Saturday, July 16, 2011

The cartoons are flowing in July!

by Aaron Mystery

When I accepted my own (or Priscilla's) challenge to attempt "B.E. of the Day" again, I told myself I would keep trying no matter how late a cartoon may be. While I almost nailed five cartoons five days in a row, both the new Ink Boob preview & Priscilla's What's Breast for Women episode were late. (See, Priscilla, it ain't always so easy, is it?)

Still, how about a quick recap of my production output this month?

July 6. Every Day People: Priscilla Minx lays down the "B.E. of the Day" Challenge & expands her breasts tremendously.

July 7. Better with B.E., European Sunbathing: A different type of Quickie. A comparison between two scenes that are identical, other than the Breast Expansion. The theme here is topless sunbathing.

July 8. Breast Expansion Catapult: Grizlore & Wheeler butt in with their own top-heavy Breast Expansion stunt reminiscent of MTV's Jackass.

July 10. Diary of a Late Bloomer: A very unique vid, from its dancing, cartoony star, to a narrative that helps tell the story of this B.E. Quickie.

July 10. Priscilla's First Warning: Since "Diary..." was only four hours late, Priscilla lets Ace & I slide with a mere warning. Ironically, we continued to blow our schedule. (This video is only available in the Streaming Player on the Suckermouth Members Index.)

July 12. Ink Boob, Season 2, Episode 5, Preview #2: The second preview from the long-awaited thirteenth episode of Ink Boob. Officer Gustory unwittingly causes Age Progression when she wanders into a strange & mysterious world. (This Preview is a limited-time video, so if you're not a member now, you may miss it.)

July 16
. What's Breast for Women, Chest Cannons Edition: Priscilla Minx is back with a preview of an upcoming Suckermouth series. And she takes the time to expand some breasts as well.

Told you I was busy! I am on track to upload a great GTS/B.E. cartoon tomorrow that I hope will be quite awesome. See you then!

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