Friday, March 20, 2009

Community, whateva! What I have to re-learn every year or so

by Aaron Mystery

I am to remember that I'm a villain, and no, I'm not speaking as Ace the Zombie. I am a cold-hearted business man with no interest other than making the next customer happy. And that's paying customer, to you YouTube lurkers. I make breast expansion cartoons and make good money doing it. Period. End of story. However, I still choose to do other things that may or may not feed into the larger story I am trying to tell, which is still a B.E. story. No reason to get your panties in a bunch if every single video out of the hundreds I've made doesn't have B.E. in it. I mean, we're talking a 20-to-1 ratio here.

I used to be an openly hopeless romantic and a closet B.E. fan, and now I'm openly a B.E. artist and a closet romantic (thought I was going to say closet homosexual? That would have been awesome and ironic, but no). The point is, Ace is alive and well in the zealousness that I once felt when I had to "reduce" a cartoon for a newspaper, and in the jerk on YouTube that - in response to a Mr. Romance-Oh vid - commented, "terrible make your old vids".

A gimmick and a niche is one thing: But single-minded tunnel-vision to the detriment of all other possibilities will never lead to long-term prosperity and growth in an artist. Suckermouth is a brand of breast expansion cartoons, I get that, but it is mine. And when I'm free to experiment, I'm ultimately able to come back and make better B.E. vids. What, am I supposed to still be doing a bunch of one second morphs? Give me a break!

Subscriber or lurker, man or woman, B.E. fan or disgusted by B.E., my art ultimately isn't for you, it's for me. That's how we got here in the first place, because I did B.E. when I was embarrassed by it, my girlfriend was screaming in my ear, and my brother was pissed because I was using our music to accompany cartoon smut.

Today, I am no longer embarrassed by it (I've made thousands off B.E., folks), there are no girlfriends to nag me, and my brother is pleased as punch that our music has now been heard by millions (he even provides new music for Suckermouth now). I win as long as I keep winning.

And I win by not giving a shit what you think and just moving on to the next animation.

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