Friday, March 13, 2009

Revenge as Parody Part 2: The Progressive Insurance Chick

by Aaron Mystery

I just uploaded my latest cartoon to Suckermouth, DailyMotion and even YouTube last night, and boy, do I feel good.

First, a little bit of background: This was my second parody of an annoying insurance campaign. Some of you may recall the Geico lizard parody several months ago, and the actress from the commercial the satire was based on actually posted my vid on her MySpace page, with the question, "Does this mean I've made it?" No, beautiful, it means I made it! Thanks for the shout out and for being so cool about it.

Also, I love revenge as parody - all annoying commercials are on notice. (Thanks to my friends over at the FTC for parodying the FreeCreditReport.scum commercials so that I don't have to - I had no idea how to turn it into B.E.) As for Progressive Insurance: Unlike Geico, you focus all your annoying commercials into one person - the spastic chick at the counter. True, the caveman, lizard, dollar bill with eyes, and the weird B-list celebrity testimonials from Geico are atrocious, but I'm a one night stand kind of guy - one parody for you, and that's it.

For months - or years? - this Progressive chick has been getting on my last nerve. Then the commercial came - the one that was so annoying, so in your face, such over-the-top indulgence, that it screamed, "Parody!" Well, no actually, she screams "Discount!"

If you haven't seen the original commercial on tv (you can't escape it), you can find several at YouTube - just search for Progressive Commercial Discount.

Then, to see my parody - uncensored - go here: NSFW!

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, after all, but it definitely tastes better when one gets a Discount!

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