Saturday, December 26, 2009

Since The Great Darkness...

by Ace the Zombie

I tip my hand as being overly dramatic when I call October and November this last year "The Great Darkness," as that period represented one of the darkest in my 400-year existence, let alone the three-year history of Suckermouth. Since then, it has been my attempt to make up for lost time. The results have been promising, but I can - and will - do better.

Starting the last day of November, I uploaded a series of four Quickies in short order, each of progressively higher quality. While I'm truthfully not that enamored with any of them, they served their purpose and were well-received. The next project, "What's Breast for Women" Part 6, was much better and finished a storyline arc that was hanging for two months.

Still trying to make up for November at this point, I planned four more Quickies to follow WBFW6, and completed one Breast Expansion and one Giantess before I needed to change plans and start a new project.

That new project is "I Am Tiger," which I unrealistically hoped to complete in three days. Unfortunately, I could only get a portion (now Part 1) of my ideas incorporated in that time frame, so I decided to get Part 2 wrapped up ASAP and be done with it.

However, I don't want to spend the better part of two weeks working on this one idea. Therefore, I've decided it best to make "I Am Tiger" Part 2 shorter than planned (since the B.E. scene has been rendered), and work on something else before finishing the "I Am Tiger" project.

So if you love "I Am Tiger," that's great news because Part 2 will likely be uploaded very soon, with at least one more episode to follow in January; and if you're not a fan of "I Am Tiger", then take heart because I'll be on the the next project before the weekend's over.

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