Friday, March 27, 2009

Bimbo Vampires vs. Zombies vs. Unemployment

by Aaron Mystery

When most people give themselves a birthday present, it's usually an item of clothing or some big toy. For some reason, I chose to beat myself into the ground making a two-minute vampire-zombie animation. Although every possible combination of monster clash has been done and re-done, I wanted to see vampires take on zombies, only with breast expansion thrown in.

But my birthday was eight days ago. I still had my original YouTube channel, with its millions of views. I still had my job, with its security and comfort. All have come and gone. Without any doing of my own, I might add.

So I'm waiting on the last scene for Bimbos Vampires vs. Zombies (abbreviated BVvZ hereafter) Part 2 to render, so I can get this on Suckermouth, get a promo cut, and focus on something else. I need to find a new job yet step it up on Suckermouth and get some new sign ups - I'm so screwed.

Who knew being thirty-one sucked so bad?

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