Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chamber of the Zombies Day 1

by Aaron Mystery

[Special thanks to Jennifer Hudock ( for volunteering her time and effort to the voice of Dr. Holder.]

(Please go to my TwitPic gallery at to see still images of the zombie facility and zombies themselves as they were developed.)

Long before I got into animation in late 2004, I've wanted to make a zombie movie. Unfortunately, as popular as zombies are, they're not as popular as "other things", and so I have been restricted in what I could do, both in the time I could dedicate to it, as well as my technical limitations over the years.

By developing a concept that nests a legitimate zombie movie between two Bimbo Vampire episodes, I hope to please both my usual fans and zombie lovers alike.

So you won't see anything sexy in this animated short when it's finished, just some non-gratuitous male zombie ass, but I think the beauty of the scene speaks wonders for why an artist needs to get outside his normal workspace once in a while.

It's going to take the better part of a week to finish this entire animated short, but I'll keep posting new clips for your viewing pleasure. Next clip should be this evening.

Without further ado, here is the first clip of my new animated zombie short:


  1. Aaron, I had a blast doing this and can't wait to see the video in its entirety. I definitely hope we can work together again soon!

  2. That's very cool, I must say!! Nice job to the both of you. Looking forward to seeing more. :)