Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rebirth, Reuse, Recycle

by Aaron Mystery

While all good things must come to an end, not all endings are good. I find myself on a precipice, looking back over my shoulder at some recent hits & misses, deciding if I should jump into something else. Whether June 2011 at Suckermouth was a partial success or a complete failure is not for me to decide. But as June wrapped up, the month's offerings of cartoons made me wonder: Am I off-course?

It seems as if my strongest or most exuberant runs in creating cartoons come after projects I consider stinkers, from one aspect or another. The "B.E. of the Day" concept finally burst forth after the purposefully-named "Video Lame". So, after a month of mostly "2D" animation, I have to make a course-correction in regards to quality & quantity.

Enter "Every Day People", my latest cartoon: Priscilla Minx finds herself chastising B.E. artists Aaron Mystery (me) & Ace the Zombie on their lackluster output of late. Apparently, Minx is tired of Grizlore & Wheeler's hack-Anime.

What results is a challenge: For every day (starting tomorrow) that Mystery & Ace fail to make a cartoon, Minx will step in with a Breast Expansion vid of her own. The question is: Will Minx emasculate the guys by having to be the bearer of B.E., or will the twin towers of Suckermouth hold up their end after all?

One thing's for sure: July 2011 is going to be busy.

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