Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good times at Suckermouth!

by Ace the Zombie

Well, it's been a busy couple weeks back here at the helm of Suckermouth. I'll spare you the vid-by-vid recap (until the end-of-month Roundup), but am proud to say I'm working on what could be the seventh Suckermouth animation in 14 days. Now that's a spicy meatball, even if most are Quickies.

Besides being busy as a bee, I have started the process of making certain other site enhancements as well. Giantess and Featurettes now have their very own channels, complete with streaming player. What's just as cool is the fact that these two new streaming players have full screen as an option for the first time at Suckermouth. (The Members Index player has also been updated with the latest vids and the full screen option.)

I still need to do some catching up: I'd like to update the player for Transformation Fantasy Force and all the B.E. Quickies channels (particularly 2009). In addition, that Ace the Zombie channel is still nagging me; you think since it's my channel, I'd have this done.

The animation I'm working on now is B.E. (assuming it comes to fruition, as it's being a bastard), and then I'd like to knock out a new MTF Quickie. A couple more brief Quickies after that, and I'll take a shot at something more substantial.

Boy, I've got to find a way to liven these postings up. It's a good thing I get paid to make animations and not to write blogs.

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