Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The edge of Breast Expansion: The Allure of the Suckermouth Mythos

by Molly Mystery

Molly is the star & co-writer of Suckermouth's most popular series "Ink Boob" & has recently received her own channel on Suckermouth.com, where all 12 of her naughty cartoons can be enjoyed around the clock. She is returning from some desperately needed time off to resume work on the second season of her show. Look for new episodes of "Ink Boob" in 2011.

While the boys around Suckemouth won't admit it, I will: Our cartoons push the boundaries of Breast Expansion. And I'm not talking about technique. I'm talking about taking the train from the punchline to Creepsville & back.

First off, the world is lucky to have so many brilliant people interested in Breast Expansion. Despite the fact that Suckermouth has created a vast majority of them, B.E. animations as a whole represent an art form that is by, of, & for the people. Without all of us, there would be few new B.E. clips (I think Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane is responsible for the last two on television), & the term Breast Expansion would only be used in regards to Japanese pills.

I came to Aaron (creator/owner) of Suckermouth because I knew he had something the others didn't. How many times can a sexy blonde walk around pointlessly in silence as her breasts expand to the standard torso-filling size before we're seeing the same cartoon over & over again?

Whatever that man has, it fuels him to constantly make the strangest and funniest Breast Expansion cartoons I've ever seen: I was in love. But I had news for Mr. Mystery: I had even darker ideas than he did.

While he'd flirted with certain concepts like Age Progression & The Devil, there didn't seem to be any point to it: Age Progression morphs are great & Satan is cool, but I insisted I could do one better, with his help.

Aaron assigned me the "Ink Heart" parody he wanted to do, & I basically re-tooled it completely. I wanted Breast Expansion right away, a lesbian scene early on, Age Progression is the classic long-term sense (ala Gasoline Alley), & a Devil that actually seemed like the real thing (aka Female).

I know I make Aaron nervous: I like what I do as much as he does. And as I had the satisfaction of knowing I was responsible for combining tentacle sex with the Devil (tail sex), I was helping Suckermouth push those boundaries in order to lift us up & fill us with stories we will never forget. So long as there's Breast Expansion, of course.

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