Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What to expect from Suckermouth in the next week

by Ace the Zombie

Great progress is being made on the latest episode of "What's Breast for Women"; expect it to debut tomorrow. This will be the second half of the "Stripper Edition" theme, and has a lot more naked bouncing boobs that Part 1 did. I truly hope that you enjoy it, and expect that you will.

To try to make up lost ground, I'll pinch out four more Quickies after WBFW Part 6. The first will likely be another Giantess Quickie, followed by a B.E. Quickie. I would like to make one of the remaining two a Male-to-Female transformation. These four animations will be a little more involved than the previous four Quickies, with some more animation on the front and back end (versus just the transformation itself).

I've learned not to paint myself into a corner, but hopefully, in about ten days or so, these will all be complete, and I'll be virtually caught up. Once the pressure's off, I can try a couple fancier animations.

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