Saturday, April 9, 2011

Suckermouth announces "Breast Expansion of the Day"

by Aaron Mystery

While Friday, April 8, 2011 seemed like any other Friday (& largely was), something big happened. Or something small that shows something big that by the frequency of its occurrence is big. It's a tiny drop of nectar in space age packaging. It's... well...

It's new Breast Expansion every day from, the adult animation site that has re-written the book on B.E. animation and then some. Sometimes moving forward means moving backward, as "Breast Expansion of the Day" harkens back to a time when the site was young: Short, pointless B.E. cartoons showed up nearly every day (or it seems that way in retrospect).

So I asked myself this: What if I took my current abilities - now geared towards longer, dialog-driven B.E. cartoons - & reapplied them to one-shot vids of Breast Expansion growth? No set up; no dialog; no epilogue: Just a well-executed Breast Expansion cartoon, so short that it just seems to rush by (~10 seconds).

I will, of course, continue to create other cartoons besides "Breast Expansion of the Day," (my secondary focus being on Giantess fans, then on series like Ink Boob). I am also looking for an opening to do a second Choose-Your-Own-Transformation, as well as other forms of growth on a regular basis.

It's a lot for me to take on, but tomorrow's "Breast Expansion of the Day" is as good as done, so why don't treat yourself to the biggest little animation site in the world? It's like rewarding both of us for a job well done.

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