 12-12-06) - An animated sequel to a comic published on Suckermouth. In many ways, a Star Wars parody. Features a holographic Ace the Zombie, in line with the character's sci-fi leanings during this era.
  • BvE Episode I Trailer #1 - A mock movie trailer that is little more than pre-existing clips and images, though many exist nowhere else at this point. Revolves around Ace the Zombie as an antagonist.
  • BvE Episode I Trailer #2 - Another mock movie trailer, albeit a much more ambitious one. Also revolves around Ace the Zombie and features a cameo by Mr. Romance-Oh. A definite sci-fi theme is prevalent throughout.
  • Green on Silver Saga Part 1 (published 12-05-06) - An attempted departure for Suckermouth, this cartoon was to be the first in a 9-part series that heralded a new era of storytelling. Instead, the cartoon was notoriously poorly-received for featuring no breast expansion of any kind. Ironically, while Ace the Zombie uses his original voice in this video, the device he steals is able to speak and sounds more like Ace's eventual tenor. Though it may have been the wrong market, one can argue this series was ahead of its time compared to Mystery's other work during this era.
  • Green on Silver Saga Part 2 (published 12-22-06) - Labeled as a "work in progress" and thus never finished, Ace reveals the device he steals is capable of breast expansion, harking back to Suckermouth comics created under the BvE (Bimbos vs. Earth) banner and uploaded to BEArchive years earlier. However, the cartoon - like it's predecessor - contains no transformations or female characters at all.
  • Bastard Piece Theater "Big Ass Toons" - Called an "experiment" by Mystery, this cartoon was intended as a mock Reading Rainbow of sorts. Introducing toons Sami and Jada and - other than the intro - relying on nothing more than pan and scan still images with a male robotic voice over, the project was an enormous success, and the original YouTube upload went on to surpass 250,000 views. Several Bastard Piece Theater episodes would follow, but none would recapture the popularity of the original.
Non-animated work, 2005-2007

Aaron Mystery created dozens of still sequences, comics, and short stories during this formative period. Although there are relatively few created specifically for, much of Mystery's early work can still be found on the BEArchive. Some of it includes Ace the Zombie.


Mystery created at least 13 Interactive Breast Expansion vids for Suckermouth, but updates to the Flash software they were based on have rendered the games inaccessible to most users. As of 2011, there are no plans to resurrect this concept and the "Arcade" has been relegated to the "Mothballed" section of's Members Index.

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