Monday, November 30, 2009

Tonight's the night for a new Suckermouth animation

by Aaron Mystery

It's been a long, painful haul until this point, so please pardon me if I start with something a little simple. I'm wrapping up a new B.E. Quickie as I type this; after I install my video editing software and cut this animation, I'll be posting it on Suckermouth as a text link so you can't miss it. The cartoon - in classic B.E. Quickie fashion - will only be a few seconds long, but you can be sure I'll be right back to work trying to make up for the two months off.

There will be plenty of new stuff coming - I'm as hungry for it as you are.

EDIT: The new B.E. Quickie "Glad to be Back" is now uploaded to the Suckermouth Members Index page.

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