Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformation Fantasy Force - "Thar Be Monsters" Day 2

by Aaron Mystery

The clip below includes (but is not limited to) the original footage in the first clip uploaded two days ago. It is still in a very rudimentary stage, and only represents half the animation. I don't know what I'll show when Cthulhu's avatar is speaking, so I left it black with subtitles (which will remain in the final). The Cthulhu sounds are experimental, so I didn't lay many down. Also, true to most creative projects, the music will be added last, so there is none here.

Because this video has full female nudity, I had to crop the hell out of this preview to put it on BlogSpot. If you find Priscilla Minx's situation off-putting, just realize she can handle herself and doesn't need you to worry about her. I call her my anti-Ace for a reason.

While I'm blabbing, let me also add that the intent of using Cthulhu completely metamorpasized from my original idea of having him (it?) be a fraud, genetically engineered by a robot (still might use some variation of such a concept in the future). Here, Cthulhu does indeed represent the Lovecraft character. I'd give you a headache if I explained the full context of the Suckermouth mythology.

The second half of this vid - not seen here - will show Prisiclla's teammates trying to escape from a different form of Lovecraft monster. It should be fun! In the meantime, enjoy the rough sneak peek below:

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