Friday, June 26, 2009

Neda: When Dirty Freedom becomes Bloody Freedom

by Aaron Mystery

[Update 6-27: Apparently, there is some confusion in the world at large whether the original pic - bottom - is indeed Neda Agah-Sultan, a young Iranian woman who was martyred; in deference to her memory, I have created an alternate image using a pic of Neda that has been better verified.]

Dear Neda, there is little I can say that hasn't been said. As the world has had to sit on its hands and watch your people suffer and die, I have felt great guilt and agony not being able to do anything about the situation.

The image of you, smiling and alive - as opposed to bleeding and dying - has floated in my mind's eye like a ghost. As I thought about you, about your people and their cause, the image of the Statue of Liberty started to creep into my periphery.

It was yesterday that it dawned on me how to give you the most fitting tribute I could - a strong, vibrant, defiant portrayal of Neda, Iran's Lady Liberty.

I teared up when I finished this image, but my tears are for your blood and your sacrifice.

People of Iran, I hope such images as the one I have created above continue to inspire you to fight for the freedom you deserve.

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