Friday, April 24, 2009

Moving from the Bullshit to the Creative

by Aaron Mystery

In an effort to incur some good karma - and some peace of mind - I will no longer deal with any issues outside of my art. This leaves Suckermouth animation, Brethren and the Evil Empire music, and a few odds and ends, such as Grizlore. I will no longer be commenting on politics, my personal life, the media in general, or anything else that does not reflect my creative side, as my other side is an asshole.

It will take some time to make the full transition to hyper-artistic full throttle, as I'm going to change a lot of artwork, rework a lot of profile descriptions, and reformulate my public persona altogether. You will also see this blog become a more of a work in progress of my daily work, with thumbnails, preview animations, and text updates.

One way for me to keep cool and focused on the creative is to minimize the ability of haters to criticize me. In case you haven't noticed, "constructive criticism" doesn't exist on the web (especially not on YouTube), and it is therefore better and healthier just to create and not react.

Please support my artistic endeavors in the way that suits you: If you like adult animation, check out some of my free vids at or If you're interested in seeing hundreds more videos like these (all made by me), or would just like to contribute to an independent artist, check out

Or, download Brethren and the Evil Empire music from any of your favorite download sites, including itunes and Rhapsody. My brother pours his heart and soul into this music (I don't have a heart or a soul to contribute), and it's nice to see people enjoy the music we have made together over more than a decade.

So I promise to be a kinder, gentler, more humble artist - let's just hope I don't end up adding "starving" to that list.

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