Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Suckermouth Featurette to parody Tiger Woods

by Ace the Zombie

After I finished the B.E. Quickie "Changing Room" last week, I planned on doing a M2F animation, but none of my ideas gained any traction. I tried a couple of other ideas, but nothing was gelling.

So I got away from the computer for a bit to watch "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith (who annoys the crap out of me). I gave the movie a chance, since I remember George Romero based his zombies on the book of the same name. Soon my next project became obvious to me...

"I Am Tiger" is both a Tiger Woods and an I Am Legend parody, featuring breast expansion and packs of rapid bimbos. I just uploaded Part 1 - which is about two minutes - to Suckermouth. I was going to make a promo today, but I think I'll wait until after Part 2 is done.

The only way to see "I Am Tiger" Part 1 is to be a Suckermouth member.

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