Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 Round-Up

by Aaron Mystery

When 2010 started, it was my goal to step it up a level in terms of animation and stories. While I favored quantity over quality at the beginning of December 2009, I was intent on evolving with the New Year.

Many of my animations you see are thought up on the spot or inspired by a particular model or item of clothing, which is okay to a point. In my mind's eye, however, I see much stronger and compelling Breast Expansion fiction than what seems to have come out at times. "I Am Tiger" Parts 1 and 2 - the last two animations of 2009 - hinted at the possibilities of more thought-out projects.

"Ink Boob" Episodes 0 and 1 represent one of the first times I've really kind felt like I transferred a story in my head (albeit a hastily-written parody) to animated form nearly verbatim. When you watch it, you can feel the completeness and substantial nature of this concept. Molly and her mom have a very believable back-and-forth, but once she's alone, Molly's as cute as a button (even before her breasts inflate).

Although I had difficultly gauging it's popularity, the Alice In Wonderland Ride that followed the first "Ink Boob" episodes was a case of a lot of different fantasies - an adult ride-thru, a big-breasted Alice concept, a Disney parody - combined in one fascinating cartoon. This animation was a lot of work, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Luckily, the third episode of "I Am Tiger" was a lot easier and shorter, though probably just as good. The sexiness can't be denied, yet there is a darkness and horror element that really works. How many more "I Am Tiger" episodes can be left? Not many - this guy's just about off the news. It's a matter of just animating the last quarter of the story I've written in my head.

To finish January, I created the third episode for "Ink Boob," a much-needed lesbian video showing Molly and the Princess doing all that lovely stuff you'd expect for just under a minute. No dialogue, just the good stuff: Big-breasted lesbians loving each other.

It is always a pleasure to create for you, and January 2010 was no exception, other than the occasional frustration with the Alice Ride. I followed through on my commitment to substantial projects in January, and will likely focus on "deluxe" Quickies for February, as I'd like to see more than five cartoons in February. I'm working on a great little animation right now, and I think it not only bodes well for this month, but for all of 2010.

January Suckermouth uploads (by series, in order):

Ink Boob
Episode 0: Discovery
Episode 1: Busting Out
Episode 2: Lez Get Real

Alice In Wonderland: The Ride

I Am Tiger
Episode 3

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