Thursday, March 12, 2009

More news and introspection from the Suckermouth front

by Aaron Mystery

I gave the blog a rest for a while because I just didn't feel like blogging, but now I've saved up just enough news to cook up an article.

The last animation I blogged about was "Punky Boobster," and for good reason: I really like this one. I don't think any animation since has matched it. However, if you like flying cars, Ace the Zombie, B.E., or gal love, you likely found something more recent to enjoy as well.

I also updated the streaming player on the members index and added a 2009 Quickies archive channel, also with its own streaming player. The Ace the Zombie channel is halfway done, and the Comix & Stories channel is up for redesign after Ace hits the airwaves, so to speak. Channel redesigns always take a back seat to creating new animations, so be patient.

The current work in progress is a new parody B.E. commercial, but I'm not going to give out any more details just yet... It should be done tonight, but may not be uploaded until tomorrow. When dealing with computer animation, one learns never to expect anything to be as quick or easy as anticipated. [Update: Yes, it got done on time - see blog above.]

Some proposed ideas are still floating out there, most no closer to shore than before: BPT - Who-Do-the-Voodoo-Doll Part 2, new interactives, new Big Brethren, new Nightmare Hour, and possibly a card game.

Ironically, the parody I'm working on now has been rattling around inside my head longer than all the ideas above - it's just based on a more recent commercial of a long-running and very-annoying advertising campaign.

This new animation is also a good sign for those that like the non-Quickie stuff - while the parody commercial itself is a Quickie, it will be inserted as a commercial for new BPT and Nightmare Hour episodes. Plus, it's dialogue-based, as opposed to the B.E. music video format that most Quickies take.

March is sure to bring a new episode of something - I'd like to avoid another month of nothing but Quickies, but as long as I keep serving up the B.E. on a regular basis, none of us will starve.

The new video will appear on Suckermouth as soon as it is completed, and an edited version will be posted at:

Embarrassingly, I also now have a twitter account, which I hope to start using to announce content updates (a.k.a new cartoons!). Follow Suckermouth at

Hopefully this Twitter thing goes better than my short-lived exodus into the world of Second Life...

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